An End and a Beginning

Summary: They didn't work out the first time around, but they have something tangible between them that forces them to be in each other's lives forever. They are getting a second chance, but with Dominic and Letty, nothing comes easy.

Rating: M - eventually

Chapter 24

Mia flitted around their apartment nervously. "Okay", she muttered, more to herself than to the other two people standing in the living room who watched with different degrees of concern and amusement. "It's going to be okay."

Letty finally rolled her eyes. "Mi, you want me to get a paper bag ready, or are you going to calm the hell down?"

Mia paused, seemingly considering the question, before waving her off. "It's fine. Everything is going to be fine. Brian, just relax, okay? Dad's going to love you... Or at least not glare at you all night..."

Brian snorted. "I am relaxed. You're tense enough for both of us."

She stopped. "Oh. Sorry", Mia sighed.

"Mia, chill, alright?" Letty said exasperatedly. "Tony's a fair guy. And Dom- well, he's going to make an attempt not to be an overbearing big brother."

"Do I want to know what you bargained with my brother for to get that agreement?"

Letty just smirked slightly and shook her head. She didn't need to share all her secrets.

"That still leaves Vince." Mia rubbed at her forehead in frustration.

Letty grimaced slightly, and turned to Brian. "Vince isn't going to like you", she said flatly. "But just because you're new doesn't mean you have to take his crap. He's a good guy though… just protective of his family… saved my ass a few times", she murmured wryly.

"We need to go", Mia said reluctantly.

"You're gonna follow us?" Letty asked Brian.

He nodded, "Yeah. I've got an early shift tomorrow."

She nodded as they followed Mia out the door and locked the deadbolt. "Beer first?" Letty suggested once they got to the parking lot.

Mia's eyes widened. "You're right. There's money in my purse. Will you run in and grab a case?"

"Yup. Let's go. Gonna make a pit stop first", Letty said to Brian. "Just follow us."

"Got it."


Finally both cars pulled into the Toretto and driveway. Brian slipped a comforting arm around Mia's shoulders as they walked up the driveway, and she paused. "Okay, seriously? Just… remember that you're a cop walking into a room full of people who grew up street racing", she muttered.

Brian grinned down at her. "Wanna hear a secret?" He kissed her forehead. "So did I."

Letty followed them, laughing all the way to the front door at the surprised look on Mia's face.

They walked into the usual scene in the family room. Jesse was sacked out on a lime green bean bag chair in front of the television, very intent on Grand Theft Auto 5. Leon was watching from the couch with a mix of amusement and disgust.

Letty smirked. "How many times did you get trounced today, Le?" she asked.

"Four. I thought I was getting better", he growled.

"You are", Jesse offered absently, "Just not better than me."

Letty grinned. "Guys, we've got company."

"Yeah, who's the Abercrombie model?" Leon asked.

Brian buried an amused grin.

"I knew you were on the computer for a reason", Letty teased.

"You hush", he grumbled.

Mia rolled her eyes. "This is Brian", she said pointedly.

Jesse finally paused the game and looked up. "He's pretty."

"Thanks?" Brian grinned.

Jesse shrugged and picked up his controller again. "Welcome."

Letty grinned. "Leon and Jesse", she pointed respectively, reaching down to straighten the kid's beanie. "Our mad scientist. He's a freaking genius with an engine or anything with a computer."

"Yeah, we know he's the smart one. What am I?" Leon muttered.

"Comic relief?" Letty shrugged.

"You oughta think of something better later", he warned.

"Deal." Then she frowned. "Where's my kid?"

"Upstairs with Vince", Jesse supplied.

She grimaced, heading for the staircase. She stopped on the bottom landing, leaning on the railing gently. "Vincent, what are you doing with Aiden?" she called sternly.

It took a moment before she heard a response.


Then there was a muffled curse.

Letty saw a flash of naked bottom running across the hallway. "Hi, Mom!"

"Aiden, you need clothes on", Vince growled, following after him.

Letty bit her knuckle to stifle her laughter.

"It's not funny, Let!" Vince hollered from Aiden's room.

"I didn't say anything!" she protested with amusement.

"You were thinkin' it!"

"You bet I was!"

"What's going on?"

Letty peered around the wall and saw Dominic leaning in the doorway between the kitchen and family room.

"Your son is giving Vince a hard time", she mused.

"My son?" he raised an eyebrow, approaching her slowly.

"S'what I said", Letty nodded, grin widening as he stopped next to the stairs.

He slipped a finger through one of the belt loops on her dark grey jeans, tugging twice. She bent over at the waist and kissing him gently.

"Hi", she murmured, one hand cupping the back of his neck.


"Be nice to Brian", she murmured. "I'll owe you one later."

"Only one?" he teased.

She nipped at his bottom lip. "Don't push it. Go introduce him to Tony, and get the beer in the fridge."

"Yes, ma'am."

Her eyes rolled. "Brian, Dominic; Dom, Brian. Mia's brother and Aiden's father-"

Dom narrowed his eyes at her.

