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A day later, the wound on X's arm was fully healed. He told them how he was the son of Zeus, how he'd found the hunters, and then of how a monster – he was pretty sure it was a dracanae – attacked him on his way to camp, injuring him. Sierra was put in charge of showing him around after Chiron deemed him worthy of being allowed to leave the infirmary. Addy tagged along on the tour, not knowing what else to do. She hadn't been claimed yet and she didn't have a weapon so there really wasn't anything to do.

"Hey, Blondie, where'd you get that sickle you had yesterday?" Addy suddenly asked, interrupting Sierra's explanation of what happened in the arena. Sierra shot her an angry look but didn't say anything.

X blinked in surprise. "That's for me to know and you to maybe find out sometime." He motioned for Sierra to continue.

Addy sighed and started to half listen to what Sierra was saying. She was still wondering where he'd gotten the sickle when a brown haired girl carrying a sickle identical to X's walked out of the arena. X must have noticed her too as his eyes narrowed and he walked over to her. Sierra groaned in frustration and followed him, Addy trailing behind. The girl looked at the trio, her brown eyes flashing in anger as they approached.

"What?" she snapped.

X took a step back, and Addy said, "Sorry. I think Blondie here wanted to talk to you."

Glancing at Addy, X began to talk. "That sickle you have there looks identical to mine. I was told mine was only one of a pair. That looks like the other one."

The girl's eyes narrowed. "Show me yours. My father told me to keep this until someone came with the other one."

"First, what's your name?" X asked her.

"Desiree. Daughter of Hades. And you're X. Now, go get your sickle. And let me see it," she snapped, getting impatient.

He blinked before running back to his cabin to grab it - Sierra wouldn't let him take it on the tour. Addy watched him leave and Sierra and Desiree began to glare at each other.

"Desiree," Sierra spat.

"Sierra," she spat back.

Addy could see Sierra put her right hand on top of the hilt of her dagger. "You'd better stay away from Jake, Desiree. He chose me, not you, and that was his decision, not mine."

At that moment, X came back carrying his sickle. He held it out for Desiree, who snatched it from his hand. She looked at the blade of it then looked back at him. "Where'd you find this?"

"Th-the Underworld," he stammered.

Her eyes narrowed. "Why were you in the Underworld? I suppose you wanted to go there to prove that you're some big, handsome demigod who can do anything –"

"I was there because I'd had dreams telling me to go there, ok? I wasn't trying to prove myself, or anything!" he defended himself.

Desiree, still holding both sickles, stepped forward threateningly. She looked him up and down before sighing and handing him the two sickles. "Their names are Donner and Blitz. German for Thunder and Lightning." she said quietly.

X took the pair of sickles, before turning to Sierra, asking, "Should I go put these back in my cabin?"

She nodded wordlessly, taking a step back at him holding the two sickles. Sierra glanced over at Desiree who glared at her for a moment before turning around and walking away without another word. Addy silently wondered what all of that was about – Sierra seemed to be able to be friends with anyone – but she shook her head, deciding not to worry about it unless it became important later.


They finished the tour without any more incidents, and pretty soon it was time for dinner. X went off to his table alone and Addy followed Sierra to the cramped Hermes table. They sat down next to each, and waited for the last of the campers' to trickle in before taking their food to the brazier's; Sierra had explained their purpose to Addy and X while giving X the tour. Addy scrapped a portion of her food into one and sent a silent prayer that her mother would claim her soon. She carried her plate back to the Hermes table and sat down again.

All around her were laughing and smiling demigods, but she couldn't bring herself to join in when she didn't know who her mother was.

After they'd all finished eating and most of the camp was going to the amphitheater, Addy said good night to her cabin mates and went to the Hermes cabin, as she wasn't in the mood to talk to anybody right then. After entering the Hermes cabin, she sat down on her bed and pulled off her shoes, putting them just under it. She flopped back and stared at the ceiling of the dark cabin. After laying there like that for a couple minutes, a bright multi-colored light shone outside, and Addy raced outside to see what it was. Looking up, she could see a large, glowing rainbow peaking down as a makeshift arrow pointing at her. Wondering what this meant, she raced off to find Sierra, the rainbow fading with each step she took.