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Seeking the Keeper, a Harry Potter FanFic

Oliver never cared that the guy he liked was three years younger. Didn't care that he was famous. The only thing that he cared about was that the guy he liked probably didn't like him back. Oliver had never been more wrong.

Harry Potter had a major crush on Oliver wood. He just had to make sure Oliver knew it.

After a particularly long Quidditch practice, Harry showered in the locker room instead of in the castle. He knew Oliver would stay after practice.

Harry walked out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He spotted Oliver in the corner, scribbling in a notebook.

Oliver jumped when he heard Harry's locker open, "Oh, Harry, you scared me. I thought you already gone back up to the castle."

Harry shook his head, "No. I didn't feel like fighting for the showers in the castle."

"Fair enough," Oliver said, struggling to keep his eyes on Harry's.

Harry nodded, pulling some boxers out of his locker. He dropped the towel from his waist before pulling his boxers on. Oliver's breath caught in his throat at seeing Harry in all his glory. He tried to look away but he couldn't.

Harry noticed this and smiled to himself. Harry walked over to Oliver, wearing only his boxers. "So what are you working on?"

"J-Just some new plays," Oliver swallowed thickly, keeping his eyes on the paper in front of him. Harry sat on the desk in front of Oliver, looking down at the paper.

"Oliver-" Harry started.

"Harry-" Oliver began at the same time.

Both boys chuckled awkwardly and looked at each other.

In a sudden burst of courage, Harry leaned down and lightly pressed his lips to Oliver's.

Oliver blushed as Harry pulled back to look at him, "You know, I've dreamed many times about you doing that," Oliver admitted, looking down.

Harry lifted Oliver's chin up to look into his eyes, "Really?" Harry asked, standing up.

"Really," Oliver repeated, as Harry pulled him to his feet and pushed him towards the wall, "Harry, what're you doing?"

"Testing out a theory. I want to see if your title is accurate," Harry replied.

Before Oliver could respond, Harry had him pressed against the wall, nipping at his neck. The older boy closed his eyes, tangling his hands in Harry's hair, pulling Harry closer. Harry smirked, pushing his hand through the other boy's hair, and whispered in his ear, "You know, Oliver, I think you live up to your position's name. You definitely are a 'Keeper.'"

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