02 Days Later

Kitty was in the back room at Doc's, sitting in a chair beside the sleeping Alexandra. She was doing so well that Doc decided that he and Colin could go eat lunch together, leaving Kitty with his patient, in case she woke and needed anything. Doc had taken quite a liking to the young man.

Al opened her eyes and looked at Kitty.

"Hello Alexandra, my name is Kitty. I'm just here to keep you company while Doc and Colin have lunch,"

"So you are Kitty. The one who helped me decide that it was time to quit."

Kitty looked intrigued, "Really?"

Alex nodded. There was something about Kitty that made her feel comfortable talking freely, "I was trying to think about me and Zander, a man I left in Mexico. He's the father of my baby. I never had much experience with men besides my brothers, so I thought - well, Zander is a man and Dillon is a man, so I asked Dillon if he knew that you loved him."

Kitty's eyes opened wide in shock.

Seeing Kitty's expression, Alex smiled, "Kitty, Dillon was tied up and I had a gun on him. I told him that if he didn't answer I'd give him a bullet graze that would hurt like hell. He knew I meant it."

Kitty was now finding this amusing and smiled broadly thinking she had to remember that particular tactic.

"Kitty, when Dillon answered my question he said a lot of things that made sense but the most important thing was that you've seen everything there is of him, and know the core of him."

Kitty thought to herself, "Know and love the core of him."

Al continued, "It might sound silly, but I thought about that. That's the way Zander and I know each other. Zander knew that doing what my brothers wanted went against my core, he tried to tell me that."

Al seemed lost in thought for a moment.

Kitty took her hand, "Does Zander know about the baby?"

Al shook her head sadly, and was about to say something when there was a knock at the door.

Kitty was sorry to have the conversation interrupted, "Who is it?"


"Come on in."

The door opened and Matt walked in followed by a handsome Mexican man.

Matt walked over to the bed, "Alexandra McMann, I believe you know Zander Gonzalez."

Al looked at Zander for a long second before holding out her arms. He carefully swallowed her up in his embrace.

Matt took Kitty by the arm, lead her to the door and whispered, "I think they have things to talk about."

Once they got down the stairs Kitty looked at Matt, "Cowboy, you are just full of surprises. How did you pull that one off?"

Matt grinned, looking pretty pleased with himself, "When I was headed back to Dodge with Colin and Al I met Sam. His mission to get to Hayes and send a telegram wasn't going too well. I gave him a horse and a new mission. I had him sent a telegram to Zander to come to Dodge City because Alexandra had good news for him. I figured he'd come."

"Matt you were kind of sure of yourself weren't you? I mean that was before you and Alexandra got here and took the town back."

"Sure of myself? – I don't know about that. I'd call it hopeful. The way I'm hopeful that a certain red head will allow me to spend the night showing her how beautiful she it."

Kitty laughed loudly, "It's good to have hopes. Especially ones that I like."

Two Weeks Later

Zander, Alexandra and Colin were heading back to Mexico. With his brothers' influence gone, Colin had gotten to know Zander and liked him. The life of daring and adventure that his brothers had talked about had lost its allure.

When Alexandra and Zander got back to Santa Rosa, they planned to have a small wedding ceremony. His mother and sisters had disapproved of the couple but maybe a baby in the family would bring them together. They could only hope.

Just before getting into the wagon Alexandra walked over to Kitty and Matt. She kissed Kitty on the cheek, "Thank you for loving. Learning how people love can be a lesson.

She next turned to Matt and took his hand in hers, "Thanks Dillon. Men like you and Zander are the real men of the world. Colin and I both know that now.

She turned away and took a few steps towards the wagon before turning back, "Oh Dillon. You'll be happy to know that I'm planning ways to expand Zander's carpentry business. I'm really good at planning things you know."

She winked, and smiled her big, beautiful smile as she walked away.

Matt shook his head slightly, muttering to himself, "In a year we'll all be buying his furniture."

Later That Night the Long Branch

Kitty, Matt, Doc and Festus were sitting at a table.

Doc was downing his beer, "Matt, I still think it was crazy of the Attorney General to send you out on such a dangerous job with so little to go on. It was like he expected miracles."

Festus looked at Matt with admiration, "Well, Matthew here delivered them thar miracles."

Matt filled his glass from a pitcher, "Festus, if there was a miracle her name was Alexandra. I wouldn't have been able to do anything without her."

Doc nodded adding, "And, I'm still amazed at the plan that young woman came up with. They really might have pulled it off and been big weapons dealers. Just think of the details that she thought of - - the telegram saying you resigned, the letter…"

As soon as Doc said the word letter, he wished he could take it back. He saw the look of dismay on Matt's face.

Matt rose, "I should go make my rounds. I'll see you later."

Matt was halfway out the door when Kitty moved to go after him. She caught up just outside of the Long Branch.


He turned and faced her. "Matt, you had to write that letter. You did it to protect me, and you managed to put things in it to make me know it was a fake."

Matt looked at her for a full minute, neither of them moved, "Kitty I love you, I will always love you and I will always need you in my life."

Kitty answered softly, "I know Matt. I know the core of you. Yes that letter threw me for a time, but eventually the truth of you shined through."

Matt smiled that smile that always filled her with lightness and warmth.

He looked around, "Looks like a quiet night. Rounds shouldn't take very long at all."

He turned and walked away. Kitty watched until he was out of sight with a smile on her face.

The End.