Arc 1: Halcyon Days

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Chapter 1 – Medaka President

"You are not good enough to stand by Medaka-chan. You are weak... I'm telling you this for your own good."

Those words were unacceptable. Those words were which he had denied outwardly. Those words... he hated those words. Those words that made him wish for more power, awakening the greed inside him. Those words that made him search for a way to stand at the same level and maybe even more than the woman that he cares the most in the world. Even if he gets beat, even if he gets mauled, even if his wounds would not heal, even if he was to die. He will attain that something that will make him worthy of her. He searched and searched and searched and searched, almost never-ending, and when he almost lost all hope, a beautiful little sprite appeared before him.

"A hya hya hya hya, there in a little village far away from civilization, there's a monster sealed by a clan of shadows. If you can defeat him then you could gain power unimaginable. A hya hya, to help you, I will give you a bit of a power-up. Anyways, good luck. You'll need it."

Even if it was a lie, even if it was deception, even of it was just a joke that the little sprite made to amuse herself; he still went to that village and ended up facing that monster. And then...

Monster (Destruction)

Awakened state (Zero)

Superior being (God)

Void (Eldritch)

Chaos (Nuclear)

Despair (Death)

Non-human (Hope)

Plus (Positive)

Minus (Negative)

Not-Equal (Equality)

Style (Word)

Normal (Denial)

Everything went spiraling out of control.


A student council president eh. Well, I expected as much.

Within the lined up students was a teenage male fifteen years of age, with strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes wearing the standard male uniform of Hakoniwa Academy. His name is Zenkichi Hitoyoshi.

What kind of name is Hakoniwa anyway?

He is a bit sarcastic.

The girl who was about to give a speech up in the stage of the Academy's auditorium mesmerized him; her beauty and overbearing presence, the woman was just breathtaking, and the same reaction could be seen on most of the students faces inside the structure from what he could observe. He deemed it typical given the same did happen in middle-school when she talked to such large crowds so maybe he should have just expected it.

"Do you find the world merely average?"

As the overpowering woman began to talk, Zenkichi began to contemplate about his life, specifically on what happened during the summer break in his last year of middle-school. Thinking of the series of incidents that made him what he is now.

"Does the future bore you?"

Zenkichi's future, as far as his able body could, was unsure, but at least, for now, he would be devoted to cause concerning her.

"Are you getting by?"

Even if he could only gaze at her from a far, even if she could not be his, it satisfied him.

"Relax! Even then, life is a drama!"

A nervous sweat-drop came to in his forehead as he mumbled that she should not temp fate for him. Zenkichi already had enough drama to satisfy a thousand lifetimes.

"And to that end as of today I am your school president. Schoolwork, love life, family situation, and even any personal issues, you should submit your woes to the suggestion box without hesitation. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I will take on any issue for anyone!"

A proud declaration coupled with the student body's adulation, as expected from Medaka-chan.

Medaka Kurokami, a young woman of very long purple hair that reaches down to her waist and bangs that barely overlap her beautiful red eyes, and well...

A semi-straight ahoge.

She also has a beautiful body and more importantly...

Her large breasts.

Moreover, she has no hesitation about showing her assets off as seen from her very provocative customized female's winter uniform. For further description, she was wearing a black blouse with yellow and white trimmings modified to show her very ample cleavage, topped with a red ribbon for further emphasis. To further Zenkichi's chagrin, she was also wearing a shorter than usual baby blue colored skirt with white trimmings showing her tender legs. Overall, her uniform, even if he tried to deny it, made Zenkichi hot and bothered which was not good for standing in an assembly line.

Good god, she's my childhood friend for God sakes. Then again, she was Zenkichi's first love interest after all. However, given who Medaka is, he knows she will never return his feelings. Still, this will not stop him from looking after her.

"Please, let things be normal..." Zenkichi mumbled, hoping of all things that the self-appointed task of looking after Medaka in the sidelines would not be troublesome. Even though he was tempting fate to screw him over just as it usually does, he still could not help it. Then again, tempting fate was part of his goals after all...


"However you look at it, you have to be impressed that she can pull a bluff like that in front of the whole school. I suppose you could say she's used to standing up in front of people. Neh, Zenkichi."

"Hmph... It's not like she's used to standing in front of people. It's more like she's used to standing over people."

"I suppose you could say that... If that weren't the case, there's no chance she could have become the school president as a first year."

After the school assembly, people began to talk about the new student council president, various rumors, and opinions thrown around in every circle of discussion between students. Of course, this was no different to the class Zenkichi was in and even he could not help but talk about the newest sensation in the school with his best friend, in his perspective, namely Hansode Shiranui.

Hansode Shiranui, to describe her would be that she's a very petite girl who one could easily mistake her for someone who is still in grade-school. She has blue eyes and blue hair, with a curled ahoge on the top of her head. Currently she wears the standard uniform of Hakoniwa Academy.

