Sorry for not posting this right away, but I've been tied up. I'm trying to work this out little by little. So, please spare me some time. For now, here's another short chapter. I'm working out on some of the kinks.

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Everything felt off and nothing seems right. The two young adult boys groaned to wake themselves up and forced their eyes to open to find out what happened, even though they wish they didn't have. They found themselves in a small room, on the floor, and no longer tied up. Ben rubbed his head to get himself to realize they weren't in front of Kevin's house and he wasn't sure where they are currently.

Kevin sat up and observed the room. His hands tried to absorb the material, but nothing happened. He mentally questioned himself to think whether this was normal or not. Ben managed to get onto his feet and observed the place they're in.

"Where are we?" He whispered.

Kevin joined along, "No idea…damn, I better hope we're not in what I think we are in."

Ben glanced up at him, "What are we in possibly, Kev?"

Kevin sighed and shook his head. He refused to say it and Ben gave in, figuring right now their argument wasn't their worth of time, and he decided to check onto his ominitrix. However, there was something else attached to it. A different band wrist was covering activation to the device. Ben knew this wasn't normal and no doubt about it.

"Why are we kidnap, Kevin? What do you think they want from us-" He saw Kevin's wrist having the same thing, "They're blocking our powers. Why?"

Kevin slammed his fist onto the wall, "We're kidnapped because we're their animals fight."

Ben tilted his head, "We're their what fight?"

Kevin sighed, getting annoyed when Ben was a bit behind on reality from time to time, and this wasn't the best total solution to deal with a hundred percent.

"On Earth, there are people who bet their dogs into a dog fight. However, those dogs were starving and fighting to live." Kevin clearly stated.

Ben turned paler in a matter of second after he realized how horrible their situation was. It was definite turn off for him and he wasn't in the mood.

"Th-the-the-aggressive fight for survival!? Kevin! We need to get out of here ASAP!" He insisted.

Kevin sighed, "We need to plan out our escape before we starve or get our ass killed out there."

Ben nodded, "Exactly! Now, use your power and break the wall or make a hole or something!"

Kevin slapped his face to see how stupid Ben was coming to be and he has no idea their situation was.

"You do realize I can't exactly overcome the wrist's band restriction, right?"

Ben pulled back and sighed miserably. He mentally blamed himself for forgetting about their power suppression and it wasn't going to be any easier for the two right now. They're practically stuck in the very room and have no idea where the door is…or the opening of their escape. They had to plan things ahead of time.

Kevin placed his hands against the wall and try to feel something at all or any pattern to the wall. Ben watched his friend working on something, but he didn't really know what else to do since he's powerless right now. Well, both of them are.

"Uh, do you have any idea who kidnapped us into this fight for survival thing?" Ben felt bored.

Kevin scoffed, "We could have been kidnapped by anybody, Tennyson. Whoever got us, they're going to treat us as shit property, and we need to be careful. They do a lot worse punishment than us Earthlings do."

The young hero understood, but this wasn't making anything easier on them. Especially when they were back home and they had to fight over the mixed up room. One honest mistake, but he regretted not paying attention and might have prevented their chances of being kidnapped. Who knew not being guarded would have led to kidnapping unexpectedly. He even wondered why his ominitrix didn't alert him fast enough or detect a new alien nearby. For now, they had to figure out how to escape before they could end up killed. Ben wasn't liking this idea and Kevin was too focused on getting out of here.