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"You were sick. You were supposed to die. The wife, and son were sick too." That's what the people who ran the orphanage told her. They told her excuses. Is it too much to even tell her, her real name? The other kids called her Dolly, because she dressed in the same type of rags as the girls old dolls. Dolly wasn't the most likable child at the orphanage. She was very independent, and smart mouthed. She always stood up for herself, and what she thought was right.

The other kids spent their free time playing on the slides, and swings, but Dolly spent her time reading, writing, and mostly building small mechanical items. Her biggest project was her motorcycle. She spent all her time on that. It was only a prototype and she couldn't ride it until she was sixteen, but she still tried. Dolly didn't talk to anyone except her roommate Floyd.

Floyd was a runaway. He didn't tell anyone about his past or even his last name. Floyd was seventeen, much older than Dolly who was only five. Yet they were still good friends despite there age difference. Floyd was a perfect aim. He could hit a target from a mile away. Floyd taught Dolly how to shoot, and Dolly showed him ways of manipulating technology, to upgrade his gear. Dolly loved learning about the different ways in which she could could use technology. She frequently had to hide her inventions from some of the other orphans. Especially Tilly, and Terra. Tilly was an evil bleach blonde. She always focused on her appearance and hair especially. She bleached her hair so much it was practically silver. Terra was Tilly's twin sister. Terra wasn't smart and did everything Tilly said. Dolly called them the twin demons from fifteenth, because they were twins, mean, and fifteen. Tilly hated Dolly, because she blamed Dolly for Floyd rejecting her. All the girls around Floyd's age liked him. He had brown hair, brown eyes, nothing spectacular Dolly thought. Dolly was friends with Floyd, because he understood what she was thinking, and they could always relate about things that no one else understood.

Tilly would find little ways to agitate Dolly, but never anything to bad. Tilly would use up all the hot water, steal her blankets and pillows, or write all over her books. Tilly went too far this time. She stole Dolly's most irreplaceable mechanism.

"Floyd, did you move my motorcycle prototype?" Dolly asked.

" ?" Floyd said

"Because it's gone. It's not in the parking lot" Dolly said panicked.

"Well don't panic. It's not like it can just disappear. And who could take it? No one knows about it, but you, and me" Floyd consoled

"Okay, well how can I just lose a motorcycle. I mean come on, it's a motorcycle for god's sake..." Dolly began, but only to be interrupted by an evil voice.

"Hello Dolly" Tilly cooed , with Terra trailing behind her.

"What do you want... WAIT what did you do?!" Dolly said with a sudden rush of anger.

"Why would you frame me of doing something... okay I took that little pathetic motorcycle, and put it on the curb. The garbage man should be coming right...about...NOW." Tilly said smiling from ear to ear. Dolly rushed outside only too find that she was too late. Dolly watched as her motorcycle was lifted from the ground, and dumped into a literal truckload of garbage. Then Dolly heard the awful noise of her motorcycle being crushed into a small flat sheet of metal.

"Listen to the crunching sound. Hmm, I bet you are loving that sound. Aren't you, Dolly? Hahahaha!" Tilly laughed.

"I'm going to murder you, one day everyone will find you dead in your bed, and there will be a fake suicide note, that you decided to shank yourself! Then they'll find Terra hung herself saying se couldn't live without her she devil of a sister! I'm going to...to...to ...AHG!" Dolly screamed.

"Dolly, come on let's go before you do something you regret, I would know" Floyd said trying to calm her down.

"Wait, why would you know?" Dolly asked

"I don't want to talk about it." Floyd said

"What are you going to do little girl?"Tilly cooed

"I am going to hurt you" Dolly said

"Oh, I'm soooo scared of a five year old, OW Tilly yelled as Dolly bit her arm.

"Dolly!" Floyd yelled trying to pry her of of Tilly.

"I've got a taste for blood!" Dolly yelled.

"FREAK!" Tilly screamed cradling her bleeding arm. Floyd slung Dolly over his shoulder, and took her to the room they shared.

"Are you insane. You know how much trouble your going to get in?" Floyd lectured.

"For that to happen the staff would have to care about are problems" Dolly said coolly rinsing the blood out of her mouth. The staff at the orphanage never paid any attention to what happened to the orphans, or anything that happened to them. They could couldn't care less if one of the kid's arms was gushing blood.

"Dolly, you've got to be more calm about these types of things" Floyd said

"You saw what she did!" Dolly protested "Floyd, earlier you said you knew what it was like to regret something. What do you regret?" Dolly asked

"I already told you, I don't want to talk about it." Floyd explained

"Okay, but will you at least tell me what you want to do with your life. What you want to accomplish in your life?" Dolly asked

"Okay. I want to stop bad people."

"Oh, you could just say criminal.I'm not two."

"I know. What do you want to do Dolly?"

"I want to find my parents."Dolly said. There was a long silence between them until the intercom announced dinner. Dolly, and Floyd decided not to go, but to instead to work on perfecting night vision and inferred goggles.

"I got you a birthday present."Floyd said.

"My birthday was last week" Dolly said.

"I know, but I was just able to get it" Floyd said holding out a little silver box. He handed Dolly the box, and she opened it. Inside the box was a small silver necklace with a little red rose. Dolly's jaw dropped, at the sight of the necklace.

"Look" Floyd said pulling out his key chain. On the key chain was a green stem of a flower with dark green thorns all over it. He took the necklace and put it next to the key chain. They magnetized together, and the rose started glowing neon red.

"Oh, my, God... how did you get this" Dolly said awestruck.

"It was nothing." Floyd said

"Thank you so much. I think I'm more thorns than you are. You know cause I'm kind of meaner."Dolly said

"No argument here."Floyd said laughing. Dolly, and Floyd heard the sound of shuffling feet outside the door, and heard the speaker announce for bed. The two walked to opposite sides of the room, and flopped into bed. Dolly was trying to fall asleep, but something was unsettling inside her.

"Floyd, you awake?" Dolly asked

"Yeah why?"Floyd asked.

"Promise me you'll grow up to stop criminals like you said you wanted to do."



"I promise"

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