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He gave me a quick smile as he started his next song, of course using and electric guitar instead of the one I gave him because it sounded right.

Everyone around me was listening to him, not having their own private conversation. There was a waitress going around and handing out ordered drinks, but I ignored her and enjoyed Deacon's voice.

He finished and cheers rang out. He was talking about a special girl who was here and was going to sing. I hadn't expected this, but started getting up until I heard her name. He was going to sing with Rayna, who could very well be the love of his life.

I was sort of okay with it until I heard the song they were about to perform. I knew that song by heart and this time, he didn't smile at me, he never even looked my way, his eyes were all on Rayna.

Why are you always looking for the limelight?

Ain't you satisfied with me?

Oh, for once why don't you get down off your high heels?

You're no big deal, can't you see?

I didn't even have to be there when they wrote this song; everyone in the room could see it. They were in love. No one would ever break that love. Nothing I could do or offer him would change his feelings for her.

No one will ever love you like I do

Like I do

Like I do

I couldn't clap for them, it hurt too much, but when he took her hand and looked at her like there was no one else in the room, I couldn't stand it. My lungs stopped working properly and I couldn't breathe. The room suddenly got hot and I was afraid it was going to start spinning. I had to get out of here and avoided any eye contact with anyone on my way out.

The cool air hit my face and I practically ran to my car, wiping angrily at tears that fell down my face. I didn't want to be crying, didn't want him to be able to affect me like this. I didn't want to share him, especially with Rayna.

"I would do anything for him; I got him a 50,000 dollar guitar! What more could I do? She's moved on, married some guy and had two kids with him! Why can't Deacon just get over her?" I yelled once in the sleek interior of my car. "I was the one who sat and watched him the whole night, watched him perform and have the crowd love him. I didn't even know she was going to be there, she wasn't supposed to be there!" I fumed and shoved the key in the ignition.

"But how am I supposed to break that bond they have? Nothing could distract them from each other tonight." I sighed and pulled out, heading home. "I'm being a jealous lover and he doesn't even love me!

"But I don't care, he's going to be mine and I'm going to get him on my tour. Of course, first I have to do something about Rayna. If she didn't have a tour, Deacon would be all mine."