LbN: Loosely based on something I saw on Tumblr. Won the last poll. Happy reading! :)

"Oh shit."

"What's wrong?" Quinn asked, peeking over Santana's shoulder to see inside their apartment.

"Rachel's crafting stuff is out."

"Oh god…Um…let's go hide in the game room before she—"

"Santana? Quinn? Oh good, you guys are home."

"Hey Rach," they said in unison.

"Dinner's almost ready," she said. "And I know you're terrified that I'm about to rope you into some kind of elaborate art project, but calm down. Your participation is minimal, and I think you'll actually enjoy it."

"That's what you said about the knitting group," Santana reminded her.

"And the candle making class."

Rachel huffed and crossed her arms. "Fine, make you a deal. I'll tell you what it is and if you don't want to join in, that's perfectly fine. I won't even pout."

Something in the way their girlfriend was smiling told the other two that there was no way they were going to win. Still, they agreed and sat down on the couch.

"I'll be brief. The gist is we suck at choosing date nights. Absolutely suck at it. And it's not that we're all super busy. We're in a routine that's perfectly conducive to spending time together. So I found this idea on Pintrest—"

The other two groaned.

"Shut up," Rachel said, tossing a popsicle stick at them. "Santana, I don't complain about your Tumblr addiction, or Quinn's crazy Farmville compulsion."

"True. Sorry," Santana said, sniggering. "What is all this?"

"Date night in a jar," Rachel said. "So you have nine sticks, sorted into groups of three by their different colors. Red ones are expensive dates, or dates that take planning. So, for instance, a weekend away somewhere. Hot pink are dates out that take less planning and are less expensive—say a movie or something. Light pink are stay at home dates."

"What are the white ones for?" Quinn asked, spotting the three plain sticks already in the jar.

"Those are surprise dates. So whoever pulls them gets to plan it. And it can be anything they want."

Santana and Quinn looked at each other. It was a good idea, but they weren't ready to concede defeat yet.

"So," Rachel continued, smirking. "If you just write down your date ideas, keeping the color scheme in mind, we stick them in a jar, and each week, someone gets to pick."

"What if we're strapped for cash and we can't do big dates?" Santana asked.

"Then we take the red ones out."

"Obviously," Quinn said, giving Santana a playful nudge.

"Right, right."

"So?" Rachel asked.

"You win," the other two said, picking up a few sticks and their Sharpies.