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Chapter 8~!


"Shut up."


"I will hit you."

"No you won't~"

"I will slaughter you."

"Y'know she's probably not lying." Tsubaki muttered as she turned to glare at Liz. Liz wavered slightly in her teasing of Maka, as the kind-natured female glared death at her.

"Sorry, It's just.. I totally knew something would happen." Liz cackled a bit loudly drawing the attention of people sitting nearby.

They were out shopping after school as they had time too, they had decided to take a break at a small café and talk, and when the topic of soul had come up and Maka's face had lit up like a Christmas tree on fire. Liz of course had no other option but to pester the little thing until carving knives were almost thrown to her throat.

"I was tired and wasn't thinking straight, I totally crossed a line. I mean he's my brothers' best friend. Ugh, my head hurts. Not to mention how embarrassing it all was. I didn't mean to kiss him…" Maka whined, sipping a strawberry milkshake. She clutched her shopping bags to herself tightly with her other hand at the memories. "I just hope he won't think too much of it."

Tsubaki smiled softly at her friend. "It seems you really like soul-kun, ne, maka-chan?" She inquired.

"W-what! NO!" Maka nearly screeched turning heads once more before she swiftly ducked her head in embarrassment. "I mean… it's not- it's not like that… I mean I don't hate him or anything….."

"So you don't hate him, yet you kissed, yet you don't like him… Yet you kissed him?" Liz asked raising an eyebrow.

Maka glanced at Liz with an exhausted look before ducking her head and nodding with a small 'ahhumph' in confirmation.

"Oh this is delicious. You're like a little real life drama. It's so much better watching you than watching actors." Liz giggled. Tsubaki sighed and Patti was suddenly present.

"Who kissed who and doesn't like who? Oooh can we do the routine sis!" Patti squealed clutching a giraffe patterned beach ball.

Liz sat up straight, and snapped her fingers. "EXCELLENT IDEA!" She yelled, pulling out a phone with a stylus and began writing something frantically onto it. Tsubaki glanced over Liz's shoulder before cringing away in fear. As she turned to look at Maka- who was sitting there with a curious yet otherwise not wanting to get involved look-, Patti was behind her, with an expression Tsubaki cannot even begin to describe as a shiver passed down her spine at the cold medusa like stare the younger of the Thompson sisters was currently giving her if she dare warn the ash-blonde.

"Are you okay Tsubaki? You look like you've seen a ghost…" Maka asked warily as Tsubaki sat frozen before snapping out of her state of fear.

"Oh no, no I'm fine." She muttered suddenly becoming occupied by the empty salad container in front of her.

"Are you sure?" Maka pushed, worry for her friend rising. "You don't want to go home or anything?"

"Oh, home… Yeah, that might be a good idea, thanks Maka. Um, well bye Liz, Patti and Maka! I'll see you all tomorrow at Kids!" Never once had Maka seen the ebony-haired beauty move so quickly to escape her friends. Her eyes drifted back to Liz who had a face like she just ate a bowl full of spicy, spicy, curry as she wrote on her phone, Maka cringed and looked at Patti who was batting the ball around like a kitten would a ball of yarn. She shrugged and drunk down the rest of her drink.

"Well I'll take my leave now too, if that's okay."

"Huh?" Patti sounded as she batted the ball up high and looked at Maka. "Going already?"

"Well I do have work to do and sorts, I'll talk to you tomorrow, or I'll call you tonight if you want, Patti." Maka suggested picking up her bags, she spared a glance at Liz whose face had now gone eerily still and calm, her hand was no longer furiously writing.

"It's fine! I'll cya tomorrow!" Patty squealed as the ball bounded off her head and she dashed off to chase it.

"Oh, quickie before you go Maka?" Maka rolled her eyes, does Liz always say everything in a sexual manor…?

"hmm.. what?"

"What size clothing do you wear?"

"Small, why?"

"Favourite colour?"

"Green… and orange….?"

"Okay! Thanks." Liz smiled with a wink. "See ya tomorrow!" Maka was slightly disturbed with how Liz purred out the words while stroking her phone like it was the most precious thing in the world.

Maka cursed, rather loudly as she searched her purse for her key to the door.

"Damnit, don't tell me I left it in my room…" She groaned loudly and pressed her head on the door. She tried the door knob, locked, and knocked twice, no reply. "Crap… Why me." She whimpered slightly and pulled out her phone. She briefly checked for any new messages seeing she had none, she pulled up Black*stars contact and sent him a message.

Maka: Where are you? I locked myself out of the apartment.

She waited for a few minutes and decided to call when she got no response, but it went straight to voicemail. She gripped her phone in agitation and stuffed it violently in her pocket.

"Damn, the one day I go and get food for his sorry ass, least he could do is answer his phone." She sighed and glanced at souls contact details. She tried pretty damned hard to avoid him after the kiss… But… She had ice-cream, and she refused to simply let the ice-cream melt, who would do such a horrid thing such as letting ice-cream melt. So she mustered up all her courage and pressed the call button. Almost instantly Soul picked up.

"Yo?" Souls voice answered eagerly.

"Yo…" Somewhat depressed was Maka's reply.

