Chapter One

The stories began one night, when Lucy was in the middle of changing and Natsu didn't come crashing through her window. Immediately she knew something must be wrong, because that pink-haired, completely oblivious, might-be pervert would always show up.

She ignored it, thinking herself paranoid, and sat down at her desk to write her daily letter to her mother. However, as she finished writing and the room was still calm and quiet, she began to get worried. Surely he was fine, and she was just being ridiculous?

Her worries were changed to annoyance as a blue bundle smashed down through her fireplace, all fluffy fur and feathery white wings. She nearly snapped at the tiny cat to get out, but he looked up.

Happy the Cat wasn't living up to his namesake at the moment. His eyes were wide with pleading. "Natsu's sick!" he wailed dramatically, as if it was a death sentence.

Lucy glanced down. She was wearing her pajamas, a towel wrapping her hair up. "What's wrong with him?" she sighed, freeing her hair and shaking it out as she stood and reached for her closet, where her coat hung.

"He keeps coughing and choking and spitting up lots of gross stuff." Happy reported, looking horrified at the very thought. "Come on Lucy you've gotta help him!"

"Calm down, Happy. I'm sure he's fine. I'll come with you and check on him, okay?"

Minutes later Lucy was pulling a thermometer out of Natsu's lips as the latter groaned and wriggled under his blankets. "HOLY-" Lucy's eyes went huge. "Natsu your temperature is 150 degrees!" she yelped, touching his forehead and then jerking her hand back as her fingers burned.

"Actually that's not much higher than normal." Happy said, much calmer than he'd been seconds ago. "Whew, guess I was worried for nothing."

Natsu began coughing, chest heaving as he rolled over, sparks flying from his lips, and Lucy freaked as his sheets caught fire. "N-Natsu!"

He looked at her, eyes dark behind his thick pink eyelashes. "I'm fine." he croaked after the coughing ceased. "Just a dragon cold."

"D-dragon cold?" Lucy whimpered.

Natsu grunted in response. "Water?" he choked on more coughs and Lucy nodded quickly, hurrying away.

"What's... a dragon cold?" Lucy asked as she sat by his bed on a wooden stool, sipping at coco she'd brought in a thermos while Natsu drained three cups of water and sat up, panting. His skin was coated with sweat, the dampened blankets pooled around his legs. He trembled with the effort it took to sit up and flopped, collapsing onto his back.

"Just... sick..." he gagged, spitting up something disgusting in the trash can beside his bed. "It's like a 24-hour cold that normal humans get..." he nearly hacked up a lung coughing that time, clutching an arm around his torso. "Only... lasts longer."

Lucy paled and scooted away. "Well, okay then. Guess you don't need m-" his hand nearly burned her as it wrapped around her wrist.

He looked at her again, this time his eyes were pleading. With sweat-dampened hair sticking to his forehead and bare neck, he looked like a drowned kitten. "S...Stay?" he croaked.

Lucy shook her blonde head, desperate to escape the room and it's stench of sickness. His face fell and her heartstrings tugged. "Oh fine." she sighed, sitting back down on her stool. "I don't know what you expect me to do."

"Tell me a story?" Natsu croaked, pulling the blankets up towards his chin weakly.

Lucy took pity and helped him with the blankets, settling herself comfortably. "I don't know any fantastic stories."

Natsu opened his mouth, but ended up doubled over coughing again, and spitting some sort of soot or something into the trash. Happy turned his wide eyes on Lucy. "Don't you have any your mom used to tell you, before... she... ya'know."

Lucy's eyes softened as she thought back. "Well, I know all the fairy tales." she thought out loud.

"Those are perfect!" Happy smiled brightly and curled up on the pillow beside Natsu, carefully patting his friends head with a little blue paw. "After all, we're from Fairy Tail, so we should listen to the Fairy Tales."

Lucy shook her head. That wasn't even a good pun. But Natsu looked so pathetic and weak that she gave in. "Okay, okay, just one or two, alright?"

Natsu looked slightly less pained, which was a start.

"Okay. Once upon a time..."

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