Letty snorted. "Well, I didn't think you'd appreciate being called my 'baby daddy'."

He growled.

"Ooh, scary", she teased. "I'm gonna go help Vince. Play nice, boys", she warned, including Leon and Jesse in her statement.

Walking up the stairs, Letty heard Dom's voice.

"She likes you for some reason. Don't fuck it up."

She smirked. Her man. So charming.


Three hours later:

"I don't like him", Vince muttered as the sound of Brian's engine faded.

Letty smacked her forehead for her friend's stupidity. Vince really could fit his whole damn foot in his mouth when he wanted to.

Mia turned the full force of her glare on Vince. Her stare was so cold it could have frozen the Atlantic Ocean, and he winced. "I didn't ask for your opinion, Vincent."

"V, am I going to have to kick your ass?" Letty asked seriously.

He flashed a charmingly wolfish grin in her direction. "Chill out, Mama Bear. It's all good."

Dominic started laughing and it set off a chain reaction.

"I still don't like him", Vince said flatly when the rest of them calmed down.

Letty reached over and swatted the back of his head. "You'd better run while you still have feet."


It was just after nine and The Three Stooges had disappeared to their respective locations. The Fort was quieter now.

Letty had given Aiden his Batman pajamas and told him he could watch TV until they left.

Mia was suffering through the end of her interrogation with Tony at the table while Letty helped Dominic clean up the mess in the kitchen.

"Going to your place tonight with Aiden?" Dom asked, keeping his voice low.

Letty shrugged. "Planning on it. You wanna come?"

"You asking me to come over and be your booty call?" he teased.

She flicked a few soap bubbles at him, laughing. "Shut up! Who said anything about sex anyway?" She feigned a yawn. "I'm really tired-"

His mouth caught hers, sucking gently on her bottom lip, hand sliding up the back of her shirt.

"Not in my kitchen, you two", Tony said, rolling his eyes.

Letty flushed slightly, realizing Dominic had her body pinned between his thighs and the kitchen counter. "Tease", she hissed up at him, pressing her palms against his chest to push him out of her space.

He tapped her nose playfully, making her eyes cross, and she batted his hand away.

Mia giggled. "I've missed you guys."

"What're you talking about, Mia?" Letty asked a bit exasperatedly, head tilting as Dom sucked on her neck. She leaned back against his chest lazily, Dom's arms around her waist.

Mia's grin widened. "Look at you two. You're all cuddly and stupid for each other."

Letty hummed the theme song for the X-Files.

Dom snorted in amusement, nose buried in her hair at the top of her head.

Tony chuckled.

"So, what's the verdict, Tony? What do you think of Mia's new guy?" Letty asked curiously.

'Thank you', Mia mouthed silently. She hadn't wanted to ask the question outright herself.

"I saw that", Tony said mildly. He shrugged. "Well, it seems like you've found yourself a decent man, Mia. He has better manners than you hooligans do, and he respects my daughter – which is number one on my list."

"And Letty was right", Dominic offered nonchalantly.

Mia frowned, "Right about what?"

Her brother shrugged. "He looks at you all googly-eyed when you're not paying attention." Dom grinned at his sister's blush.

"Told you so", Letty murmured teasingly.

He nodded, squeezing her waist slightly, "Thanks, Let."

Tony couldn't help his amused smile. His kids always looked out for each other. "Keep bringing him around, Mia. You don't get to know someone in one night. And he should get to know us too."

"Thanks, Dad. And Letty... I hate to ask-"

"I'm on Vince tomorrow, Mia", she nodded. "You know he's just looking out for you though, right?"

"Vince knows Brian is a cop though, right?" she retorted.

Letty snorted. "I said I'll take care of it." She tilted her head back against Dom's shoulder. "We should get Aiden in the car so he can go to bed. Good thing tomorrow is Sunday. Mia, are you coming home or staying here tonight?"

Mia made a face. "Something tells me I'd get more sleep here. Lucky Aiden sleeps like a rock."

"You ready to go then?" Dom asked.

Letty nodded. "Go get Aiden?"

He nodded and let go of her to head for the living room.

"You two really are disgustingly adorable", Mia muttered, shaking her head.

Letty rolled her eyes. "Be quiet", she chuckled.

Dom came back seconds later with a very asleep Aiden draped across his shoulder.

Letty smirked. "We'll, that makes it easy. Toss me the frog." She caught the stuffed animal and leaned over to kiss Tony's cheek. "We'll both see you Monday. Thanks for dinner. Mia, I'll talk to you tomorrow." She jingled Dom's keys. "Let's go."

His mouth quirked slightly. "You wanna drive my car?"

She let out a huff of laughter as she walked out the door.

He rolled his eyes, knowing full well she would be in the driver's seat before he even got out the door, "Night, you two."

Mia grinned at her father once the door closed. "Those two finally grew up."


