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Hyuga's P.O.V

Love? Pfft…

…As cliché and overused this word is, I think I may have fallen in the depths of it.

As much as I resist, her welcoming smile and all her actions compel me deeper and deeper in this hole. Sometimes when I think about it, I wonder if I actually do wish to escape. Half of me agrees on digging myself out before I've fallen too far and become hopeless, without an ounce of chance to escape, but the other, more convincing half is telling me to submit to it and embrace this powerful feeling in my gut.

The dull feeling of butterflies in my stomach still throbs when my name effortlessly rolls off her tongue, or when she just talks of events that happened in her day. Hell, even when she innocently looks me in the eye with her large brown eyes, sparkling due to the surrounding light.

From day one, I thought she was perfect; from her personality, to her slim athletic figure and how her short light brown hair that accentuates and frames her porcelain face.

Her abrasive, yet calming and caring personality drew me towards her instantly. From her looks, you would assume she was a usual girl who whines about needless things, but she is much different from that. She is not a selfish girl who only thinks only of herself; she is a girl who offers her hand out to you when you're lost in your own suffocating thoughts while offering a stunning smile that brings you back to reality and reminds you of the pleasant things in life.

Her personality is what draws me to her ultimately, but it is not only that, that makes me so fond of her. She is one of those people where the light is focused on her and her only. The simple curve of her thin lips instantly brightens the room and the atmosphere, like a sun that everyone is hoping for on a rainy and cloudy day. She does it so effortlessly and without even knowing she makes me nervous and weak in the knees under her stare and smile.

Yes…I guess I could summarize that I have fallen into this thing called love.

And the one who I have fallen for so deeply is the coach of the team that I lead, Aida Riko. But since I am cowardly and afraid of the result if she declines my feelings, my overwhelming affection of her and my desire to simply place my hand in hers, hold her and protect her from her fears will only be but a dream and a fantasy that will only be known by me.

We are only friends, and that is all we will be. It is all we will ever be.

I never usually write fluff at all, but this pairing is so cute that I couldn't help myself. If you didn't like it, constructive criticism if very much accepted.

This is more of a one-sided chapter, but there will be other chapters where they're together.

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