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Dolly punched a blue punching bag and sent it flying across the gym.

"Oops" Dolly said flatly. She didn't get how Bruce could have a son.

"Well when a man and woman love each other very much-" A voice said behind her. She turned around to glare at Klarion.

"That's not what I meant and you need to stop reading my mind" Dolly said hanging up another punching bag. "Anyways why are you bugging me when you can go bug the Justice League or something." Dolly started punching again.

"Jeez your grouchy" Klarion said

"No shit Sherlock" Dolly said

"Man what got up your ass" He asked

"Were you not just reading my mind" She said raising an eyebrow

"Yeah but I only know what you were thinking at that exact second so explaining it would make more sense" Klarion said

"I still don't see how it would help" Dolly said shaking her head

"Just explain it" Klarion whined

"Ok fine. Well you see my brother just quit his job and Wayne told me he has a son who recently took over Tim's job. Then on top of that you come and tell me I spend almost three years as an assassin for Ra's Al Ghul so there leaves the possibility that I have killed people and it's just so AUGH" Dolly shouted punching the punching bag and sending it soaring across the room.

"You should get a therapist" Klarion said floating above Dolly's head.

"Not helping" Dolly said. Klarion just shrugged

"Well I can ask around to see if you ever killed anyone although I don't see the big deal, when you were most likely under mind control" Klarion said

"The big deal is that I don't want to kill people. I've watched people die and it's awful and I couldn't imagine myself doing something like that" Dolly sighed hanging up another punching bag. Left hook, right hook, upper cut.

"Ok, I'll see what I can find out" Klarion said. Dolly smiled

"Thanks" Dolly said

"Whatever" Klarion said then left through a black portal. Dolly went back to beating the punching bags. She saw someone walk in out of the corner of her eye. She landed a kick sending it across the room next to the other bags. She turned and faced Tim.

"So, Bruce told you I'm guessing" Tim said

"Told me what? That you quit or he has a kid" Dolly asked

"Both apparently" Tim said "But I'm not necessarily quitting. I'm just not being Robin and taking up my own hero identity"

"As what" Dolly asked crossing her arms.

"As Red Robin" Tim said. Dolly started snickering to try and hold in her laughter.

"Bahhahahaha!" Dolly burst out laughing. "Red Robin! Oh my god hahahaha" Dolly was doubled over laughing, holding her sides. She was pointing at him and laughing, tears falling from her eyes from laughing so hard.

"What's so funny" Tim asked annoyed

"You named yourself after a restaurant!" Dolly laughed. Tim's face went blank

"Shut up" He whined

"Oh you have to admit it's pretty funny" Dolly giggled. Once she stopped laughing she looked at Tim. "So who's Bruce's son. I mean he just now is told about this, or did he know and not tell us. The dude's like my age so I think 14 or 15 years is a long time to go without knowing he had a son" Dolly said curiously.

"I don't know really. Dick just told me about him, I haven't met him or anything and neither has Dick" Tim said

"I have but I didn't exactly talk to him, he just asked me ' who the hell are you' "Dolly said rolling her eyes.

"Sounds like a charmer" Tim chuckled

'Yeah whatever. Do you think Bruce and Dick would be ok with me joining the acrobatics team at school?" Dolly asked

"Wait since when do highschools have acrobatics teams?" Tim asked. Dolly shrugged "They'd he fine with it"

"M'kay" Dolly said "Well I'm going to the Batcave" Dolly left through the grandfather clock. She hopped on the bat-computer to video chat Aj (oh yeah I forgot to mention in the last chapter Aj knows about Batman being Bruce and RagDoll being Dolly. Aj's uncle is Lucius Fox)

"Hey Dolly what's up" Aj said as her face popped up on the screen.

"Hey Aj. Nothing much just got back from patrol early. I learned some ... interesting information" Dolly said

"Oh yeah, what?" She asked

"Tim quit being Robin to be a solo hero, and guess what his name is" Dolly said

"Hm...what?" Aj asked

"Red Robin" Dolly laughed

"Oh my god are you serious" Aj laughed

"Yup" Dolly laughed

"Red Robins yummm" The two sang together then broke out laughing

"Ok ok, well if he's not Robin who is" Aj asked calming down. Before Dolly could answer the Batmobile pulled up.

