Maka Albarn angrily placed her hands over her ears at the loud music, she was nestled at the far end of a bar closet to the exit of a club. Her adopted brother black*star was howling happily right in her ear about how he was gonna have so much fun tonight. The blonde female growled angrily, why did she come here? She could be doing something much more productive, over losing her hearing to black*star, and the stupidly loud do-remixed music of the club. But alas, her brother had dragged her out of her warm little room filled with books. Ah books… She threw a fit, of course. It was only expected. She was the modest one, the decent one, and the smart one of the two. So there was no way on earth she'd be dragged to a club on a school night, with out some form of resistance.

"You need to learn how to have some fun, or you'll start to grow mushrooms on your head!" He'd wailed as he ran around the house, combing his hair, brushing his teeth, attempting to put clothes on.

The whole while the bookworm had her face buried in a romance novel, reading the same paragraph at least four times before lodging the book firmly in her brother's skull. His excessive whining after that some how managed to budge her to go. So she threw on something simple, a black and neon purple plaid skirt, and a black singlet with the words 'Angel' written on it in purple. A pair of black platform heels and some small choices of accessories and she then allowed the blue-haired boy drag her out. Her hands still firmly clutching her book as he did so.

They taped over your mouth

Scribbled out the truth

With their lies…

You little spies!

They taped over your mouth

Scribbled out the truth

With their lies…

You little spies!

"Are you just gonna sit there and mope the whole night?" Black*star whined, poking his sister who was reading. She turned her blank-cold expression to the hyper-active boy before continuing to read her book.

"I'll take that as a yes." Black*star sighed, running a hand through his hair. He'd just about given up with trying to get his sister out of this robotic routine of school, part-time work, and studying. Sadly, it didn't really work. "C'MON SIS, AS YOUR OLDER BROTHER, I DEMAND YOU HAVE FUN!" He suddenly yelled causing a few people's heads to turn even over the pounding of the music.

"Black*star!" Maka yelped as her elder brother slammed her book down on the bar counter, the bar tender sent the duo a look of slight worry.

"No Maka! All you do is readreadreadworkstudystudywo rkreadworkstudy! You never have fun, or go out!" He cried shaking the blonde by her shoulders.

"Black*star leave the poor child alone!" A females voice cut in like sandpaper, kicking the blue-haired boy in the back of the leg.

They taped over your mouth

Scribbled out the truth

With their lies…

You little spies!

They taped over your mouth

Scribbled out the truth

With their lies…

You little spies!

"OW LIZ. THAT F***ING HURT." Black*star cried clutching his calf and hopping around on one foot. His gaze glared up to the blonde who simply stared at him with a serious/smug look.-if that's possible.

"Ehehe! Is black*star doing the monkey-flamingo hop!?" A childish voice rang as the smaller, lighter blonde haired female jumped out from behind her sister.

"The monkey-flaming- wah?" Came Maka's response to the situation, her book tucked away some where safe.

"Be damned if I had a clue, and I'm her sister." Liz sighed, face palming. Patty continued giggling and began to mimic black*star's pained actions, turning into a slightly less agonizing movement.



The music continued to blare loudly, but the beat was absolutely amazing. Sounded slightly techno but Black*star had proclaimed it was a night-core version of a DJ remix of some song… Maka didn't pay much attention at the time as she was trying to dodge bodies and flailing arms.

Black*star had finally calmed down from the pain of Liz's harsh treatment and breathed in heavily.

"Where's Kiddo?" The blue-haired male asked, his eyes scanning around for the asymmetrical hair the belonged only to the symmetrical crazed person they knew as Death the kid.

"Eh, he said he had to go check something. Not sure what, but he told us to find you guys." The elder sibling replied shrugging slightly when Black*star raised an eyebrow.

Maka was watching patty with an amused/terrified expression as the blonde bounced and skipped to some tempo that was completely off from the current song.

I noticed your eyes

Are always glued to me

Keeping them here

It makes no sense at all!

They taped over your mouth

Scribbled out the truth

With their lies…

You little spies!

"I'd love to live in your world for a minute patty." Maka sighed, stretching her arms out on the counter of the bar. Said blonde suddenly froze in her childish antics, her bangs covering her eyes in a shadow.