"Yo, yo? You okay Maka?" Soul responded worriedly.

"Yeah, I locked myself out of the apartment and Black*star won't pick up."

"Oh… Why not go to-"

"I got ice-cream." Maka swiftly interrupted what he was about to suggest, though she didn't know why.

"Food?" That piped up the Snow-haired man's attention. "Well we very well can't let that suffer now can we? I'll be over in five minutes."

"Okay thanks."

Not even a few minutes later Maka heard the audible thud of sneakers running up stairs and down a hallway.

"Well, you took your time." Maka chuckled as she looked at the huffing and puffing soul eater before her.

"Haha." Soul tried to laugh sarcastically but came out as a wheezing cry for help.

"You really weren't kidding about five minutes; you look like you ran from two states away to get here." She looked at him as he fumbled to get his key in the lock several times due to him shaking from gasping so hard for air.

"Yeah well, I heard there was icecream." He shrugged. "I was down at the movie store."

"Oh." Was all Maka could reply with as she slipped through the door Soul now held open. She scurried into the kitchen and began sorting the few days' worth supply of groceries and placing them into their belonging spaces.

"Ice-cream and chocolate? You're the best mom ever!" Soul squeaked attacking a box of crackers Maka hadn't managed to save from his grasp at the sight of food.

"The ice-cream is to share, but if you touch the chocolate you can put up with me and blaire." Maka threatened casting a glare over her shoulder. Soul threw his hands up in mock innocents with a biscuit hanging out of his mouth. He was so adorable Maka couldn't help but smile.

"Wouldn't dream of touching a womans chocolate." He laughed.

"Hmmm… No, we're quiet fearsome if you steal our beloved, but we are also easily bribed with it…" Maka chuckled along.

"Heh, Hey you going to kids tomorrow?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

"Hmm… just checking." Soul watched her cautiously, He noticed she'd been avoiding him and now she simply acted like the kiss never happened, though she was being… nicer…? He didn't know, women were confusing, and he was probably over thinking. He watched as the conversation died she scuffled quickly into the lounge room and began fiddling with the multiple remotes and controllers.

"What are you doing…" He asked as she flipped the channel randomly and landed on a cheesy romantic movie.

"I've been wanting to watch this for a while." She said, though her eyes were looking through the TV and her attention was on him despite the fact she refused to look at him. Maka was lying, she didn't even look at the TV guide or watch TV that often to even know this was on… Not only that she didn't overly like cheesy romantics. He raised an eyebrow but didn't ask any questions, and simply sat down next to her on the other end of the couch. He could tell by her reaction to him sitting here, that she had been hoping the cheesy movie would make him want to leave her alone. Nope, he was stuck on her like glue. He was intrigued by her avoidance of him. He wouldn't give her the pleasure of escape.

Once the movie ended and as he was about to ask her a question, blaire came trotting out stark naked at the exact moment Black*star busted in through the front door crying.

"BLAIRE?" Maka.

"BLACK*STAR!" Blaire.

"SOUL!" Black*star

"MAKA!" Soul.

Bam, Bam, and holy cheesus of flying fluff ball doom.

"REALLY BLAIRE?" Maka screeched furiously.

"I'M SORRY! MAKA-CHAN HAD A BOOK, BLAIRE PANICKED!" The purple cat wailed as sudden smoke cleared from the room, revealing two unconscious boys with book indents in their head, and a cream fluff ball bristling on the floor, while Blaire stood fully clothed.

"So you turned me into a cat again!?" Maka wailed, tearing at the ground with her claws angrily.

"Um… Yeah, sorry…" Blaire chuckled, her ears drooping.

"Well atleast I can talk… And now I know when I'm in a minute of changing from last time. So no unfortunate accidents this time." Maka sighed kicking off the now oversized clothe that threatened to bury her. "Seriously Blaire, you have got to stop coming out naked…"

"Maka needs to stop getting so upset over Blaire walking out naked…"

Maka growled thrashing her tail angrily behind her.

"Ok, ok… Blaire will… Try…"

"Ok, I don't know how it happened, but I knocked both of them unconscious and I didn't even mean to hit anyone with a book…" The cream cat nudged the side of her brothers blue haired head with a forepaw several times, when nothing happened so unsheathed a claw and poked him.

"Owch!" Black*Star yelped standing up in a fighting position with one hand held to his head.

"Welcome back Black*star!" Blaire purred gesturing towards the furball at the baka's feet.

"Oh god, I'm seeing the weird fluffball again." Black*star began crying.

"Um, no it's maka…." Blair replied, while maka rolled her cat eyes.

"MAKA? Noooo! I missed her call, and got her message too late, she was left outside and now she's a cat it's all my fault!" To both the females surprise Black*star broke down crying at Maka's feet… Or in this case paws.

"Um, no it only just happened a minute ago…" Maka told her brother, taking a step back slightly.

"Oh. Okay then!" Black*star cheered standing up and launching himself at the couch, quickly using the remotes to get to the Xbox and began playing the last game left in there.

"Well okay then."

"Bu-tan still feels bad…"

"As you should blaire... As you should…."


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