Some people decided to mean to me today on tumblr so I retaliated with this. Just a companion drabble.Heartfail, as to be expected.

Zuko doesn't have the heart to write anybody. He waits for them to come to him.

When the Avatar shows up, followed by Katara's brother, Zuko cannot look either of them in the face. All he can do is point to where she's lying and it's not her body no.

It can't be Katara's body it is just Katara, because referring to her body as something that used to belong to her is too painful for Zuko to comprehend.

Zuko will never, ever forget the Avatar's wails.

He is sitting outside when Sokka crouches down next to him. There are streams of tears on the other boy's face. It is the first and last time that Zuko will ever see him cry.

"Where were you?" Sokka asks, all pain and agony and no mercy. "You were supposed to protect her! You were supposed to watch out for my sister!" His voice catches on the last word and Sokka covers his face with his hands. He can't hold back his sobs, and yet Sokka does not want the world to know just how much he is aching.

To them, Zuko seems cold, because Zuko is not crying. Zuko is sitting completely still, no expression on his face, no feeling. He is a white blank page.

They don't know that he sat beside Katara (not Katara's body no no) and wept. Not cried, wept. They don't know that he was the one who had to close her eyes forever (blue, no other shade quite like it).

They don't know that Zuko blames himself. He was supposed to protect her. He was supposed to take the bolt. He failed and how could he fail when her life was so much more important than his?

They don't know just how much Zuko had loved her too.