"No, no you would not." She said darkly, and depressingly. It made chills run up the other blondes spine. Suddenly bright blue eyes shot out from the shadows of blonde hair and sparkled brightly. "Just kidding~ " She sung, twirling around happily laughing. Maka barely stopped herself from smashing her face into the counter.

They taped over your mouth

Scribbled out the truth

With their lies…

You little spies!

Nothing compares too~

A quite evening alone.

Just the one,

Two of us is counting on~

"How long does this song go for?" Liz asked as she sat down at the bar next to Maka, Who's eyes had wandered over the mass of dancing bodies. When the younger blonde registered what the other had said she simply shrugged.

"Don't know. But it's kinda catchy."

"I guess."


"Oh shit."


The two blondes gaze had suddenly turned to the blue-haired boy as he leapt onto the bar-top, a large intake of breath was made, before he bellowed out loudly.

"ALRIGHT SINGLE SEXY LADIES! NO NEED TO FEEL LONELY! FOR YOUR GOD BLACK*STAR IS HERE!" It seemed like the music stopped and everyone glanced at the blue-haired weirdo before assuming he was some crazed drunk.

That never happens!

I guess I'm dreaming again…

Let's be more than,




How ever the music did not stop, and instead the whole club seemed to cheer loudly. Black*star smirked and leapt off the bar top with a loud "YAHOO!" before disappearing into the mass of bodies.

"Please refrain from reminding me he's my brother." Maka sighed, face palming.

"Well… he IS adopted…" Liz offered sheepishly.

"If only I was so lucky to have an epic brother like Black*star." Patty whined, clinging onto her sisters arm.

"Oh believe me, I'd prefer Liz." Maka chuckled darkly.

"Eh, let's swap?"


"WAIT JUST A SECOND." Liz interrupted, she glanced at her sister hurt. "You'd give me up that easily?"

"'Course not silly, we were just joking." The smaller sister cackled, but winked secretly in maka's direction, causing the book-worm to giggle slightly. Liz sighed in relief. The song decided to change before it finished.

Oh yeah,

They tell me

I'm a 'bad boy'.

"DJ SOUL EATER IN THE HOUSE!" Some man suddenly yelled over the microphone on the DJ booth, he looked buff and very tanned with stupidly spiked blonde hair. He then turned and shook hands with another man. He had white, almost silver hair, and red eyes the glowed from the various club lights. A grin was spread across his face showing pointed shark-like teeth. Maka assumed he was 'DJ soul eater' as he suddenly stepped into the center of the booth and began mixing other beats and tunes in with the current song. The crowd loved it, and Maka cussed slightly covering her ears to block out the deafening cheers of the crowd.

"He's haaaaaawwttt." Patty sung, then ran out to the dance floor, dragging a bewildered Liz with her.

"Soul eater… where've I heard that before…" Maka wondered absently for a few minutes, she didn't notice kid had suddenly popped up. When she did she fell off her barstool as he snapped his fingers infront of her eyes.

"Maka? Hello?" He asked offering a hand out to her as she sat stunned.

"That was not funny." She fumed, grasping kids hand and quickly standing up and dusting herself off.

"I Suppose not." Although he chuckled slightly. "And about who soul is. Don't you recall he's your brothers best friend?"

"OH!" Maka gasped, clapping her hands together. "That's right! He came over once to vs. black*star at Halo!" She internally scolded herself for not remembering.

"I was there too…" Kid whined, feeling depressed at the lack of acknowledgment of his presence.

"Indeed you were. You completely rearranged the kitchen to be Symmetrical." The blonde scoffed.

"Well it was COMPLETELY disorganized, and now you can relax knowing it's perfectly symmetrical."

"Yeah…. Black*star messed it five minutes after you left." Maka giggled as the man before her suddenly stiffened and his expression became horrified. He quickly composed himself. "Any way… how's life?"

"Completely symmetrical. Wait…" Kid suddenly frowned. "I think, my bed sheets… aren't folded correctly…" His frown turned into a look of determination and he suddenly dashed off. Maka sighed grumpily, great now she's all alone.



Baby, you called?

I can't hear a thing.

