Micheal's POV

After the whole debacle with Claire was over, Eve offered us dinner, and went to go prepare some chicken. Apparently throughout the 12 years, Eve also learned some new recipes besides chili dogs, macaroni, and tacos. Shane was quietly talking with older Claire, Luke and Carrie butting in every once in a while. And me...? I was stuck with Donovan staring at me with an expression I couldn't read. I had tried to make small talk with him earlier, but he only answered with disinterest. Finally, after about another few minutes of staring, he spoke.

"I don't believe you're my dad. He's definitely much cooler looking than you, he's a rockstar." I arch an eyebrow.

"Is he now? Well, if I am not your actual father, then what does he look like?" Donovan grows silent, and I start to wonder if I had somehow hurt his feelings.

"I know he has blond hair," he says quietly. "Um, he uh... his eyes are brown? No, they're blue like mine! And..." I frown. Did Donovan not know what I looked like? I put a hand on his small shoulder before looking him in the eye.

"Don't you know what your father looks like?" Donovan gave a meek shrug.

"He's not around much since he has to tour a lot, and when he is home he usually gets called to city hall to deal with vampire stuff. So when I do see him, I don't really focus on what he looks like. I mean as long as he's with me, what does it matter what my dad looks like?" My fists clench as self-loathing rises into me. What kind of person have I become over the years? Were other issues much more important than my own son? My thoughts then raced to Eve. Oh god. If my son felt lonely then what about Eve? Had I neglected her as well? I cleared my throat as I tried to reign in my temper.

"Do you love him, Donovan? Even if he leaves you alone a lot?" I somehow manage to get out. Donovan leans into me before giving a pat on my shoulder.

"Duh! He's my dad, and I'm going to be just like him when I grow up. In fact, I'm going to be better than him!" I crack a smile as my fists finally loosened.

"I bet you will," I replied. Admiration flew through me as I realized my future son was one amazing kid. One day, maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day I'll proudly say to others that Donovan Glass was my son. Donovan stood up breaking my thoughts. He started walking towards the TV.

"Want to play a video game?" He called over his shoulder. "Winner has to help Mom set the table."

"You're on." About 30 minutes later, I was happily helping Eve set the table. We were talking as if nothing was wrong, that there was no 12 year gap between us. Claire came in a little later, and started to serve the food. Shane was stuck playing babysitter in the living room, but I could tell he didn't mind...for now. That was always one thing that surprised people who didn't know Shane that well. It surprised them how decent of a guy he became with kids instead of his usual jerkass ways. It nearly made Eve faint the first time she saw it, and trust me, that's hard to do. Just as we were sitting down to eat, the front door opened.

"Daddy!" Carrie shouted as she bolted from her chair. Shane and I traded glances before the future Shane walked into the dining room. He nearly dropped Carrie from his arms as his eyes surveyed the scene before him. Fuck...another explanation was needed.

Shane's POV

As much as my mind was racing I couldn't help, but notice that I didn't look that bad for being 12 years older than I am now. Although I hadn't believed Eve's description of me before, it still got me wondering on what I did look like in the future. A little more muscle with a more scruffy look, and you have me...in the future. "Claire?" My future self says uncertainly. "What the hell is going on?" Claire smacks her forehead as Luke starts to repeat the word hell.

"Just sit down, Shane, and everything will be explained. Also, watch the language. I don't want to add any more words to our son's colorful vocabulary." My future self's attention quickly turned to Luke.

"What's Mama talking about Luke? What did you learn today?" He asked as he took a seat next to Claire. Claire groaned as Luke happily cried out his new favorite word.

"Shit!" My future self burst out laughing as Claire playfully smacked him.

"You're supposed to be scolding him, not laughing at him. That'll only encourage him!"

"Sorry Claire," my future self said before resting his gaze on me. "So want to tell me now what's going on?" I cleared my throat before telling the whole story again. My future self listened carefully. Once done, he turned to Claire.

"Don't get any ideas, Claire bear. I'm not going to be that young ever again!" It was silent for a long time before every single one of us started to laugh.

"Hey Shane," Micheal calls out to me. "Doesn't look like you mature much throughout these years! Same old Shane." If kids weren't in the room, I would've have seriously flipped that vampire off. Instead I just give him a cheeky smile. He laughs in understanding.

