My Little Runaway
written by
Maddux and BrokenFirePen

Chapter Twenty-Four

There was loud dance remix music blaring all the way down the hallway from Rosalie's Hen party. My shoes slapped against the glossy floor as I ran, pulse racing, breath huffing.

The door to the large room had a window in it. I pressed my face into it to see what was happening inside. But someone was standing in front of the glass and I couldn't see a thing. I tried the handle; it wouldn't budge - locked. I pounded on the door to get someone's attention. An older woman turned and saw me. She frowned and jerked her thumb, indicating that I should get lost.

"Open up!" I yelled.

She turned her back on me and walked away. That's when I saw what everyone's attention was centered on.

A male stripper, half out of his police uniform was at the front of the room, pumping his hips in someone's face. The woman was sitting in a chair, but she wasn't handcuffed. Her hands were planted on the guy's ass. His handcuffs were dangling from his belt and sung wildly as he worked his muscular torso.

I did breathe a little easier, but I didn't want to watch the stripper do his business. I scanned the crowd of screaming women. I couldn't find Bella.

I turned away and sat down in the hall. I would wait for her to come out.

As I sat, I thought about things. The last three – whirlwind – months caught up with me in a flash. The thumping music around me faded and I went back home in my mind. I felt completely humbled all of a sudden. I went from a lonely man to a man with his heart so full in such a short amount of time.

I hadn't been looking to fall in love, but Bella just walked right by me one day, and everything fell into place after that. I smiled to myself. So much change, yet life looked so good at the moment. It looked like... happily ever after.

Because the antagonist of our story had been dealt with. The evidence against Charlie Swan had been so overwhelming, and maybe because of a sudden attack of conscience, he plead guilty to all the charges brought against him, forfeiting any appeals. He was looking at a maximum of thirty years in prison, with the chance of parole in fifteen years. Bella wouldn't be bothered by him for a long, long time.

She never let it get to her. She never let her father's oppressive spirit affect her. She was resilient and wonderful, and tonight, she would be all mine.

The party went on an on until the door finally opened and a few inebriated women left. It was nearing midnight. I stood and looked inside.

Bella was with Alice. They were deep in conversation, whispering. Bella giggled at something Alice said. I had to clear my throat before they quieted and looked up.

"Edward!" Bella grinned up at me. I smiled back, said hello to Alice.

"Everything okay? Did you have fun?" I tried not to appear worried out of my mind.

Bella and Alice laughed in answer to this. I raised my eyebrows at the both of them.

"Well. I'll see you two tomorrow," Alice said. She winked at Bella before taking her leave.

"What was that about?" I asked.

Bella shrugged and picked up her bag off the table, still smiling. She walked up to me and pressed her chest to mine. "Take me back to the hotel," she whispered, brown eyes twinkling.

My brows went together in confusion as my lips pulled a slow grin. "Ah... Okay. I'd be happy to." I knew something was up. Something was definitely a little different.

The air in the car was crackling with energy and unspoken words. My body started to buzz when we parked and got out of the car. My hand was trembling when I went to swipe the key card.

The night outside the hotel was sultry and hot. The air conditioning inside was a blessed relief. I started tugging my shirt out of my jeans. "Do you want the shower first?"

Her hands landed on my lower back where I'd exposed my skin. They moved around my waist to my navel. My breath gushed out of me as I moaned.

"After," was all she said.

"After...?" I breathed.

In answer, her wrists collected my T-shirt as her fingertips explored upward, sliding over my abs and my ridiculously excited nipples. I groaned when she touched those. She brought the shirt over my head, and her lips found my back. Hot breath and wet tongue – the hint of teeth – it was amazing.

She began undoing my belt and the button over the fly of my jeans. Even though she was driving me to distraction, I helped pull the zipper down.

I swayed a bit when her hands brushed over the front of my boxer briefs because my knees weren't locking. The slow-quick thump of blood slogging through my veins was a heady rush, preparing my pleasure receptors to react. And react they did when Bella massaged my erection through my underwear. I had to stop her and pull her hand away.

I kicked at my shoes and my pants tangled around my ankles, and turned to look at my beautiful wife. I bent down and reached around her, hefting her to lip level, and kissed her. And kissed her. And kissed her.

We fell together on the bed. I started low on her legs, sliding my hands up under the dress I'd bought for her. Now I was getting to take it off her. Up and up until I found her little blue panties, her little white bra.

"Raise up," I told her, and pulled the dress off over her head. She flipped her sandals off and scooted backward on top of the bed.

"You pull the covers down, I'll get the condoms," I said.

I rushed to my bag where I'd left it earlier in the day when we'd checked in. I pulled out each box and dumped the armful on the bedside table. I picked one box and ripped it open, and pulled off one packet from a whole perforated pack of them. I set it within arm's reach when I returned to Bella.

She had already taken everything off. Her hands were in her hair loosening it from its clips, breasts thrust high, legs slightly open.

"I love you like this," fell out of my mouth without thought, but the words were backed by strong feeling.

She smiled. "Take off your shorts," she said.

Of course, I easily complied.

"There's nothing to stop us tonight. Are you ready?" I asked her.

She gazed at my engorged, bobbing member and nodded. "Oh, yeah," she said.