"Even then, to get 98% of the votes, she's definitely the undisputed number one. That is to say that even I, Shiranui Hansode, voted for the little princess. Looking at her accomplishments, she was number one in the country in the national exam, scored an unheard record deviation score of 90, got innumerable trophies and awards, even in sports she takes any record she tries for, and it's practically a joke as to how rich her family is. They're even said to be holding up to the economy of-"

"Enough... Man, Shiranui, you describe her as if she is a bad case of Mary Sue."

Shiranui scoffs at Zenkichi's interruption of her sparkly delivered monologue about Medaka.

"Isn't she? Then again you're not one to talk like that, neh, Gary Stu?"

Waving a hand to dismiss Shiranui's conjecture, Zenkichi was lying face down on his desk as though he just finished a ten lap run around the perimeter of Hakoniwa Academy.

"Geh... lay down with your suppositions will you, Shiranui, and you're wrong. Right now I'm what you call the sidekick, the side-character, or the innocent bystander, something along those lines, not really familiar with the tropes about characters."

"Yeah yeah, you and that 'not yet time to reveal the truth' routine of yours. Still, given that she got elected, the little princess would definitely invite you to the council." Shiranui stood up from her chair, fidgeting excitedly as she told the prone man the inevitable.

"Heh! As if!" Zenkichi answered as his body tensed from sensing Medaka entering the classroom. "Like I could handle being messed about by her anymore." He then stood up and challengingly pointed his fingers at Shiranui, which was quite rude, as he sensed Medaka was copying his actions and said, "I'm resolute! I'm definitely not joining the student council!" preparing for a dose of pain given to him by his so-called childhood friend.

"Oh my," Zenkichi heard that childhood friend say as he felt a vice-like grip on his head, "Zenkichi, you shouldn't be so rebellious in your outbursts."

Flailing and screaming, Medaka hauled Zenkichi to the student council office while Shiranui was cutely grinning at his predicament. "Ahhh!"


"Eh? Where did that Hitoyoshi guy go?" Hansode heard the plastic-faced guy she knew as her classmate say, posing like a know-it-all with the class roster in his filthy hands while she was lying prone on her back like a child on the table. He was a man of dark messy green hair and wears glasses.

"Oh, Hyuga-kun! Zenkichi? He just got dragged out of here by the little princess."

"Little princess? Oh, the Student Council President. From what I hear, he helped her with her campaign. Curious... What exactly is the relationship between Hitoyoshi and the new president?"

Hansode was rolling about the table; seemingly, content on being cute, but inside, she was fuming. Just being in the same room with the beast woman was pushing many of her buttons that she was barely containing herself on dishing out what she thought was rightful punishment. Then again, Zenkichi would hate her if she did. "Ah, I guess you'd say they're something like childhood friends."

Hyuga raised his eyebrows, not that she cared. Shiranui then sighed, now lying on her front, the heat of her temper now cooling down to manageable levels. "But if you ask me about their relationship, albeit inseparable in a way, baring that particular span of time is pretty unhealthy."

Then again, I have to thank the beast woman and that siscon of a brother of hers for pushing Zenkichi to the way he is now. A triple A class meat, no, a feast fit for the gods. Ahhh, such taste, and if I could help it, a feast only for me, especially not with that beast woman, but in case of a worst case scenario, I could learn to share... A hya hya, me? Sharing? Zenkichi, such compromise from me would only be possible because of you...

Rolling again on the desk cutely, a vicious grin was now on her face as she drooled uncontrollably.


Sitting on a chair in the room occupied by the student council, Zenkichi was complaining on Medaka's treatment of him, specifically the hauling of his self.

"Hmm... You're the one at fault continuing to disobey me, Zenkichi. And why are you calling me by my formal title? Just call me Medaka-chan like you used to."

"Umm, you seem to not remember that we hadn't met each other at all since the start of summer break last school year."

"Irrelevant!" Medaka gave a firm answer full of conviction expressed in a single word. "This is a new school, and a new term. A new start. Why bring up such a thing?"

I can try to give her a rebuttal but I doubt she would listen. Sighing, Zenkichi resigned himself to the whims of the woman in front of him with a wistful smile on his face.

In the room, there were only two occupants, namely Zenkichi and Medaka, which was quite unusual for a Student Council. However, given the president's very high standards, which was understandable with her 98% vote share percentage and fiction-like background, there were few students that could hope to match. Thus, the president fills all the empty council positions by herself, a testament to her superhuman capabilities.

As to why Zenkichi was now in the room, regardless that he helped her campaigning, was unknown to him. Still, Zenkichi decided to try getting out of his current predicament, for the good of both his body and mind, and so that things wouldn't be troublesome in the future. "Hah! I understand that this council business is got to be hard going and all. Even then, don't get me wrapped up in it! Every... Umm, are you undressing and doing poses in front of the mirror with just your underwear behind me Miss Pre... Umm, Medaka-chan?"

