Laughter. Shouting. An almighty SPLASH as two demigods hit the water, holding hands.

And then silence.

Finally, Connor Stoll turns to the assembled crowd of campers and holds up his hands.

"You guys know we just threw the son of Poseidon in a lake, right?"

"No, duh, Stoll!" Clarisse shouts. "That was the point!"

"How was it the point?" Travis asks, genuinely curious.

"Well, we don't want them making out in front of the whole camp, do we? There are young children present! Now they can go suck face all they want, and we don't have to watch!"

"AWW!" groans the Aphrodite cabin. "BUT THEY'RE SO ADORABLE!"

As if on cue, the lake bubbles slightly, subsides for an instant, then explodes in a torrent of high-pressured water and very confused naiads. Floating a few inches above the churning water is an enormous bubble with two demigods inside, holding hands.

Percy and Annabeth.

While she's blushing furiously, he's obviously loving the attention—taking great, theatric bows toward one side of the crowd, then the other. Everyone's cheering and whistling and yelling, "Nice catch, Jackson!"

(The whole time, he never lets go of her hand.)

Eventually, Percy lets the bubble pop, brings Annabeth to land, and pulls her close so he can tell her something. She's grinning like an idiot, but what he's saying is lost in the sudden loud chorus of "THE BEST TIME TO WEAR A STRIPED SWEATER IS ALL THE TIME!" led by the Stoll brothers.

Percy calls for quiet a few times, but to no avail. Finally, he gives up, sticks two fingers in his mouth, and lets loose a piercing New York taxicab whistle that shuts everyone up.

"In order to make the daughters of Aphrodite happy—" (insert big cheer from aforementioned cabin) "—I have just asked Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena, to be my girlfriend."

"And," Annabeth shouts over the even louder cheers, "I have not sliced off his head yet, which this stupid Seaweed Brain should assume means that I accept."

When they kiss again, it's even sweeter than the first time.

Unfortunately, Piper's brief daughter-of-Aphrodite fangirl moment is cut short by Annabeth entering the room, guiding two new demigods in front of her.

"And now we'll show you our orientation film..." She trails off, staring at the screen, and says in a calm voice, "Pipes, what are you watching?"

Piper takes a deep breath and hopes Annabeth won't kill her. After all, the Stoll brothers were the ones who took five drachmas from her in exchange for "the film that would help her understand Percy and Annabeth better".

Then she remembers the parting advice Travis gave her.

When in doubt about whether or not you're about to die, CHANGE THE SUBJECT.

She hopes the entire camp won't think she's crazy, gives it up as a lost cause, and steels herself for the jokes about needing a mental institution.

And she runs out of the room singing, "ONE WITH A COLLAR—TURTLENECK, THAT'S THE KIND!"