"There Once Was" 2

There once was a dog

Who got stuck in a bog

Because his owner went for a jog

He rescued the dog and went to town

To go jogging around

There once was a cat

Who swatted a bat

Because she was laying on a mat

On the bat there was a toy rat

The cat jumped on the bat and she layed there flat

Because she got hit on the side of the head

There once was a rat who was named Jack

But their was something wrong with his back

He decide to live on a rack

But he would have to come right back

For a snack just before he is put into a sack

And then into a shack

There once was a hamster

Who would sit there and stare

At the wall like he cared

But when his owners came around and took him down

He was full of happiness I swear

There once was a bird her name was Sue

Who only liked to sue people that's who

She would liked to check herself at night

Before she took flight

And crashed into a wall

There once was a horse

Whos name was Mark

Mark just hated the dark

Mark would wish he could live in a ark

But that wasn't the right thing to do

But Mark didn't care because he was scared