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Dick/ Barbara:26


Chapter 1

"Nightwing to Robin, you got anything?"

"Nah, the shipments seem pretty normal from my stand point. Nothing out of the ordinary."

"Please, it's the Joker. Everything he does is out of the ordinary."

"Who invited you Jason?"

"Easy Robin, I got him in on this. With Batman out of town I thought we would need the man power."

"Exactly baby bird, now cool your jets."

"Bite Me."

"Maybe later big boy."

"Ok you two, focus."

"Ya you heard him baby bird."

"I said focus!"

"Wait, I think I see something."

"What is it Robin?"

"Suspicious movement on the south side. I'm going in."

"Be careful Robin."

"I got it." Robin left his perch and moved closer towards the warehouse. Sneaking in a back window, he perched himself on an upper catwalk.

"Anything Robin?" Nightwing paged in.

"Not yet...wait a minute."


"Oh shit!"

"Robin what happened? Robin!"

"Nightwing what happened?" Jason called.

"I don't know. Robin won't answer now."

"I'll move in. see what the little idiot got himself into."


"Well." Jason was a few blocks from the warehouse. He started running on the roof tops and soon made it to the warehouse. He went in a back window. No one was there. The boxes were there but the trucks were gone.

"Wow they move fast." Jason muttered to himself. He started shuffling through all the crates. "Shit." he muttered when through.

"Red Hood to Nightwing."

"Did you find Tim?"

"No, no one's here. But I will tell you what I did find. These crates are full of nothing. Just a bunch of random shit. This whole thing was a set up to get one of us down here."

"The Joker must have known Batman wasn't in town and wanted to lure one of us down there."

"Ya, and now's he's got Tim."

A few hours later in a secret location.

"Please let me go." Tim coughed. He struggled against the restraints that kept him to the chair. He had tried to move the chair, to his dismay, it was bolted to the ground.

"Now why would we do that? Mistuh J has big plans for you boy." Harley turned back to Tim with her tazer in hand. Ramming it against his bare chest. Tim let out a loud scream. Harley kept it there for half a minute. When she brought it back, Tim slouched in the chair. The was the tenth time already.

"Please." he coughed.

"You know what. I like you boy. I haven't actually seen you cry yet. Maybe that can be a goal." she smiled, tazing him again.


"Ohhhh there it is." Harley pointed out the silent tears escaping his bright blue eyes.

"Now now Harley. We need to give the boy a chance to breath." the Joker stepped in. he came face to face with Tim and grabbed his face. "Tell me boy, have you ever wondered what the second boy blunder felt?" he asked. He brought his crowbar in eye sight.

"No, please."

"Hahahaha, you know I love a good beg." he grinned. Hitting Tim clear across the face with the crow bar.

"You know what Harley, lets try this differently. It's more fun to see him squirm." The joker untied him and pushed him to the floor. He then started to beat him with the crow bar, over, and over again. Now Tim was getting to see what Jason went through.

1 month later.

"Are you sure about this Bruce?" Dick was unsure at this point. He was already in his Nightwing costume.

"Yes I'm sure. It's been a month since Tim was kidnapped and I already showed you the Joker's film. With the help of Barbara, we were able to find where Tim is being held."

"Alright, ready Cassandra?!" Dick shouted.

"Yes." Cassandra came from the back in her costume.

"Be careful you three." said Barbara. Dick left on his motorcycle and Cassandra went in the bat mobile with Bruce. Dick was praying that Tim was there. It's been a month since he got kidnapped. He was already afraid on what he would find. He was actually shocked that Tim wasn't already dead. The Joker didn't think twice about killing Jason.

The three arrived at the old factory and went in. it was dark and smelt like old cheese. The proceeded through slowly. Soon the lights flashed on. Revealing The Joker, a few feet away. Harley at his side.

"Ahhhh the bat bunch did come." The Joker laughed.

"Where is he." Bruce growled.

"Oh you mean the little bird? Oh he's fine, perfect actually. You would have been proud to. He put up quite a fight for the first few days, but I knocked that fight right right out of him. It was about a week and a half ago when I got the idea to make him what you hate more. Me." The Joker and Harley laughed.

"May we present, Joker Junior." Harley pulled back some curtains, revealing Tim. He stepped forward.

"Oh my god." Dick was in shock. Tim had on a purple suit like the jokers. His skin was pale, his eyes were blood shot, and his hair was slicked back. A smile slowly started to creep across his face. Soon a chuckle escaped his lips. Then he was full on laughing.

"Joker, what have you done." Bruce growled.

"Isn't he cute? Now, go play son as daddy handles old batsy."

"Hehehehe." Tim chuckled and launched himself at Dick. Cassandra had her hands busy with Harley, and Bruce was with the Joker. Tim and Dick were at it with each other.

"Robin, it's me, you have to snap out of it."

"Hehehehe." Tim showed no sign of giving up as he fought Dick.

"Please Tim you have to focus. You can't let him win."

"Hehehehe." Dick didn't want to hurt Tim. So Tim was getting the best of him.

"Oh JJ, finish this quickly dear." Harley through Tim a gun. Tim aimed it on Dick and started laughing.


"Tim please, you have to fight it." Dick had his hands up, trying to reason with him.

"Hehehe." Tims eyes started to twitch. Beads of sweat started to pour off of him.

"Please Tim, it's me." Dick said gently.

"Hehehehehe." Tim's hands started shaking.

"Shoot him!" The Joker yelled.

"Hehehehehehhahahahaha." Tim started panicking. Tears started down his cheeks.

"Please Tim, you have to focus. It's ok."

"Hahahahahahahaha." he started hyperventilating.