TenTen jumped from her seat and shouted, "WHAT!"

The whole class, along with the teacher, looked at her as if she was a mad woman.

"Sorry about that" she said sitting down, embarrassed. She leaned close to Neji. "I don't believe it… how do you know?"

"I saw them in the room, her bra was showing and…" Neji couldn't talk anymore. "I'm freaking out" he said.

"Maybe…maybe something happened... I mean come on… Naruto dating his own sister? I doubt it" she said scoffing,

"Why won't you believe me? I'm your best friend" Neji said.

"Yeah, but maybe he was just helping her… or something" she replied.

Neji sighed. "Maybe your right"

TenTen smiled. "Thank you"

Neji glared at her. 'I knew what I saw'

"Hey Hinata!" Sakura screamed as she approached her friend.

Hinata gave her a soft smile. "How are you Sakura?"

"I'm doing okay, I can't complain." She replied as she placed her bag on the desk besides Hinata.

"Um… Sakura w-where is Ino?" Hinata asked as she looked around the classroom for her.

"She said she had to do something." Sakura replied as she took out a brush.

Hinata looked at her.

Sakura smiled at her. "Your hair is a mess Hinata." She got up off the seat and went behind Hinata. "Here, I'll fix it for you." Sakura said sweetly. She took a scoop of Hinata's hair and started to stroke it gently. "You do know Naruto wasn't the one to start that fight, right?"

Hinata looked up at Sakura. "I had a feeling."

"I knew Naruto for some years now and I knew he wasn't one to start a fight unless someone starts it first." She said, continually stroking Hinata's head.

Hinata looked down at her lap. Sakura had been Naruto's friend for a long time. In fact if it wasn't for Sakura, she and Naruto might have been strangers.

(With Ino)

"Now where is that Shikamaru?" Ino asked as she took a look around the classes. "GAH! He's never anywhere to be seen. Lazy bum." She said, a tint of blush noticeable on her face. 'Yet you're in love with this lazy bum.' She told herself. Ino then stopped herself and smacked her cheeks. "No you're not! You just need to tell him to get his ass in class!"

She finally spotted the lazy boy. A smile graced her features. She raised her hand to get his attention and said, "Hey Shi-…" She then stopped when she saw a dirty blonde came out of know where I hugged him.

She brought down her hand and stared at the two. Her smile turned upside down. "Who is that girl?" she asked herself. She raised her head after hearing the bell rung. She saw the two of them got out of their seat, so she decided to run out of the way so they wouldn't see her.

(In class)

"HEY INO-PIG! Over here!" Sakura screamed at her best friend.

Ino walked over to her and Hinata sadly. Sakura noticing Ino sadness asked her, "What's the matter Ino?"

Hinata looked at the blonde girl. 'I wonder what's wrong with Ino."

"Oh it's nothing Sakura." Ino said placing her head on the desk.

Sakura frowned. "I knew you for so long, Ino. Now what's the matter?"

Ino sighed. "Really, it's nothing." She mumbled.

Even though Sakura had been Ino's best friend for so long, she never had told her about the feeling she had for Shikamaru over the past year.

"How come I was the last to know that Naruto was suspended?"

The three girls looked straight ahead and saw the stoic Uchiha.

Sakura's heart skipped a beat. Ino just rested her head on the desk (and that's when Sakura knew something was wrong.).

"Do you mind if I walk with and to see the dobe, Hinata?" Sasuke asked.

Hinata avoided eye contact. "S-sure."

Sasuke nodded his approval. He walked to the back of the class and sat down. Sakura turned to Hinata.

"You're so lucky, heck Naruto is even luckier!" Sakura said frowning.

Hinata blushed. "S-Sakura, you're a little loud."

Sakura blushed also. "Sorry."

Hinata took out her book and opened it. Sakura looked at Ino, worriedly.


(After School: Walking in the hallway)

"So how's it like living with the dobe?" Sasuke asked the shy Hyuga as they walked side by side.

"U-uh, it's okay." Hinata replied.

"I take that as a no." Sasuke said. A small smirk formed.

Hinata blushed. "No... I mean it's cool… to have someone to talk too."

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah, Naruto may be a dobe, but he's someone you can go to with your problems." He said. He then turned to Hinata. "And don't you tell him that I said that."

Hinata chuckled. "Sure."

"HINATA! OYE SASUKE!" Naruto said.

'I totally forgot he said he was going to be meet me here afterschool' Hinata thought.

The two teens walked up to Naruto. One greeted him with a smile and the other gave him a sour look

"Hn. Dobe." Sasuke said as he punched Naruto on the top of his head.

Naruto kneeled down and held his head. "Teme! What was that for?"

"Hn. You didn't tell me you got your ass suspended!"

Naruto grinned as he got back up. "I forgot. Sorry."

Sasuke looked the other way. Naruto turned around to face Hinata and smiled. "How are you doing?"

Hinata looked at him and smiled. "I'm good and you?"


Sasuke looked at Hinata, then at Naruto. He raised his eyebrow. "Oye dobe! I'm sleeping over a week from now. Don't forget! I told you in advance."

Naruto scoffed.

"I'll be at your doorstep, exactly at 7 p.m."

"If you say so, baka!" Naruto replied, sticking his tongue out at him.

Sasuke grabbed Naruto tongue, which caused the blonde hair boy to wave his arms frantically back and forth.

Hinata held her laughter inside. 'They act like children.'

"Bye. And Naruto stay out of trouble." Sasuke said scolding him.

Naruto put his hands behind his head. "Yeah-yeah! Bye."

Sasuke turned the opposite direction and left.

(Walking with Naruto and Hinata)

"So what did you do all day Naruto?"

"Nothing at all!" he said. "It was so boring!"

Tears ran down his eyes. "Hinata you should stay home with me tomorrow!"

Hinata held her bag up to her chest. 'He wants me to stay home with him tomorrow?'

She looked at him and smiled. "I would love too! But what about Neji and the others?"

Naruto pondered. "When they ask you why you didn't go to school, you can say you forgot to set your alarm clock, because you were too busy studying for a test which is next week."

Hinata gave him a playful punch. Naruto rubbed his arm and smiled at Hinata.

"Do you want me to carry that for you?" he said, referring to her briefcase.

"Oh thank you." She replied as she gave it to him.

He gripped onto it proudly. "No problem." He took a glimpse at her. "I bet I can reach home before you!" Naruto said playfully.

"Nu uh!" Hinata retorted.

"Let's se-

"I'm already half way there!" Hinata said as she got a head start.

"No fair!" Naruto said as he tried to catch up to Hinata.

(Home: Bedtime)

"Good night Hinata-chan." Naruto said as he stood by her door.

"Night…Naruto-kun." She said looking down.

She really wanted to sleep with him tonight, but someone might catch them. This made her really sad. They couldn't really do stuff they wanted to do in front of their family. But it might have put a shame on the family.

"What's the matter?" Naruto asked softly.

"It's nothing…" she said.

"Then why don't you look at me."

Hinata raised her head and stared into Naruto's big blue eyes.

"Much better." He said as he kissed her on her nose.

Hinata smiled. "A kiss on the nose? Is that all I get?"

Naruto pinched her small nose. "If I kiss you even more, I may not be able to control myself." He whispered in her ear, in a seductive tone.

She giggled softly. "Good night." Hinata said hugging him.

"Good night." He replied, returning her hug.

'I love you.' She thought.

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