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Chapter 4

Things were still very awkward for Penny and Sheldon they didn't talk to each other much and Leonard was always with one or the other. That's when Sheldon met Amy, they were good friends but another problem was she was also friends with Penny. Penny and Amy sat in Amy's apartment

"Come on Penny you can't ignore Sheldon forever." Amy said Penny put away the left over pizza in the fridge.

"I could...I rather never talk to him I understand what I did was wrong but now he's just acting like a baby."

"It shouldn't matter do you have feelings for him?"

"No of course not anymore I love Leonard I just feel that Sheldon and I should talk."

"Honestly I think you should just not talk about it but be able to atleast do things with the group. I hate being with him, Bernie, Howie, and Leonard without you. And I hate when we all hang out and Sheldon decided not so show up.

"Then just forget about everything and deal with everything without him. I mean it's not that big of a deal."

"I never said it was a big deal I just know that if I hang out with you all he will go off about something."

"Of course he will that is who he is."

"Do you ever think you and Leonard would get married?"

"All the time."


"Why do you ask?"

"No reason." Amy said and grabbed her coat.

"Come on Amy there has to be a reason why you brought it up is Leonard going to purpose.?"

"Not that I know of but I think he should maybe Sheldon might get it through his head you are over him then." Amy said Penny smiled.

"That's true" Penny said agreeing Amy just smiled.

"Alright well come over tonight we can all go out too dinner and I don't care what you say you are coming and if you are not there I will show up here and dragging you."

"I am sure Leonard will make me come." Penny said with a laugh and with that Amy left.

Penny just sat down on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa she really didn't have anything to do today. She got the day off of work today which was shocked. Leonard was out and was on his way back to the apartment to surprise Penny with flowers no special occasion just him being him sweet self.

After about an hour there was a knock at the door. Penny got up and there stood Leonard with flowers.

"OMG they are so pretty!" Penny said taking the red roses from Leonard kissing him. "What's the occasion?" Penny questioned giving him a kiss.

"It's just because I love you so much." He sat down on the couch she placed the flowers on the counter and sat down next to him.

"Awe I love you too!" She said giving him another kiss. "Your not purposing are you?"

"No why would you think that I don't want to rush anything."

"Amy just was over earlier and saying if we got married maybe Sheldon would realize I don't like him."

"Oh haha I don't see a reason too rush unless do you want to get married?"

"I like what we have now."

"So do I" Leonard said and kissed her again.

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