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She left her home and her brother at the doorstep with a worried expression on his face, she knew why. She had been mocked on the school for years and the teachers didn't lift a finger to help her. Alex, her brother knew this and wanted to help her but she could handle things herself.

"Have a nice day at school" he said to her before she began walking to the school. She repeated that line many times in her head.

"A nice day" she said quietly for herself, yeah a nice day for her would be the day she could fight against those idiots who had been mocking her for years. A plan had been forming in her head tonight. She knew she could take up a fight against them and win, she were just worried about what her brother might say if he heard that she had been fighting at her school.

A small stone were laying in her way, she took it up and throw it as far she could. A smash and car alarms got her in an even worse mood, the stone had landing on the glass of a very nice and expensive car.

Perfect, she though, a perfect start on a shitty day.

He smirked where he was standing, invisible and his hand clutching hard around his golden scepter.

Loki had kept an eye on this girl for some time, in the building people called school.

Other boys had been mocking her and she had accepted it, he could read her thoughts and they pleased him.

He could read that this day would be violent on the school. Loki conjured himself into a teenager with a pair of old jeans, convers shoes, leather jacket and sunglasses.

Loki looked down on himself, he wouldn't attract anyone's eye, dressed like this. He began to walk after the girl, close, but keeping at least 4 meters behind her.

She heard footsteps behind herself and she turned around, not stopping walking. A tall, pale boy were walking behind her, she didn't even smile to him when she smiled to her. She was just in a too bad mood to be nice against anyone.

The girl turned around as soon as she heard him, he tried to smile, to determine how bad mood she was in. She didn't even make an attempt to smile back. He smiled for himself, he enjoyed to see her so angry. The school towered up in front of him and the girl he followed opened the door fast and widely. He could only understand that she was angry and irritated on everyone today. He would try to be nice to this girl, a girl with such a mood could be useful he though. He saw her walking fast towards those boys who had mocked her and he smirked just by the sight, he took a chair and sat down with a table and enjoyed the view.

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