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Chapter Five: Catnip

It was a normal day within the Urahara's Shop... ah who am I kidding, the day that something normal happens in that place is the day when Aizen admits that he's not a god. Anyways on with the program.

"Oh your so cute~" Yoruichi said as she scratched Hanataro underneath his chin, making him purr and lean onto her hand while Kisuke watched with an amused expression. It had only been ten minutes since Hanataro had arrived and once Yoruichi saw him, she took to him like a cat to catnip and he seemed to enjoy the attention he was receiving if the purrs were anything to go by.

Yoruichi's hand then went to the back of his neck which made him arc so much that he fell onto his back with a confuse expression on what happened that looked adorable to the dark skinned goddess.

She then blurred out of sight for a second before reappearing with a fluffy cat toy in her hand.(You know that little stick with some fluffy stuff at the end, its that.)

"Eh? Yoruichi where'd you get that?" Kisuke asked as she made Hanataro bat at the toy. "Found it." She held the toy higher which made Hanataro get up to his knees and bat at it, completely focus on nothing else but the toy in Yoruichi's hand. When she held it out of his reach even when he was standing, he jumped up at it but missed when she pulled it out of the way and flawlessly landed on his feet when he came back down.

Kisuke smiled behind his fan. "I guess even Nekoboys always land on there feet." Hanataro was momentarily confused until Yoruichi waved the toy in his face, making him focus and chase after it as the purple hair woman ran around the shop holding it behind her from him to catch. The two ran around the shop, jumping over or onto tables, chairs, until Hanataro finally caught the toy, bat it to the ground and watched it, expecting it to move again.

Yoruichi laughed as she made her way to Hanataro, scratching between his ears and getting him to purr again. "I haven't had this much in months, I wonder what else can he do?"

"I wondered as well so I sent Tessai to get someone for me," He looked at the clock in the room. "He should be back within the hour so I guess we have to wait a bit longer."


It was a well known fact that Shinigami, despite fighting, arguing, and trying to kill each other on a daily basis, respected one another's privacy.

... That was not happening right now in Hanataro's home.

"Who knew that Hanataro was an artist." Rukia said as she and the SWA stared at the ceiling of Hanataro's living room with Nemu taking pictures of it saying 'butter' with each click. The ceiling was painted to look like the night sky with dozens of stars appearing and a beautifully painted full moon in the middle of it all.

Of course the SMA didn't like staring at such 'womanly things' and looking around for anything that could interest them with Byakuya being the only reason why they weren't ransacking the place.

"I must admit that he has a hand for gardening as well. Those plants outside look very healthy." He committed looking out a window that had a good view of Hanataro's garden.

Iba turned to his captain who was outside the doorway due to him being to big to fit inside the house. "Captain, have you got Hanataro's scent back yet?"

"No something messing with my nose and-" He suddenly felt to the ground holding his ears as everyone heard a faint hissing sound. Once it stopped, they heard a very familiar voice say, "I believe that you all have some explaining to do."

Everyone slowly turned to see Captain Unohana walking out of Hanataro's room with an unconscious Mayuri in her grip, his face having dozens of bruises and bumps. On her face wasn't her usual smile but one that mothers gave to there kids when they expect a full explanation of what happen.

Urahara's Shop

"I'm back Kisuke with the items you asked for." Tessai called out as he walked into the shop with a large bag and was greeted with the site of Hanataro on his hands and knees being petted by Yoruichi between the ears, purring in enjoyment.

Kisuke went up to him, took the bag, and pulled out a long plant that had greyish-green leaves, white flowers that were finely spotted with purple. Yoruichi saw the plant and said, "Kisuke what is that?"

The blond man grinned and waved said plant around. "This, Yoruichi, is Nepeta cataria or more commonly known as catnip and I want to see how Lil Hana there will react to it." He walked closer to the boy who Yoruichi was still petting and held it close enough for Hanataro's nose to catch the scent.

Once he did catch the scent, he stopped purring and got closer to the plant in Kisuke's hand before batting it to the ground. He then held it between his hands and began to lick and chew on it, making Yoruichi slightly worried for him. "Hey Kisuke is it alright for him to eat that?"

"Don't worry, the plant isn't toxin to humans just causes a slight numbing effect and I half expected him to do this."

"And the other half?" Kisuke hid his grin behind his fan once more. "To hiss and scratch my hand to get the plant." The two then heard him purring and saw that his eyes had a gazed over look in them. "Well this is unexpected, it appears that his reaction to catnip is the same as cats would be." Before anyone could ask what he meant by that, Hanataro suddenly began jumping around the store, on top of shelves, the table, chairs, and even hanging onto the ceiling for a while.

The trio watched him bounce around in silence before Yoruichi broke it. "Never thought that I see the day when someone gets high on catnip." She shot a hand out and grabbed Hanataro by the back of his robes and began to pet him again, making him calm down.

Kisuke scratched under Hanataro's chin as Yoruichi scratched between his ears again. "Neither did I but don't worry, the catnip is completely harmless to both humans and cats so nothing bad is going to happen to him."

"Hey Kisuke I got an odd job like you said!" Jinta yelled as he walked into the shop while holding onto the leash of a huge Rottweiler. Said rottweiler took one look at Hanataro before barking madly at him and breaking out of Jinta's grip, rushing toward the Nekoboy. Hanataro, seeing the dog coming at him, hissed, jumped up into the air, grabbing one of the ceiling lamps, and swung himself over Jinta's head and out the door.

The rottweiler turned and made chase to him but was stopped when Kisuke got a hold of the leash and Yoruichi punched Jinta right on his head. "You idiot! Why do you even have a dog anyways?"

Eyes filled with tears of pain, he pointed at Kisuke. "He said that if I wanted to by a new game system, I have to find another job to pay for it!"

