"Have you thought of any names for the baby yet?" Mickey sat cross legged on the ground in front of Lori as she braided her hair. Every once in a while her fingers would brush against Mickey's scalp, creating a rather soothing feeling as she tried not to doze off. Lori smiled softly. "No not yet. Have any suggestions?" "Not unless you want your newborn child to be named Ham or Meatloaf." Lori stopped mid braid and looked at Mickey quizzically. "Well, when babies are ya know, babies..they look like a a lil meatloaf." "Aah. Okay I getcha now." Carl was watching them leaning against the doorway before sitting next to Lori. " Can I try?" "What? Braiding her hair?" Mickey tried to hold back chuckles as she felt Carl unsuccessfully try and braid her hair,holding her breath when she felt him tug. "Uh..Mickey, my finger's stuck.""Where the hell's Glenn and Maggie?" Rick peeked his head in. Mickey was untangling the last knot in her hair before standing and shrugging her shoulders. " Ill help ya look. Thanks again Lori. See ya later Carl!..and little meatloaf!"

The pair searched all over the prison, recruiting Daryl, T-Dog, and Carol. Mickey noticed movement in the watch tower outside and picked up a small pebble and nudged T-Dog in the ribs. "Watch this." With an almighty effort she hurled the pebble towards the tower and watched as it soared before making contact with the glass. It wasn't powerful enough to shatter it, but it did leave a spiderweb design. Two heads immediately popped up on the other side and the group started chuckling, bursting out into a full blown laugh when Glenn stepped out of the doorway, hastily trying to zip up his jeans. "All right, which one-" He paused mid sentence before pointing a finger at Mickey. "Should've known it was you Mick." "Whatcha gunna do bout it lover boy? " "Oh..I dunno." He smiled devilishly before sprinting down the steps. Mickey backed up before muttering " Crap" and taking off in the opposite direction. "Run Mickey run!" the group cheered her on, minus Carol, who settled with watching silently. "How the heck are you running so fast!?" Glenn yelled to her. She looked back to him. "It aint my fault you wasted all yer energy with Maggie!" Daryl, Rick, and T-Dog shook their heads at the two, with a smile on their face of course.

Just as Glenn caught up with Mickey and tackled her to the ground, a siren from somewhere in the prison went off. The group bent over and clapped their hands to their ears before looking at each other with panicked expressions. Walkers began flocking in front of the gates with snapping jaws. Glenn helped Mickey to her feet before they both hurried over to Rick. The sirens were still going off as they all thought the same question. How is this even possible?" They made their way over to where they were keeping Oscar and Axle..only to find them still secured behind the gate with wide eyes. "There's gotta be someone else inside!" Oscar yelled over the noise, and Rick and Daryl looked at each other before unlocking the door. "Do you know how to shut em off?" "Yeah. Follow us." Rick nodded before noticing all the walkers. "Glenn,Mickey,and T-Dog, make sure everyone is inside, and keep watch. Go ahead and start picking off some of these walkers. Carol, go with them" They all nodded, Daryl ruffling Mickey's hair before hurrying inside with Rick and the other two prisoners.

They made their way to the front of the prison when they saw Lori outside with Herschel, Beth, and Carl. Carol ushered them inside quickly as the three others began killing off the walkers in front of the fence. Maggie made her way to them from the watch tower and began helping them. After a while of constant slashing and stabbing, the siren inside went off. The group looked to each to each other with relieved faces until they all heard the familiar sound of whining metal. Something crashed to the ground and walkers by the dozens poured inside the courtyard. Mickey tried making her way over to Glenn and Maggie, who were back to back fighting off the walkers when she noticed a lone one limping over to T-Dog. She changed directions and tried slicing her way to him, screaming his name all the while before watching the walker take the last few steps. She yanked out a knife and sent it flying, but she was too late. The dagger soared a hairs breath away from the walker and into the chain link fence. Mickey almost stopped in shock. Impossible. She never missed. T-Dog's face scrunched up in pain as he grabbed his shoulder where the walker had bit him to staunch the bleeding. With his other arm he smashed in the skull of the walker and half shuffled-half ran over to Carol. Mickey joined them , grabbing onto T-Dog around the middle to help him walk faster, muttering "I'm sorry" over and over. "C'mmon!" Carol held the door open for them and they hustled inside. They could hear the walkers banging and scratching at the door. Inside was pure darkness, and Mickey hesitantly reached out a hand to feel along the walls. They walked in the darkness for what seemed to be forever. No one spoke. Mickey tried recalling what entrance they went into and how to get back to the cafeteria, but nothing came to mind. The lack of knowledge coupled with the fact that T-Dog was slowly bleeding to death was enough to being tears to her eyes.

Suddenly there was a faint sound like growling. They all pressed themselves against the wall and peeked around the corner. There was a light on in one of the rooms, and it was enough to show them the group of walkers shuffling around inside. They were trapped. T-Dog pondered to himself before looking fondly down at Mickey and putting a hand atop her head. "You're a good kid Mickey. Braver than I ever was." Her brow wrinkled with confusion before her grip tightened around him. "No. No, you're not gunna go in there!" Carol pulled the both of them backwards so the walkers wouldn't hear them. "I'm not gunna let you go in there to become of those things" she said. "Look, it doesn't matter..I'm already gunna be one. It's just a matter of time." "There's gotta be another way" Said Mickey. T-Dog shook his head. They were running out of time. "Look, you guys can't go back..but you can go forward. I'm not gunna let you guys be trapped." And before either Mickey or Carol could say another word, T-Dog ripped himself from Mickey's grip and ran around the corner before throwing himself into the hoard of walkers. "NO!" Mickey yelled. T-Dog turned his head around and looked her dead in the eye. "GO!" Carol was already at the doorway, and Mickey raced to catch up with her. She looked back one last time, only to wish she didn't even bother.

Daryl stared in shock at Rick's crumpled body on the ground. Something else wasn't right though. The gears finally clicked in his brain and his gut gave a violent twist. "Mickey.." he whispered to himself. He anxiously looked around for any sign of her. "Where's Mickey?!" Glenn whipped his head around to look at Daryl, and the cold brutalness of reality came crashing down on the both of them. She wasn't anywhere to be seen.