"Speak of the devil" Dolly said

"Wow that's a bit ironic" Aj said

"Yup" Dolly said nodding. Bruce walked over in his Batman get up except for the cowl which was in his hand. Robin walked up behind him.

"Hi Bruce" Aj said .

"Hello Aj" Bruce said.

"Who's that" Robin asked in a rude tone.

"Wow he's a real people person" Aj said.

"Isn't he" Dolly laughed.

"This is Damian" Bruce said.

"His son" Dolly added. Aj raised an eyebrow

"Didn't see that coming" Aj said

"Yeah he has yet to explain how he learned Damian is his son" Dolly said

"I will explain when Dick and Barbara get here" Bruce said. "Is Tim here yet?"

"Yeah he's upstairs" Dolly said slumping in the computer chair and crossing her arms.

"Alright, oh and we are having a charity ball soon. Two this month. One next week and one on Christmas Eve" Bruce said. Dolly and Aj groaned.

"What is a charity ball?" Damian asked.

"The third closest thing to hell" Aj answered

"What are the first and second?" Damian asked

"First is a Justin Beiber concert and second is school " The girls replied simultaneously.

"Who's Justin Beiber?" Damian asked. The two looked at each other then smiled evilly. Aj put on ear muffs and Dolly covered her ears. Aj started clicking some buttons and a Justin Beiber song came on. After ten seconds Damian fell to the ground covering his ears and screaming. Aj turned the song off.

"Exactly " Aj and Dolly said.

"Well I got to go to bed. See you tomorrow at school" Aj said then logged of the video chat. Bruce had left a bit ago and it was just Dolly and Damian, who had recovered from the awful music.

"So who are you?" Damian asked

"Dolly Drake" Dolly said "But if you call me by my last name I will kill you"

"Why?" Damian asked

"I never liked my Dad and never met my Mom. The only person I can stand who's blood related to me is my brother so I don't really like using my last name" Dolly said.

"Oh" Damian said

"So who's your Mom" Dolly asked. He flinched a little at the question.

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to" Dolly said.

"My Mother is Talia Al Ghul " Damian said

"Oh" Dolly said. There was a silence between them.

"So is Bruce going to make you go to school?" Dolly asked

"Yes he said I would start tomorrow" Damian

"Well that's stupid, starting on a Friday" Dolly said "Well if your anything like me you'll hate school with a passion" Damian smiled a little bit.

"You wanna see the manor" Dolly asked

"It does not matter to me" Damian said

"Ok so I'll take that as a yes" Dolly said getting up and grabbing his hand. She pulled him through the Grandfather clock. She dragged him through the manor and showed him all of the secret passage ways in and out of the Batcave.

"So that's the manor and Batcave and stuff" Dolly said as they walked into the living room where Tim, Dick, Barbara, Bruce, and Alfred were. They all stared at the two. Dolly looked at them confused and then she realized she was still holding Damian's hand. She let go and her face turned red, as well as Damian's.

"Well I see you two are getting along" Dick snickered

"Oh shut up Grayson" Dolly said glaring at him. She sat down in the armchair next to Barbara.

"So this is Damian" Babs asked

"Yes, he is mine and Talia Al Ghul's child

"You slept with Talia Al Ghul- OW" Dick started but Babs hit him over the head.

"There are children in the room" Babs scolded

"Ugh " Dolly and Damian groaned.

"So Damian's going to take over as Robin?" Babs asked ignoring Dolly's and Damian's glares.

"Yes" Bruce said

"What's Tim going to do?" Babs asked

"Red Robins yummm" Dolly sang laughing.

"It's not funny" Tim said

"No it's not funny, it's hilarious" Dolly said "Tim is becoming his own here, Red Robin" Dolly laughed lightly.

"Really dude" Dick laughed. Tim pouted.

"Well I'm going to bed. I have to go to hell tomorrow" Dolly said "School sorry. G'night" Dolly walked to bed. She flopped on her bed and thought about what all happened that day, until she fell to sleep.

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