I chuckled and sat down on the bed and removed my socks. Bella put her arms around me and kissed my neck. I sighed, soaking up the blissful moment. She pulled me down flat on the bed and took my lips from the side. She slid her hands across my chest, and I grasped her around her waist, dragging her over and on top of me.

The heat between her legs burned my belly while the tip of my erection brushed her backside. Oh, but her breasts were in just the perfect spot. I reached up and filled my hands with her. My thumbs teased her hard nipples with little brushes.

"I like this," I whispered.

I pinched and pulled on her, ever so lightly, and watched her head fall back. Her hair landed on my erection, tickling, caressing, arousing me beyond boiling point.

I sat up and held on to her while I turned us, putting her beneath me. My hands were everywhere. Lips, too. I was driven by a frenzy to consume her.

Amid the loud sighs and panting breaths, I brought my hand down to the apex of her thighs. I dipped my fingers inside, slow and easy, and found her slick and scorching. Her legs widened and she pressed herself on my hand. My thumb rolled over a particular ridge of flesh and her hips shot up off the bed.

"Was that good or bad?" I asked her.

"Good," she panted, "but it's almost too much when you touch it directly."

"So what should I do?" I caressed around it, teasing, really.

She whined and threw her hands over her face. "That. Oh, please, do that," she mumbled.

I grinned and did as she asked for as long as she could take it, all the while I tasted her breasts and nipples.

She finally grabbed my head and pulled me to face her. "I'm ready! So ready, Edward."

My nostrils flared as I nodded. My hand shot out for the foil packet on the nightstand. I ripped it open, nearly losing the condom. It rolled on to my erection so snug and tight.

I kissed Bella's lips, quickly, before falling back on my knees, positioning us both. Slow. Go slow, I chanted silently.

I had to take myself in hand to find her hot, hot opening. I couldn't breathe properly. Go slow.

My mouth dropped open and a sound came out of me that I'd never heard before as I slid a little ways inside her. Hot. Good. Tight. Slow. Pay attention to her.

I experimented with short thrusts, finding that it was too tight to proceed without putting more force behind each thrust. Her slickness coated the tip of me. I pulled out and wet the rest of it by sliding through her folds. Better, easier to slide in.

I gathered her up in my arms, held her tight. "This is probably the part that hurts."

She locked her arms around my back, legs opened wide for my hips. "It's okay. Do it."

I was locked in place. All I had to do was push – hard. And fast. Or should I do it slow?

I grabbed the backs of both her thighs and pulled them up to my armpits. I thrust in hard.

Bella made a strangled noise and I instantly froze and let go of her legs. Her nails dug into my back and it was difficult for me to hold still. The intimate embrace of her inner muscles invited movement.

I hugged her and buried my face in her hair, breathing hard. "Sweetheart?"

"Yeah, that kinda hurt."

I started to pull away.

"No." She held me tight. "Give me a minute."

I propped up on my elbows so I was able to look into her eyes. I could see the shock of pain in them. "I'm so sorry." I cupped her face and kissed her eyelids, her cheeks, her chin, her lips.

"Bella, I love you." I kissed her nose. "We can stop if it hurts so much."

"When I've finally got you where I want you? I don't think so." She shifted her hips, and I let out a groan that traveled all the way up from my balls.

"It's not so bad now."

"You sure?" I asked through gritted teeth.

She nodded.

I went slow. Slow and easy and controlled. Looking into her eyes as I made love to her added a whole new level to the experience. Made it deeper. Made my whole body tremble.

"How does it feel?" I had to ask. I kept up a slow thrusting rhythm, enjoying the sensations of our skin rubbing together. Her soft, warm thighs on the fronts of mine. The way our bellies touched when we inhaled.

"Mmmm." She arched beneath me, driving me inside her at a different angle.

I groaned. "So good. You feel so good, Bella."

She snaked her hand between us and I felt it moving quickly at my lower belly. I pushed up and looked down to watch. She was rubbing her fingers over that sensitive ridge of flesh.

"Do you need me to do that?"

"No," she said. "Just keep doing what you're doing."

I became bolder with each thrust, pulling out farther, rocking deep into her. My hips took over, rolling faster, until every muscle became rigid with tension.

My fingers had balled up the bedsheets just above Bella's head. Her mouth was open with a silent cry, her lips were red and swollen, and at that moment, heat and wetness gushed between us. Her inner muscles clamped hard around me.

"Oh, Bella! Don't!" was all I could shout before the undulant movements deep inside her pulled me under and destroyed me. Destroyed my control. Destroyed my speed. The last thrusts were frenzied and hard as I came, emptying everything I had into her.

Wave after wave of pleasure took its toll and I sunk, landing on Bella for support. We were both heaving, sweaty, and spent.

I couldn't find the words to apologize. I couldn't move my face. But I found the strength to lift my head.

Bella was smiling up at me.

"Are you okay?" I asked her. "I'm sorry I couldn't hold out any longer."

"What for?" She frowned.

"You didn't come."

She began to laugh, and I had to slide out of her. "I did, too. Couldn't you feel it? You were shouting at me. I thought you must have felt something."


I dropped my head and held on to her with my whole body, hugging her. "Good. I'm glad. Did it feel good?"

"Very," she whispered. "How about you?"

"Hell, yes, it felt good!"

She laughed again and kissed my neck and shoulder. "We can shower, now."

I grinned and lifted my head. "Together?"

She cupped the side of my face and smiled. "Together."