"What are we having?" My future self asks changing the subject. "Chicken? Again, Eve?"

"You don't have to eat it if you don't like it. I'll gladly send you off without any." Eve calmly replied. My future self put on a dramatic hurt face.

"No, Mom, I'll be good. Please let me stay, and eat."

"No!" Luke cried out. Everyone turned their attention to him. He pointed to Eve. "That Evey." He then pointed to Claire. "That Mama. Da da, that Mama." Laughter erupted again, and the rest of the night went down smoothly.

Micheal's POV

It was late, but as a vampire, my nature didn't allow me to feel tired so I was sitting by myself in the kitchen. Claire and the children had gone to bed a while after dinner. Eve went to bed about an hour later. Shane stayed up with me as long as he could, but finally crashed on the couch. That idiot; thinking he could stay awake as long as a vampire could. I shook my head as I smiled to myself. "I forgot how weird you could be," Eve said quietly behind me. I jumped up, out of habit making the chair fall toward the floor, but in the last second, I caught it. Eve raised her eyebrows.

"Sorry," I say putting the chair back into the right position. Eve took the seat across from me.

"It's fine. I know back in the time, we always had to watch our backs. I forgot you are from that time, so it's my fault."

"What are you doing up?" I ask taking my seat again. "I mean unless you do some secret weird shit at night now, then I assume you should still be in bed. You're not taking drugs are you?"

Eve flips me off. "Now that I'm older I realize Shane isn't the only immature ass that lives here. No, as much as it may be a surprise to you, I can't sleep through a whole night. I haven't been able to for six years now." Concern fills me, but before I can say anything Eve continues. "No, there isn't anything you can do for me now, or as you in the future, Micheal. In that time machine of yours, you and Shane didn't just miss the good parts, but the bad too. This peace you see with all of us now didn't come for free. And many of us are still trying to keep the peace we have gained. Claire and I have seen a lot of things over these past 12 years, and most of it wasn't pretty. You remember the queen bitch Monica? She's dead. So is half the human population that you'st to live here 12 years ago. They're all dead." I'm at a loss for words. Monica dead? As much as I hated her, it was hard to think that it was even possible for her to die. Same with the fact that half the human population from my time was dead too. Something had happened within these 12 years, something big.

"Eve," I say. "How did Monica die?" As sadistic as it sounded, I had to know how it happened. Eve shuddered.

"The bitch got what she deserved, and even more than anyone bargained for. She..." Eve paused as her breathing became heavy. "She did deserve to die, but not the way she did." I waited for Eve to continue as she took a moment to recollect her composure. "It was about four years ago. We were still in the aftermaths of a big war between humans and vampires. The vampire government officials were a mess, and Amelie had more problems than ever before. Monica had just had a baby boy she named after Richard, her brother. It's hard to explain on what had happened with vampire politics at that time unless you had been there, but let's just say she pissed off the wrong leader." I let out a little huff.

"She has a tendency to do that." Eve gave a weak smile.

"She was captured, and sentenced to execution, but the vampires didn't think it was enough punishment for her. So they killed... her child in front of her before setting her on fire. Amelie hadn't gotten wind of the event until it was too late to do anything except kill the vampires that had taken part of the murder." By now, Eve was full on crying. I got up and crouched next to her.

"I'm sorry Eve," I say as I pull her in. "Monica didn't deserve that no matter how bad she was." Eve nodded into my shoulder.

"Micheal..." she sobbed. "Be warned for when you go back into your own time. The war that's brewing between humans and vampires will be worse than when the draug had come. A vampire's greatest enemy is not some blood sucking water demon, but it's another vampire. One that's very powerful. I can never-"

"Shhhh..." I tell her as I rub her back. "Eve, this is why Shane and I have to go back. We have to change our future whether it's saving Monica from that terrible fate, or by preventing the war from even happening. If all else fails, then we need to go back so when the time does come, Shane and I will be right there to protect you, and Claire. So that you will never have to go another night without any sleep. Do you understand?" Eve nods before hugging me tightly.

"As immature as you both are, I know you can change our future. Go kick some ass." Eve whispered. I hugged her back.

"So, think I should dress up like superman when I save our future?" Eve burst out laughing so loud, it woke up the entire household.