Yoruichi shook her head. "Great, just great." Kisuke handed the leash to Tessai and said, "Don't worry Yoruichi, we can find him before he gets hurt."

"Kisuke we have a Nekoboy high on catnip running around a town that is normally filled with hollows and you think that he won't get hurt."

"Yes now lets find him before Unohana gets back." Suddenly Jinta and Yoruichi gained frighten expressions as Kisuke felt someone behind him before losing his smile and closing his eyes. "She's... right behind me isn't she?"

With Hanataro

'I feel great!' Hanataro thought as he ran across the rooftops of buildings and thankfully he was still in his Shinigami form so no one could see him. 'Although I kinda feel numb right now.' He jumped into an open window of a hospital and began to run around while meowing, causing both patients and workers to look around for the source of the sound but found nothing.

He went into an office and tripped, dodging a glowing arrow. Ryuken narrowed his eyes at Hanataro. "Who, or what, are you Shinigami?"

Hanataro's response was to meow at him before jumping onto his desk and patting Ryuken on his head, making his eye twitch. "How dare you Shinigami." He fired several more arrows at him but Hanataro dodged and weaved the arrows as he ran around the room on all fours before suddenly running toward him. Ryuken was caught off guard by the sudden move that he missed several more times before he was flipped over when Hanataro bowled him over and jumped out a open window.

He continued to run over several houses before yawning and rubbing his eyes cutely. 'I'm so tired now.' Looking around he spied an open window, went into the house, and seeing a couch, he jumped on it and went right to sleep.

Urahara Shop

"So you gave Hanataro catnip just to see how he'll react to it?" Unohana asked, her smile gone and Kisuke shaking like a leaf under her look. "Y-y-yes."

The SWA were sitting behind while Konmamura and Mayuri was still in the Seireitei and Isane was sitting besides her captain.

The Fourth Division Captain simply closed her eyes and went down into the training space underneath the shop. A second later, everyone felt a small earthquake happen that shook the shop and rattled the walls before it finally stopped as Unohana came back up looking slightly more better than before.

Turning to the SWA, she said. "Alright I want you all to find and bring Hanataro back unharmed." When Hinamori and Nemu raised there hands, she added. "And yes that included sexual intercourse."

The large group of shinigami disappeared in Shunpo along with Yoruichi and Unohana turned back to Kisuke who was shaking again. "Don't worry Kisuke-san I'm not going to hurt you, I just need to show you something." She pulled out some notes she borrowed from the Twelfth when she went to get Mayuri and gave to Kisuke to look at.

With Hanataro

"~Purr~" Hanataro purred as Orihime gently scratched his back and she cooed at his cuteness. "Aw you can purr!" Turns out that the house he went into was Orihime's own and, while she was surprised to see him, she loved the way he looked.

She opened a can of tuna and gave it to Hanataro who quickly devoured it. "Someone's a hungry little cat." She gave him more tuna and he was soon full and yawned once more before going back to sleep.

Orihime then heard a knock on her door and went to open it to see Matsumoto standing there. "Hey Orihime! Listen I know that this is going to sound weird but have you seen Hanataro with cat ears and a tail?" Looking inside, she saw him laying on the couch taking a nap. "Hey you found him!"

Orihime nodded her head. "Actually he was here when I came back from shopping. By the way how did he get like this, not that I'm complaining." Both women watched him as he tossed and turned in his sleep, hands in front of him like a cat when they're sleeping.

"~Aw so cute." They said before Matsumoto snapped out of it. "Okay I have to take him back to Kisuke's shop, you want to follow?" Orihime nodded her head and picking up Hanataro, she grabbed her shoulder before disappearing in a Shunpo.

Urahara Shop

"I don't know how to tell you Unohana but I don't think I can change Hanataro back." Kisuke said looking over the notes Unohana gave him. "I mean this is pretty impressive and that is coming from me. He managed to alter Hanataro's DNA without any major changes but made sure that it is irreversible."

Unohana sighed and took back the notes. "I thought you might say that. Now how I am going to break this to Hanataro?"

Speaking of whom, Matsumoto came into the shop with said person in her arms sleeping and Orihime behind her. "I found him." Unohana nodded and told her to place him near her which she did. She then gently shook him making him wake up and look at his captain with tired eyes.

"Captain?" Unohana waited until he was fully awake, stretching himself like how a cat would when it wakes up, to say. "Hanataro I'm afraid I have some bad news."

Well that is it for now! Also here's a little Omake for how Unohana got Mayuri.

-Omake: How Mayuri was captured by Unohana-

"Curses! How could I forget about her!" Mayuri yelled as his hands were a blur over the keyboards that started the security programs. On the screen showed a red dot, the intruder, and in front of that was three major security points represented by green lines.

The red dot went into the first line before the line turned black. "Warning! Intruder has gotten past the toxin gas and needles."

"Damn it!" He kept one hand on the keyboard and the other on his Zanpakuto in case he needed a quick escape. The dot hit the second line which quickly went black as well. "Warning! Intruder has gotten past the flamethrowers, spiked pit traps, and hounds."

"Come on something stop her!" He watched the dot reached the last line and it held out for minute... before it turned black. Suddenly the massive steel doors that led to the room he was in was blown out and Mayuri drew his Zanpakuto and was about to stab himself in the neck when several needles hit his pressure points, making him freeze in place.

Unohana stepped forward to him, her smile long gone replaced with a glare that made the mad scientist want to hide under a rock. "Hello Captain Mayuri, I wish to discuss somethings with you about using my division members as test subjects."

The next ten minutes felt like hell to Mayuri as Unohana ruthlessly beat him with his own extra limbs that he kept around just in case.

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