I have got no service in the club

You see


Maka suddenly called over the bartender and ordered a cocktail, might as well have one drink… She watched as the bartender hastily rushed to get the drink to Maka before dealing with another customer, who was obviously drunk, as he started yelling something about purple elephants. Perhaps he was high as well… Maka scoffed in disgust.

She turned her eyes back to the crowd as she sipped the beverage lazily. She spotted Liz dancing with some guy that looked like a teenage delinquent, his hair was almost fully shaved and he had multiple piercing in each ear and one on his lip. But his expression was surprisingly soft. Maka frowned, never judge a book by it's cover I suppose… Liz seemed to be smiling sincerely as he told her something.

Patty was dancing with black*star much to Maka's dismay. Those two together were just a cause for trouble. Thank god they weren't drunk at least, or else they'd probably work as a team to try and steal the bra from the hottest chick in the club. Patty had no shame when it came to gender differences.

Surprisingly she spotted kid in the crowd, he looked absolutely lost and panicked. Maka couldn't help but giggle as he tried to escape the swarming mass of bodies to reach the bar again.

Suddenly bored with finding her friends so easily, she pulled her book out from-where ever the hell- she hid it, and continued reading.

She only looked up when she realised she'd finished her drink, and called for another. At the moment she had ordered another she felt like some one was staring at her, and she glanced around to find where the feeling was coming from. She stiffened when she saw Soul's read eyes boring into her, like he was trying to figure something out. She narrowed her gaze at him questioningly before realization crossed his features and his grin grew and he let out an inaudible chuckle, then pointed into the crowd. Her emerald gaze followed his fingers before she shot out of her seat forgetting her book and drink as she made a mad dash for Black*star, who had gotten into a loud argument with a dark skinned man who's hair was black and styled interestingly with dreads. They looked totally pissed off at each other, and she intervened before a punch was dished out by black*star.

"BLACK*STAR." She growled dangerously, causing the blue-haired boy to stiffen and turn. Her glare turned dangerously to the man across from him. "Killik."

"Ah, Maka. Greetings." Killik greeted, though his tone was venomous. "Do you know this runt?" He asked tilting his head to Black*Star who fumed at the nickname.

"Yes, my Brother sadly." The blonde replied, glaring at both males. They seemed to shrink under her stare before seeing each other and began fighting all over again.

If we don't kill ourselves

We'll be the leaders

Of a messed up


If we don't kid ourselves

Would they believe us

If we told them the reason


"SHUT. UP. BOTH OF YOU!" The book-worm snapped, effectively grabbing both males attention once again. "What's going on here?"

"He touched my girlfriend!" Killik.

"He hit me for no reason!" Black*star.

Both of them yelled at the same time, Maka face palmed, trying to control her anger.

"Black*star…." She hissed, snapping her gaze up to his and glaring daggers.


"Good luck man." Killik laughed.

Black*star bolted, with Maka hot on his heels. How he managed to avoid the wave of bodies, Maka would never know. He was like a ninja, there one second gone the next. In the end Maka just ended up getting shoved against the platform that held the Dj booth. She glanced upwards and was greeted with Red eyes looking absolutely amused. She frowned angrily before childishly sticking out her tongue.

"He's you're best friend!" She mouthed to him. He laughed.

"He's your brother." He mouthed back before suddenly getting lost in the beat of working his music. She huffed angrily then felt suddenly awkward as people grinded against one another in front of her. It basically looked like they were trying to have sex with their clothes on, she fled. Then fought tooth and nail to get out of the partiers and back to her perch by the bar. Her drink was gone, no-doubtly either snatched or cleaned up. But her book remained untouched. She sighed, then whipped out her phone sending black*star a text.

Maka: Going home.

Blackstar: 'kay, I'm not far off. I ran into Tsubaki and she scolded me.

Maka: Poor black*star. Always trying to impress his crush, but can't do anything about it.

Blackstar: Bully.

Maka: hehehe. Cya at home. Oh, you BETTER come home sober. Or I'll set Papa on your ass.

Blackstar: Pfft. Wat's spirit gonna do? Ground me? He's never ova.

Maka: That was the light threat, you come home drunk, I'll maka-chop your brains out.

Blackstar: kk.

In the time of texting her brother she'd effectively made it out of the club and hailed a cab. She slipped inside smoothly and gave her address to the driver and he nodded, and took off.


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