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Chapter 7

"What Have You Done?"

Jason POV

"Tim tell me. What did you do?" I was trying to be a little more stern so he'll answer me. It didn't work. It just made him shake more.

"I don't know." he cried. I think it had something to do with the water because he won't stop staring at it. I needed to call Dick.

"Red Hood to Nightwing."

"Nightwing here. Find anything?"

"Actually yes, I found Tim. I need you down at west side docking point right now."

"I'll tell Batman and Batgirl."

"Thanks dude, and you may need to hurry." I switched off the com. I may need to go diving. I took off my helmet and gave it to Tim.

"Stay!" I said sternly. He nodded. I jumped into the water. The water here had to be about eleven feet deep, give or take a foot. I swam to the bottom and found what Tim did. There's a man there. Turning as blue as the sky in the morning. I could tell he was bleeding. I grabbed the man and pulled him to the surface. He wasn't breathing but he had a faint pulse which showed he still had a chance. I looked up and thankfully Tim was still there. I got the man to dry land. Instead of mouth to mouth with a stranger I just stuck my finger down his throat and made him through up the water and he was breathing. Not fun, not fun at all.

Soon Dick, Bruce, and Cassandra arrived. Cassandra sat by Tim and just rubbed his back in comfort. He also hugged my helmet as if that was comforting him. Dick and Bruce joined me.

"What happened?" asked Bruce.

"I found Tim just staring down into the water crying and he had blood on his hands and face. I asked him what happened and he couldn't remember. I found this guy in the water bleeding so I'm just going to take a wild guess and say Tim blacked out and stabbed the dude." that summed it up pretty well.

"Dick call an ambulance. We need to get Tim back to the mansion."

"Alright." the sun was practically up so we weren't very discrete anymore. Dick called the ambulance and we took Tim home. Dick got him in and out of a shower. The whole time not a word was said about what happened.

"Are there any cameras at the dock? Maybe Barbara can see what happened." said Dick. For some reason he left Damian in charge of watching Tim. Not the smartest idea in the world.

"I'll call her." Cassandra walked out.

"Jay?" Dick knocked me out of my focus.


"What are you thinking about?" he asked.

"How could he almost commit murder and not remember? What could the Joker have done to cause that?"

"I don't know man, but it's like that day we found him. He was completely out of it and he held a gun at me."

"How is he still being pushed though?" I still wasn't buying a lot of this. Dick just shrugged.

"Guys, Barbara has the feed." Cassandra popped her head in. we followed her into the batcave. Barbara sent her the feed. It was the guy Tim stabbed. He's at the docks like he's waiting for someone. Then a hooded figure steps into view. The guy turns to look at the hooded man. Then the hooded man attacks him and then pushes him in the water. Then all of the sudden he's completely still, motionless. Then he looked around, looked into the water, and just sat down.

"That's Tim I'm afraid."sighed Cassandra.

"Yes but look there." I noticed something. I rewinded the footage to right after Tim pushed the guy into the water and how he paused. He wasn't moving at all. Then all of the sudden he looked confused.

"Did you see that? The way he acted. As if he.." I was seeing if they were were catching on.

"As if he switched personalities." Dick caught on.

"You don't think Joker did that?" asked Cassandra.

"Multiple personality disorder, I know he doesn't have it but sometimes it can be caused." said Dick.

"It's like when he pointed the gun at you." I said "He wasn't himself. Joker molded him. Created a mini me kinda thing. It was never a toxin. It's just his head. Joker did something to his head thats still flicking on and off."

"What do we do then?" asked Cassandra.

"You go get Bruce and make sure Damian hasn't murdered Tim yet." I said. Cassandra left to go get Bruce. Both came back so I guess Damian is behaving.

"I told him everything." said Cassandra.

"So what do we do about his head?" asked Dick.

"I'm not sure what could help him now. The Joker has scared him so badly." Bruce sighed.

"DRAKE! PUT THAT DOWN!" we heard Damian yell from upstairs.

"DRAKE! GET YOURSELF OFF OF ME!" we found Damian and Tim in the main living room. Damian was on the ground and Tim had him pinned down and he's holding a knife at Damians neck.

"Tim, get off of your brother." Bruce said calmly. Tim looked up, but it wasn't Tim. It's Joker jr. that look in his eyes are the same as the Jokers. Tim wasn't there.

"Hehehehehehe." he giggled.

"DRAKE!" Damian wailed.

"Shhhhh, did I say you could talk." Tim laughed.

"Tim, come back. Don't hurt Damian." said Dick. "Tim it's us ok. Your no longer with the Joker. You have to focus."

"Oh, I am focused. Heheheheeeeee, I am very focused. Hahahaha." ok, I am getting really tired of all of the Jokers crap. I came behind Tim and pulled him off Damian. Tim then lunged at me with his knife but I knocked it out of him hand and I slammed him to the floor. Then I grabbed his shirt and slammed him into the wall.

"Look at me Tim!" I shouted.

"Hehehehe, I am looking, hehehe." I put my hands to either sides of his face and looked into his eyes.

"Are you really going to let that freak control you?" he didn't answer. I slammed him again against the wall.

"Look at me goddamn it! Your not aloud to be the crazy one in this family. That is my job!" I snapped. "I'm not going to let the freak turn you sideways. You were the only innocent one in the room. Now look at me!" I slapped him clear across the face. Somehow that turned something on. I could see a light turn on on his eyes. I let go of his shirt and he slid to the ground and slumped over.

"I'm sorry." he squeaked.