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Anywho. Without further ado, I give you the first chapter of the first part of Day and Hate, Nyx's Knife!

Adiana, or Addy as her friends call her, sat on the bus, listening to her iPod in a vain attempt to block out the mindless chatter of the other high schooler's around her. She brushed a curl of her black hair back behind her ear as the bus went over a crack in the road. The bus slowed to a halt as it reached her stop. She grabbed her bag and swung it over her shoulder as she stood and walked off the yellow school bus.

After quickly crossing the street to her two-story house, she opened the front door and stepped into the house, yelling, "I'm home!" as she did. No one answered, but that was nothing new. She didn't have a mother – she left almost immediately after Addy was born – and her father would still be at work for another hour or so. She glanced down at the thin, bright blue watch around her wrist as she set her bag down on the floor; 3:15 in the afternoon. She crossed the small first floor to reach the bathroom, and quietly closed and locked the door after entering. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, taking in her bright blue eyes set on her extremely pale face. Closing her eye's to stop the tears forming in her eyes from falling, she gripped the edge of the counter. After about a minute of just standing there, she sank to the floor, bringing her knees up to her chest and hugged them. A few tears leaked out from beneath Addy's eyelids, and she angrily brushed them away, looking up at the plain off-white ceiling of the bathroom.

A soft unlatching sound surprised Addy and she quickly wiped the last of the tears from her face as her best friend, Sierra, entered the bathroom. Sierra crouched down next to Addy and drew her into a hug. "Shhh. What's wrong?" she asked softly.

Addy sniffled, not answering. Instead, she asked a question of her own, "How'd you get in?"

"Well, your front door wasn't exactly locked, and that bathroom door is the easiest door imaginable to unlock with a just a bobby pin," Sierra replied, sticking said bobby pin back in her wavy blond hair. "Now, what's wrong?"

Addy glared at her best friend before relaxing her face into a small smile that didn't reach her eyes. She shrugged, looking into Sierra's bright blue eyes before answering, "David broke up with me."

Sierra frowned slightly before bursting out into laughter. "Is that all? That's why you're crying in your bathroom? Now come on. I know exactly what will cheer you up. We're gonna go see a movie." She stood and grabbed Addy's hand, pulling her to her feet.

Addy sighed and unwillingly followed Sierra out to her car. Opening the car door for Addy with a wave, Sierra softly closed it after Addy sat down. The smile slipped off Sierra's face as she walked around to the driver's side, warily glancing up and down the street as she did. Opening her door and sitting down, she plastered a smile back on her face as she put the key in the ignition and started the car. "What are we even going to see?" Addy's voice jolted Sierra out of her thoughts.

Sierra shrugged. "I don't know. We'll have to see what sounds good."


Sierra pulled into the movie theater parking lot twenty minutes later. Finding the closest spot to the front doors that she could, she pulled into the spot and turned the car off. Opening her door, she glanced around once more, using the few seconds it would Addy to get out of the car to her advantage. Walking around to the passenger's side, she linked her arm with Addy's, and pulled her into the theater. She looked up at the board saying what movie was playing when. "I saw a trailer for House at the End of the Street. It looked pretty good. Wanna see it?" Sierra asked.

Addy glared at her again. "I thought this outing was to cheer me up, not scare me."

Sierra just laughed and pulled her up to the ticket counter. "Two for House at the End of the Street, please," Sierra said, pulling out a $20 bill from her wallet, handing it to man standing on the other side of the counter after he said the price. After he handed Sierra the change and the two tickets, she pulled Addy up to the ticket taker's counter, handing her both of the tickets. Getting both ticket stubs handed back to her, Sierra laughed and pulled Addy up to the food counter. Addy grabbed a box of Bunch-a-Crunch, and Sierra paid for that along with two bottles of water and medium popcorn. Entering the theater, the two friends chose seats near the middle back and sat down in them, beginning to eat the popcorn.

About an hour and a half later, the two left the theater, talking about the movie they'd just seen. They both got into the car, and Sierra started it, driving to her house. Pulling up in the driveway, she looked at Addy with a smile. "Wait right here," she ordered her as she got out. Running up to the door and entering, she raced up to her room. Throwing a few pieces of clothes in bag, she noticed a large, white envelope sitting on her dresser. Frowning, she picked it up to bring it with her to Addy's. Throwing the bag over one shoulder while still holding the large envelope, she ran back down the stairs, taking them two at a time. Sierra poked her head into the living room, where she knew her mom and step-father would be watching the news.

"I'm spending the night at Addy's, ok?" she asked, but before waiting for an answer, she was out the door. Opening the backseat door on the driver's side, she threw her bag on the seat before slamming the door shut again. Getting into the driver's seat, she was still holding the envelope in her hand. She stared down at it, wondering what it could possibly be.

"What's that?" Addy's words interrupted Sierra's thoughts.

"I-I don't know," she said, deciding to worry about it later. She turned around and set it down next to her bag before starting the car again. She shook her head slightly, as if to clear her thoughts. She backed down out of the driveway and began the five minute drive from her house to Addy's.

There will be at least three parts. Maybe four. I only have the first and second's plot finalized. I also have the next three chapters written. I'm gonna try to post a chapter every one or two weeks.