Yes another fanfiction. Ideas keep popping in my head. So I have to write it down. This is, of course, a Naruto and Hinata fanfiction. Hurt/Sadness/Drama/Romance Rated M. Sexual contact and swearing/Lemon

My Dearest Brother: Chapter 1

"This is going to be so exciting kids" Kushina, a red hair woman no older than 38 said, a huge grin plastered upon her face.

"Can we stop for ramen?" a blonde hair boy asked, known as Uzumaki Naruto.

"What is up with you and ramen?" Neji asked the blonde hair boy who was sitting right to next him in the back seat of the van.

"Ramen is my everything" Naruto said, a drool dribbling down his chin.

A hush giggle was heard next to him, which captured the blonde boy attention. He raised an eyebrow.

"And why are you giggling little missy?" he asked pinching her nose.

Hinata, the girl who was just giggling, blushed as Naruto's warm hand pinched her soft tiny nose.

"N-nothing" she said trying not to stuttered.

Naruto smiled down at her. "How did I get stuck in the middle? Mom when are we going to reach? Hiashi is this house big?" the questions went on and on.

Neji smacked his forehead mentally. 'Why this idiot won't shut the hell up' he thought as he stared out of the window.

Hanabi, the youngest sister who was sitting on Kushina's lap, stared emotionally out of the window.

"Is Naruto always this hyper Miss?" she asked dryly.

Kushina giggled. "Yes he is. I am sorry, but he got from me" she said pushing her red hair behind her ear.

"I see. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" she said.


Authors Note

Now you're probably wondering what's going on. Kushina and Hiashi had just gotten married and now they were moving to their new house.

Hinata stole a glance at Naruto, her cheeks turned red. It was always like this. From the first time they met in elementary school, to middle school, to their parents getting married. Secretly she was mad, she had a thing for Naruto, but now he was a "brother" to her. She lost all hope for any type of relationship. But her feelings were still there for him.

She looked over to Naruto again and found that he was looking at her, she quickly looked away.

'So embarrassing… wait he was looking at me' she thought.

"We're finally here" Hiashi said steering the car into the drive way.

The teens and child, even Kushina looked at the big house in awe. It was really big and mesmerizing. It was a huge house, with a wide garden and a Sakura tree. It was a white 2 story house, with a gate surrounding the building from intruders.

"THIS IS OUR HOUSE! NO FRIGGING WAY" Naruto shouted. "GET OUT NEJI!" Naruto shouted eagerly.

Neji getting annoyed from the boy constantly hitting him on his back came out of the car and shaded his self from the sun rays. He sighed.

"I call upstairs!" Naruto said pushing Neji out of the way.

"NARUTO!" Neji shouted at the blonde.

"Sorry about that" he replied running into the house.

Hinata came out of the car and look at the house. She also sighed. "Why Jesus?" she asked herself.

Hanabi looked at her older sister tilting her hair. "I call down stairs, since it is most likely for someone to get injured coming up or down the stairs" she said.

Hinata stared at her sister. 'Why can't she be like all the other children?'

"THIS IS SO AWESOME HIASHI" Kushina shouted in the man ears.

"Kushina, must one be so loud?" Hiashi asked her rubbing his ear.

A small tint covered her face. "I'm sorry" she said kissing him on the cheek.

He smiled, which was rarely. "Let's go" he said holding her hand.

The family stood in the middle of the house that was already furnished.

"So let's be organized now" Hiashi said.

"Where would you guys stay?" Kushina asked smiling.

Hanabi hold onto Kushina clothes. "I call downstairs. I do not wish to have any accidents" she said.

"What about you Neji?" Hiashi asked.

"Well, I did prefer upstairs, but I would rather be downstairs, it much closer to the exist and from this blonde idiot" Neji said, giving the smiling blonde the death glare.

Naruto being the complete idiot stared at Neji. "Oh well Hinata it looks like it's me and you, since mom hates upstairs" Naruto said.

"It's not my fault! I hate heights" she said shivering.

Naruto rolled his eyes. 'At least I'm with he-

He was interrupted by his trail of thought. "Okay… why don't you guys get your bags and boxes and get your room ready" Hiashi said.

The day went by quickly with everyone getting their room decorated. The family was now at the dining table eating noodles, fish rice balls and cinnamon rolls.

