It was thundering and lightning outside, it woke Melizza up and she looked around shocked by the struck, which sounded like it was just outside the window. She had fallen asleep in the cough while looking through the newspapers about the president's fatal death. Stark and Banner was still planning how the best way to get the leaders of the world to submit to Loki without violence. Loki had gotten to meditate and left her to go through the newspapers. Stark looked toward her and told Banner to take a break, before he walked over to her and sat down at the arm lean.

"You have been sitting here the whole time looking through those newspapers, don't you need a rest soon, I haven't seen you getting more than a couple of hours everyday"

He almost looked worried at her, she shook her head, trying to think.

"I promised I would tell him if something big happened out in the world"

He put a hand on her shoulder.

"The newspapers doesn't run away while your taking a break, I'll keep an eye on them so they don't"

He smirked and pated her shoulder.

"Go and take a break, you look like you need it"

He walked back to Banner and the table, where they continued their discussion, she admit she had not slept more than a couple of hours everyday, a few hours couldn't hurt she thought. Leaving the newspapers at the table and walking toward her and Loki's bedroom. She felt exhausted when she saw the bed with the green and golden pattern on. Her muscles didn't function completely so she lost balance and got caught by someone.

"Be careful, I'll help you to your bed"

Stark's face meet hers as she looked up, she still had his worried glance on and helped her to walk.

"I should have told you earlier to take a nap, now I don't want you to come out before you have rested completely, alright?"

Melizza smiled thankfully and nodded at him before he closed the door behind him, her smile faded as her head hit the pillow before she had even undressed herself.

She fell asleep and was dreaming, she was sitting on the roof of building, a building in New York she realized, by the sight of Stark Tower, not far away. It was a calm day, the sun was shining and the normal rush traffic was going on beneath her. An aircraft came flying toward the city from the sea, straight toward the tower.

It was a Russian military aircraft, by the look of the Russian flag on one of it's wings. It flew high above the city, almost as high as she couldn't see it anymore before it let down something. Something big, dropping toward the city's center. When it dropped lower it looked like a nuke in her eyes, she had learned at school. It was flying straight down toward the tower. A flash of light and an intense heat then coldness almost made her cry out. Melizza open her eyes and seeing Loki sitting beside keeping his hand on her forehead, his hand was blue and was clearly showing he had tried to cool her down.

"Are you alright? I heard you scream and thought something was wrong"

She got up and took his arms around her, like to keep her safe, Loki looked surprised at her, but held her tight.


He asked and she nodded.


"About what?"

She closed her eyes, trying to remember the details.

"It's nothing"

He let out a sigh and it came a hiss as the door open, Stark was standing in the door and hinted that he wanted Loki to come. He shook his head and Stark rolled his eyes.

"If you think a possible threat about a nuke can wait, I suggest you don't let it wait too long"

She open her eyes quickly and looked at Stark.

"A nuke?"

"Yes, Banner has more information"

She got up and so did Loki, she marched out through the door toward Banner, who were typing like insane at the computer.

"What nuke?"

She asked him, he looked over his shoulder seeing her.

"I was hacking into Shield's archive and came over information about a possible nuke"

"That's what my dream was about"

Everyone looked at her and she continued.

"I dreamed about a nuke bomb getting dropped down over the tower, by a Russian aircraft, try to search over the Russian section of the archive."

Banner did so and get up a report, top secret and not seen by any eyes except Nick Fury. She cursed as he read fast through the report.

"Looks like you might have foreseen something in your dream, after what I can read of Russian there have been plans about wiping us out using a single nuke bomb to bomb the whole New York city, looks like you got enemies out there now sir"

He looked at Loki who had had his hand over his face the entire time.

"I knew the killing of the president would give some sort of feedback, but not this kind"