Hey guys! I'm hope you guys like this because it's new and I'm going to try to write the best that I can. Here we go! My new story! 'What Happens In Vegas!'

P.S. The characters are way OOC, it's not even funny, unless you think it is. :)

Stevie Baskara slammed the door to the apartment complex, that she shared with her two close friends, Kacey Simon and Kevin Reed. It's been a while since highschool has ended, let along college, and Stevie? Well lets just say she's not been having a good year.

Her last two relationships have been home-wreked, by the same girl. Molly. Ugh! Even thinking about the name made Stevie sick to her stomach. She walked into her bedroom noticing two large suitcases on her bed, that were already packed? Kacey knocked on the door and walked in any way.

"Kacey? Why do I have two suitcases on my bed that are filled with my clothes?" Stevie asked, "Did you pack my underwear? Why did you touch my underwear?"

"We have to hurry" Kacey said, handing Stevie her boots.

"For what?" Stevie asked.

"Well, Kevin and I know that you have had a rough time here lately with, Molly and all, so we decided that you need to get away," Kacey explained.

"What? Kacey, you can't just do that. I have a job that I have to do and going away for a few days will kill my paycheck," Stevie said.

"Too bad! You're just lucky that you have two other friends who help pay the bills here. And that you have four other friends that care about you so much. Please, just listen to me?" Kacey begged.


"We're going to Vegas! Whether you like it or not!" Kacey finished.

Stevie rolled her eyes and chuckled, "You, Kevin, Grace, and Nelson are crazy if you think I'm considering this." Kacey grunts in frustration. Molly has completely taken away all of Stevie's happiness. She took away her boyfriend Justin, which wasn't really a big thing since the two weren't even sleeping together yet.

But Kacey knew, that Stevie was heart-broken when she took Zander away from her. Stevie actually cried and Kacey has never seen her cry before. No body has before until that day when Zander broke it off and ran away with Molly.

"Stevie! You can't let this whole, Molly has taken my happiness, thing keep you from having fun!" Kacey fussed, "Plus we already booked all the tickets so you can't go unless you want to pay us nine thousand dollars!"

"I'll write a check right now!" Stevie yelled back. Kevin walked into her room to see what all the yelling was about. Of course, Stevie and Kacey would always get into little tiffs but they'd always make up, literally, five minutes later.

"I'm sorry. I just don't want to go," Stevie said.

"Don't make me drag you by the hair," Kacey threatened. Kevin laid his hands on Kacey's shoulders, telling her to calm down.

"Let me talk to her," He said. Kacey nodded and walked outside the door.

"Stevie, please go. You need to cheer up and get drunk in Vegas! Live a little," Kevin said. Stevie laughed a little bit and shook her head.

"Why not? Have you ever gotten drunk?" Kevin asked.

"No, but I have seen what getting drunk does to you so I am going to pass, especially since it's Las Vegas," Stevie explained, "I've seen the movies. I don't want to take any chances."

"Stevana Baskara! You are going to Vegas or..." Kacey fussed, she didn't know what she could take away from Stevie, unless it was to kick her out of the apartment, but she wasn't going to do that to her best friend.

"You aren't my mother!" Stevie yelled. Kacey decided that she wasn't going to let her say no again because Stevie needs some fun. Some serious fun! Zander broke her heart and she has been moping around like a little sack of sadness, and that's what Kacey told her.

"Stevie, we care about you. When know that ever since you and Zander broke up that it really tore you to pieces. But girl, you are in need of some serious fun and you don't need to let the fact that Zander broke your heart keep you from doing that and make you sit around like a sack of sadness. Please come with us?" Kacey asked.

Stevie looked from her to Kevin, and finally made up her mind, "If I go, then you can't do this to me again. Got it?" She asked.

Kacey nodded and squealed, giving her best friend a hug. They went to the airport and arrived in Vegas at least three hours later.

"Wow, it's so bright," Stevie said as she stepped out of the cab in front of their hotel.

She grabbed her suitcases and followed Kacey, Kevin, Nelson, and Grace up to the largest suite in the hotel. Sure it costed extra, but this was their weekend of fun!

"Get ready," Kacey said, fixing her coral pink dress that was soaking with glitter and glam, just how Kacey Simon liked it. Her shoes were black and added a few inches to her height.

"What? No, I came here, and I'm staying in the hotel," Stevie said, pulling out her book.

"Stevie, you are not going to waste this trip by sitting up in this hotel, which will probably be trashed soon, and reading this book! Plus, we may need someone to help us up here when we're wasted!" Kacey said.

"Wow, really? I guess I can't object to that," Stevie said, getting up. She pulls her suitcase out from under her bed, listening to Kacey's last sentence before she left.

"That's the spirit!" She said and closed the door to give Stevie privacy.

Stevie looks through all of the clothes that Kacey has packed her, "Of course. She packs all of the clothes that makes me look like a slut!"

Stevie walks out of her suite, meeting Kacey, Kevin, Nelson, and Grace in the hallway. She is wearing a black pencil skirt, revealing a lot of her tanned legs, and a powder blue cardigan, just in case she got cold, she always thought cardigans would warm her up. It was tight, but Stevie just wanted to get this night over with.

"You look great," Kacey said, and they went out to explore the wonders of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her eyes had opened, greeted by the luminosity of the sun rays hitting her forehead, which wasn't helping with the massive headache that was the result of a hangover. She sat up and tried to relieve her pain by closing the maroon curtains in front of the bed, she went and laid back down and wrapped herself up in the matching colored then realized something.

This wasn't her room.

Stevie shot up and looked around the, now dark, room. Who put her here and why? It was probably Kacey and Kevin, playing a joke on her.

The sunlight being gone from her sight had really helped and she now felt like puking her brains out. And she did, almost that, running into the cool bathroom and spewing her chunks in the porcelain throne.

"Ugh," She moaned, grabbing her head as a few tears seeked to escape her ducts. She really needed something to help with this, but she didn't know that she'd be getting drunk, let alone in someone else's suite. She got a cold and wet rag and laid it on her forehead for a moment, relieving the burning sensation, which she didn't think was normal.

She got up and put her top back on, her skirt, and a pair of sunglasses. She had her heels in her hand and walked down to the buffet where her friends were there waiting on her.

Kacey smiled at her, "HEY STEVIE!"

Stevie grabbed her head, "Damn it Kacey. Don't," Stevie begged.

She got her a huge cup of coffee and saw the smirks on their faces. She gave them all a weird look.

"What?" She asked.

"How was last night drunky?" Kacey asked.

"Ok, c'mon. I've never been drunk before, let alone have I taken one sip of alcohol, so please just stop yelling," Stevie begged. Kevin and Nelson laughed.

"I think she still needs time to sober up a little bit," Nelson said.

"Shut up," Stevie said. She looked around and then caught the large grins of all of her friends at the table, "What happened last night?" She asked.

"You should know," Kacey said.

"What's that suppose to mean? I didn't keep track of everything that I did," Stevie commented. She was really confused about Kacey's remark.

"Well, now you kinda have to. You have so much more responsibility now," Kevin said.

"What? What the hell did I do last night?" Stevie asked. Kacey took Stevie's left hand and showed her the large diamond on her ring finger. Stevie stared at it and then looked back at them.

"So where is he at again? Mrs. Robbins?" Kacey asked.

"Oh no! No no no no no!" She said.

There was absolutely no way that she could be married to, Zander Robbins.

I'm sorry that this wasn't a very good start to a story but believe me, this will be a very funny and wild ride. Hope you guys liked! :)