"So how is your room Hinata?" Kushina asked smiling at the pretty Hyuga girl.

"I-it's great" she said avoiding eye contact with her.

"Awe, you're so cute" Kushina said, pinching the girl's cheek.

"Honey what I told you about touching Hinata. She's quite the nervous one" Hiashi said.

Naruto chuckled. "Hinata has always been like that"

Hinata face turned red. Everyone was talking about her… even Naruto.

"Well you guys don't forget about school tomorrow" Kushina said giving each of HER (she considers them her children) children as kiss on the forehead. "Have a wonderful sleep" she said hugging them so tightly. "I love you guys, thanks for giving me and Naruto a chance" she said.

"You're a decent woman and very unique and I am glad to have you for a mother" Hanabi said bowing down.

Both Naruto and Kushina had an anime sweat drop on the back of their head.

After the goodnights were said they went their separate ways.

Hinata took out her school uniform that was a white collar shirt, black skirt, white socks and a black necktie, or they could either wear a green skirt, white collar shirt and a green mix with yellow necktie. The uniform, black, was hung up on the door. She sat down Japanese style on her futon and stared out of the window.

'I wonder how Sakura and Ino are doing" she thought. "Oh….


Hinata turned around to face the white door. "Come in" she said softly.

The door opened silently. "Hey…

Her eyes opened up wide. "H-hi Naruto"

"May I come in?" he asked peeking his head in.

"Sure" she said.

The door opened widely and Naruto came in closing the door behind him.

"Woah… your room is so… traditional" he said taking a look at his surroundings.


"It looks amazing" he chuckled.

Her face light up. "Thank you"

"No problem" he said sitting in front of her, in a non-traditional way.

Hinata avoided eye contact with him. He just sat there staring at her.

"Um… what is it that you wanted?" she asked.

Naruto blinked.

"I didn't mean to sound rude. I am so sorry" she said in apologetic tone.

"Oh… I just got lonely in my room and I saw that your light was on" he said grinning; his golden locks falling in front of his forehead.

She smiled. "Um… well you can…an-anytime you want" she said looking at her lap.

She soon felt something hovering over her; she looked up and saw that it was Naruto.

"Uh…-y-y-yes" she said in a panic.

Naruto gave her a soft smile. "I'm glad that it's only me and you up here"

Hinata couldn't look away. His eyes were so blue. He lean closer to her, she was lost in words.

"Naruto…" Hinata said fidgeting.

"Yes" he said looking at the young girl who was underneath him.

"Um… I-

He put his finger over her lips. She stared at him. He leaned down and kissed her on her lips. She returned the kiss. Naruto picked up the girl, who was wearing a lavender dress. Her whole was red as a tomato. He rested her on his lap.

"Sch…school is tomorrow" she said covering her face.

Naruto pouted even though she could not see it. "I know, but…." He started bouncing her on his lap. Hinata moaned silently.

"Naruto n… not now" she said.

Naruto flipped her over and was no on top of her. He slapped her butt a few times. "I know, but I couldn't wait" he whispered in her ears.

She squirmed as she heard his seductive voice. It was so delicate, smooth and charming. He rubbed against her butt, causing chills to be sent through Hinata's body. She sucked on her bottom lip.

"N-naruto" she whispered.

"Hmmm" he said, as he started to hump her slowly. "Hinata what have you been eating…. Your butt is so round and big" he said as he slammed into her.

Hinata moaned loudly. "I-think father… and your mom will… Naruto" she said clawing the floor.

Naruto soon stopped. "Yeah…but tomorrow, I warn you. It can be anywhere…. Anytime" he said getting up.

Hinata sat down and watched as Naruto was about to leave the room, but came back and kissed her on her cheek.

"Have a wonderful sleep" he said kissing her on her forehead.

"You too…" she said mumbling.

Naruto smiled as he got up. He gave her one more glance, before stepping out of the room.

Hinata smiled as she watched him leave, but it quickly frowned. "Stupid marriage"

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Naruto and Hinata already have a sexual relationship. But she knows that they will be nothing more than "step" siblings, because of the marriage. But I did give a hint when I let Naruto touched her nose and how he stared at her. Maybe not the biggest hints, but HEY! This will be fully explained during flashbacks, and no I have not forgotten about my other stories. It's the lack of reviews. -_- But I shall continue to write. =D But yeah, tell me what you think about this chapter.