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Chapter One: Beginnings

The aftermath of the war with Aizen was rather... dull. While the shinigami were sad over Ichigo losing his powers, they knew that they had to move on with there lives. Of course this was the Seireitei home to some of the most powerful, and craziest, beings alive so bored did not fit well with most of them.

But who to think that Yamada Hanataro of the Fourth Division who is easily ignored by nearly everyone in Seireitei would be involved in one of the biggest events in history.

12th Division Research and Development Institute

"Damn it!" Mayuri yelled slamming his fists down on his keyboard, his lieutenant and daughter standing quietly behind him. The reason for Mayuri's anger was the numbers on his screen that shown his current budget. "At this rate, I'm never going to be able to conduct new experiments with this stupid budget restricting me!"

Nemu stood silently as her father paced back and forth, talking to himself. "The only ways for me to get a decent raise is to either beg Yamamoto," Something he wouldn't be caught dead doing. "or make a deal with the SWA." Which is like making a deal with the devil, those women could even scare him into submission especially Nanao after she scared him off one meeting.

"And I can't take some money from the SMA, that well is already long dry." True to his word, the SMA were already dead broke and enjoying a very cheap lunch of rice and fish.

He tapped his fingers on his keyboard thinking of ways to get some money without publicly humiliating himself or making a deal that could easily back fire on him when he suddenly thought of something.

"Nemu!" He turned to his daughter. "Isn't the SWA trying to find a suitable mascot for them?" She nodded, a bit confuse on where he was going with this when he laughed madly and spun back to his computer. "I can finally use THAT project. Oh but I need the perfect test subject one that will be too weak to resist but strong enough to withstand those women." Typing on his computer he brought up the medical records of every shinigami alive.

He went through medical records of every shinigami in Seireitei and, after a little over an hour, found the perfect subject which he smiled evilly at the picture.

On the screen was a picture of Yamada Hanataro.

With Hanataro

The small Shinigami himself was enjoying a homemade lunch underneath some trees on the Fourth Division Grounds. It was a nice day since so far no one from the eleventh tried to beat him up, helped his captain with some patients that needed his Zanpakuto abilities, and managed to walk ten feet without tripping.

'A new record!' Hanataro thought happily as he munched down on his homemade sushi. Once done, he cleaned himself and collected his mess before throwing it into a nearby trashcan. He then walked home, remembering that Captain Unohana told him to enjoy the rest of the day off however he didn't notice the pair of eyes that followed him from a distance.

His home was a simple one, on the outskirts of Seireitei, it was difficult to find unless you knew where to look. His house was a simple one, with four rooms(a bedroom, rest/bathroom, living room, and a kitchen) with enough room for a home garden and he kept some chickens around for fresh eggs. Taking off the key around his neck, he unlocked the door and walked inside into the living room which was bare except for a shelf with books, a red couch and a small table in front of it.

He looked up at the painting that he and his brother painted on the ceiling and smiled sadly, remembering it as the last thing him and his brother did together before he died.

Blinking away tears, he went into his room to change into some work clothes and went into the kitchen, taking the small bag of chicken feed from the cabinet from there, before going outside. Chickens quickly gathered around his feet as he threw around there daily food before closing it and going to his garden which was around the back of his house.

It had several rows of vegetables within a unique kido he made himself that allowed only a certain amount of rain and sun onto the plants and kept away pests from them. It took him a while to get it right but it really paid off in the end as his garden was growing well.

Taking a small basket, he went between the rows of foods taking the ones that were ready for picking and soon enough he had a full basket of fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, and other delicious healthy food.

He went back inside, taking the bag of feed as he did, and put the vegetables in the fridge and chicken feed into the cabinet and looked at the clock, seeing that it was already five thirty, an hour and a half since he came home.

'Times flies when your working.' He thought as he laid down on the couch, staring at the painting on the ceiling before closing his eyes for a nap, unaware of the next time he would wake up, his life would be changed forever.

12th Division

Mayuri smiled as he made the careful changes to the sleeping boy. It would take a full night for the transformation to be complete but at least he'll finally have a larger budget once he offers him to the SWA.

Oh all the experiments he could do with a better budget and best of all, he didn't see a way for this to backfire on him.

In the Fourth, Unohana sneezed.

Much Later

Hanataro groaned as he slowly woke up, feeling cramp all over. 'This is the last time I fall asleep on the couch and why is it so dark?' He tried to sit up straight only to bang his head on something above him. 'Why the?'

He felt around, feeling that he was in some sort of box and that he was moving.

'Whats going on?'

The Next SWA Meeting

"This meeting of the Shinigami Women Association is now in session." Nanao said, banging a gavel as everyone took a seat. "We will continue last week's topic, our mascot for the SWA."

Soifon was the first one to speak. "I still say we should use a black cat as the mascot, it would represent everything great about Yoru- I mean women."

"For the last time Captain Soifon, your attempts to make Yoruichi as the mascot will not be allowed. Anyone else?" Nemu was about to speak when every women, aside for Yachiru, yelled.

"NO!" The last time she offered a mascot, it scarred almost everyone for life.

"Let me rephrase that, does anyone here have a mascot that doesn't involve us being scarred for life or idolizes someone."

The meeting room was silence, excluding the sounds of eating as Yachiru consumed the candy she brought, as they thought of an suitable mascot. Its been like this for the last two meetings everyone putting there ideas for a mascot but no one had an idea that agreed with everyone.

The door was then open and the person that came in was Mayuri pushing a large box in front of him. "Hello everyone I see that you still haven't decided on a mascot yet. Good good."

Nanao fixed her glasses so that it caught the light, giving off a dangerous glint. "Captain Kurotsuchi I thought that I told you to never come back here again."

"But I have a great offer for you all, its your new mascot." He opened it and everyone, beside Nemu and Yachiru, took cover remembering the last time Mayuri had offered them something, it blew up right in there faces.


A cat? That's his offer to them. Everyone carefully moved from there covers and all the women's eyes widen when they saw not quite a cat but not quite a person being cuddle by the little pink hair girl. After a second of shock, most of the SWA, with the exception of Isane who was still staring at the person in shock, as if connected by a single mind thought one thing.


Hanataro POV

Light pushed the darkness and Hanataro slowly came out of his confinement in case something could attack him and heard a familiar voice yell out "KITTY!" and for some reason hugged him. Looking at Yachiru, he saw her happily hugging him as if her life depended on it.

"Uh Lieutenant Yachiru what kitty are you talking about?" She simply began to pet his head and he purred as his tail swished back and forth in pleasure.


Wait purring? Tail? When did he even have a tail or purred like a cat. Running a hand through his hair, he found ears somewhere ears shouldn't normally be and then finally took notice of his surroundings or more importantly the women, even Nemu, that were giving him a hungry stare.

'Does life love to make a joke out of me?'

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