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'One..two..three four'..Mickey mentally kept track of all the walkers she saw from the back of Daryl's motorcycle. Her wavy chocolate brown hair whipped around her, currently in a fiery tango with the wind, and she made a mental note to ask Lori to braid it for her sometime. The group had spent the night underneath the bridge by the small embankment, and had packed up and moved out with the sunrise. From there they had traveled to several other neighborhoods, looking for a stable shelter, but had found none so far. They were currently following a dirt trial that led into the more back woodsy areas. The wall of trees before them seemed to open as they pulled into the dirt driveway of a very old looking colonial styled house. The small caravan behind Daryl stopped, and Rick walked until he was at the head of the group before turning towards them all. Mickey noticed how his once soft blue eyes were now crisp and more brutal.

'Here's the plan. Daryl and T-Dog, come with me to cover the front. Carol and Beth, wait with Lori out here. Maggie and Glenn, you guys go check out the back.' 'What about us?' Carl gestured between himself and Mickey, and Rick put a hand on his head before saying ' Just stay in the back' before giving a small, quick smile. Mickey pulled out two long hunting knives before walking up to the porch, Daryl giving her a glance over his shoulder that said 'be ready'. Rick gave him a nod before they both kicked the door down, brutally stabbing and beating any walkers in sight. The sound of shattering glass could be heard as Mickey slashed at the faces of two walkers while Rick was finishing up the one he was working on. Daryl turned around and gave Mickey a quick once over before pointing up a flight of steps. When Mickey moved to follow him he shook his head 'no', but ruffled her hair as he walked past her. Carl went with Rick around the corner, holding a flashlight, and Mickey wiped her knives off on her jeans before going to scope out the other areas of the pushed open a door in the wall with her boot, and shined her own flashlight down the flight of steps leading into what she assumed was the basement before starting down them quietly. She had picked up a few things from Daryl, one of them being the ability to move stealthily, and soundlessly.

Before she could get all the way to the bottom, a head peeked into the doorway. 'Mickey what're ya doin? C'mmon back up. Place is clean.' She turned on her heel immediately and followed Daryl back into the living room, where the rest of the group was sitting on the floor in a circle. She took a seat beside Glenn and watched as Daryl was gutting an owl and carelessly tossing the organs onto the floor before shifting her attention to Carl who was trying to open a can of something. 'Whatcha got there?' 'Instead of replying Carl turned the can around to where Mickey could see the label. It was a can of dog food. 'What the heck, I'll try anything' Mickey said before grabbing the now opened can and dipped a finger into it. She pulled it out and slowly stuck the finger into her mouth before swallowing. Carl was trying to hold in snickers, as were Glenn and Beth. Mickey looked up after swallowing at the rest of the group who was watching her the whole time, Daryl in the corner with the now gutted owl shaking his head. 'Jesus Christ kid'. Apparently Rick didn't find anything humorous about it. He walked over to the two before picking up the other can of dog food before throwing it into the fireplace where a loud clunk resonated throughout the walked over to Daryl and sat at his feet and started to gather the owl's feathers for arrows when T-Dog gave a small sigh before hopping to his feet. Mickey looked out the window. 'We got company.' The group immediately took action, and quickly gathered their things before rushing out the door, Mickey grabbed a bag and helped a very pregnant Lori out the door. Everyone hopped into their respective vehicles, Mickey on the back of Daryl's bike, before peeling out of the driveway, Walkers staggering behind them.

Carl stood in front of Shane's old green car while Mickey covered the back as the adults pulled out a map and looked over any other place that could be available to them. Mickey was too busy scoping the area for walkers to really pay attention to what was being said, but she did catch bits and pieces of the conversation, such as ' ..They'll meet us halfway...' and '... there's no place left...'. She jumped slightly when someone put their hand on her shoulder,but it was only Daryl, and she relaxed instantly. 'Let's go see if we can find anythin...owl didn't really hit the spot.' He slung an arm over her shoulders before nodding his head to Rick, and the three of them went off into the forest. They followed the train tracks for what seemed to be a long time, Daryl shooting a few squirrels, before they saw it. Not very far away was a prison, complete with a whole lot of walkers stumbling around in the fields. Mickey looked at Daryl who gave her a cocked eyebrow and a smirk, before looking at Rick who had the gleam back in his eyes.

This was the place.