Dominic put Aiden in his bed when they got to the apartment. The kid had barely roused at all. Letty shook her head from the doorway. "Like a rock", she repeated as he stepped out into the hallway with her, pulling the door halfway closed.

"I think it's your turn to get put to bed", pushing her gently down the hallway.

Her bedroom door was pushed shut with his foot. He kept her body pressed against his as his hands groped her breasts through her clothes. She gasped roughly and tipped her head back to glare at him accusingly. "All night long... Driving me crazy- fuckin' tease!"

"Not teasing", he chuckled, pressing his hard-on against her backside. "My track record for follow-through is impeccable."

She groaned. "Dominic, I swear-"

He picked her up and carried her to the bed, tossing her on it gently before she could finish her threat.
She shifted, making room for him between her legs as he crawled over her. His mouth met hers, tongue dipping into her mouth playfully before pulling back to get her shirt off. His followed quickly after, and then she was pushing him off her.

"My phone before I break it", she muttered, pulling the object from the back pocket of her jeans.

He sat up, leaning against her headboard, watching with a bit of amusement as she leaned across him to set her cell phone on the night table.

She yelped at the unexpected sting on her right butt cheek. Letty peered at him over her shoulder. "Hey", she accused mildly. That had hurt even through her jeans.

His mouth twitched slightly, and he repeated her 'hey' like it was a greeting.

She made sure her phone was safe before moving to straddle his lap. They kissed languidly, his hands rubbing up and down her thighs before sliding upwards, massaging the flesh of her ass until she pulled away panting, forehead dropping to his shoulder.

"Dom", she groaned.

His teeth grazed the side of her neck. "Yeah, baby."

"Hot", she muttered, sitting on his lap, rocking against his erection.

He hissed quietly, and then rolled her back underneath him to get her pants off. "I can do something about that."


Wednesday evening:

Wednesday after work, Tony had taken Aiden home with him so Dom and Letty could go to dinner with Susana, planning to swing by to pick up their son on the way home.

Dominic was in her bathroom, so she stripped down to her underwear, tossing her work clothes in the hamper and went to find something appropriate to wear. It didn't take her long to decide on a semi-casual, sleeveless black dress that's hemline landed just above the knee and flared out slightly. She grabbed a three-quarter length red sweater and matching heels, hanging her outfit on the closet door before intending to take over the bathroom.

"Dom, I need a shower", she called over the pounding water.

"Yeah? Get in here", he said mildly.

"We're meeting my mother in an hour." She rolled her eyes and went to the cupboard for a towel, eyes widening at the sound of the shower door opening. Seconds later, wet arms wrapped around her and lifted her up. She gasped out a surprised laugh as he carried her into the shower.

"So easy a caveman could do it", he teased in her ear.

Letty hissed as she was pressed against the shower tiles. "We don't have time for this", she muttered half-heartedly.

"Sure we do", he countered distractedly while pulling the straps of her white bra down her shoulders, a bit entranced with the way the wet fabric clung to her body. And then remembering that she had him on a time limit, he pushed the cups out of the way, freeing her breasts. "I'll give it to you nice and slow later", he murmured against her neck.

"Toretto, if you leave me hot and bothered to sit through dinner with my mother-" her breath hitched as his mouth trailed down her chest.

He paused, tongue flicking out to pass her nipple. "I've never left you high and dry." She made an irritated sounding noise as he snapped the elastic band of her purple and white striped panties before pulling them down. They fell down to the tub floor with a wet sound and she stepped out of them, quickly grabbing his shoulders as he lifted her, her legs wrapping around his waist.

He pressed inside her before taking her forcefully. Letty's hips rolled against his, their wet skin slipping together as they moved, chasing each other to the precipice as quickly as possible.

Their moans echoed in the bathroom despite the pounding of the water.

"Dom", she gasped. "We gotta-"

His answering laugh was raspy. "I know." He shifted her slightly in his grasp, her shoulders pressed against the wall holding her in place, fingers dragging down his chest.

Suddenly she was flying over the metaphorical cliff. Her muscles clenched around him, and she felt his release in such an abstract fashion, that she was sure she had lost consciousness for a moment.

Finally she blinked her eyes open, finding his face hovering close to hers, looking a bit cocky and amused.

He pulled free from her body slowly and set her on her feet.

"Shit, man- you had a point to prove, or something?" she murmured shakily.

He leaned down and kissed her gently, but pulled away with a smirk. "Hurry up, babe. It's almost time for dinner."

She rolled her eyes lazily and then groaned. "Dammit, Dom! The water's cold!"


A/N: Well, this chapter was the first appearance of Brian… and sadly ironic that I managed to get this out now. Writing has always been cathartic for me because I don't usually do well with all the feely-emotions in real life, lol. However, the loss of Paul Walker has made me quite weepy, and in between all the sadness over the weekend, I managed to finish this. R.I.P. Paul Walker. You won't be forgotten.

There is more to come, guys. Thanks for staying with me through the lapses in writing.