"How perceptive of you, Zenkichi!" Medaka said posing like an underwear model with a fan near her face as Zenkichi turned around, making the only male in the room sputter like an idiot.

"W-w-what the hell! Even though I expected this, but shouldn't you practice some decorum? I'm a perfectly healthy male teenager, you know!"

"Hm?" Raising an eyebrow, Medaka continued to fan herself. "Why so embarrassed, Zenkichi? Don't you remember that we used to bathe together until 6th grade?"

"We were kids!" Zenkichi said with a full-blown blush now on his face.

Medaka waved her fan to dismiss Zenkichi's reasoning showing that she deemed them irrelevant.

"To the more important point, the reason why I brought you here is not for you to help me do my job. Never in my life I have ever thought a job challenging." Closing her eyes, Medaka gave Zenkichi a gentle smile. "However, I need you! All I want for you is to be by my side!"

To any other man, such declaration was a confession. But Zenkichi was not any other man as he was a being that stood by Medaka's side for 13 years, and Medaka was also not like any other woman since such declarations from her a was common thing. Still, Zenkichi was still a man, thus, he was now blushing madly.

She loves humanity as a whole after all.

"Hmm... I see that you accept. Very well, for the next agenda, I present you the suggestion box that you made!"

In a corner where Medaka was pointing her fan, Zenkichi saw the suggestion box that he built which looked like a replica of a Japanese storage house. In front of the wooden structure was a note with the word 'Suggestion Box' written on it. It also has a slot on its roof where the suggestions and request of the student body will go.

"A suggestion box? So you're really implementing it..."

As far a Zenkichi remembered which was not hard since the election held recently, one of the pledges made by Medaka Kurokami in the election was to set up a suggestion box, not that the idea of a suggestion box was something extraordinary. However, with Medaka's firm declaration, which went about dreams, challenges, and worries and entrusting them to her, the seemingly ordinary idea just got a new level of significance. It was thanks to such a profound proclamation that she won the Student Council President election.

"And look, we have our first request." Waving a piece of paper, she was now proudly smiling at Zenkichi.

"I really didn't think that anyone on the school would have taken that little act seriously. And what does it say?"

"Hmm... I am currently concerned about the group of trouble-maker 3rd years who have taken over the Kendo Hall, could you please find some way of getting rid of them,' or so it says. Let's go, Zenkichi, a request must be fulfilled!"

Resigning to his fate, he could only hope that things would go well.


Hakoniwa Academy is an institution that takes education seriously. From first class facilities to excellent recreational grounds, the school only gives its students the best of the best. This is the pride of Hakoniwa.

Amongst the facilities, that the school boasts the traditional structure that was the Kendo Hall. Its grand Japanese design, which was perfectly in harmony with the nature that surrounds it, gives off a peaceful and tranquil feeling; perfect for the training members of the club the structure houses. But sadly, this was only true a few years ago. With the lack of new members joining in the last few years, the club dissolved and thus, the hall became neglected. This condition paved the way for the school's troublemakers making the once magnificent building their favorite hangout.

Entering the hall, Zenkichi and Medaka, the former with an annoyed look on his face and the latter with a face looking for a challenge, got resident delinquents attention. It is important to note that Medaka was wearing a provocative hakama and skirt combo attire.

Both of them saw the dilapidated condition of the Kendo Hall. Cigarette butts, bamboo swords, empty liquor bottles, tattered clothes, snack wrappers, and boxes littered the once respected hall of training. It was a complete pigsty with an offensive smell of alcohol and nicotine permeating in the air.

"Hm?... Who the hell are you guys?" With a threatening growl, a man with spiky hair, sharp eyes and a cross-shaped scar on one of his cheeks stood up, challenging the new comers.

"1st year, 3rd class, Medaka Kurokami. Head of the Student Council." Medaka pointed her closed fan on the delinquents, making Zenkichi sigh. "I'm acting as the as the Student Council in response to a request in the suggestion box!"

"I've heard of you. The chick president who has gone mad with power, right?" The delinquent gripped his wooden sword and pointed it cockily at Medaka. "I'm surprised to see you'd bring yourself all the way out here! You might have got 98% of the votes or something, but I should tell you I was the one who got the remaining 2%!"

The so-called 'chick president' grinned, unfazed by the looming threat of the wooden weapon inches from her beautiful face. "So you're the leader here, 3rd year Moji." Suddenly a wooden sword was now in Medaka's hands as though appearing out of thin air, the sword Moji was holding now gone. "Kendo, eh? That takes me back. I tried my hand at it for a bit a few years back." She then began to appraise the sword while the owner now wore a flabbergasted look on his face, alternating his eyes towards the woman in front of him and his now empty hands. "Looks like this wooden sword has been well looked after. This ebony finish is perfectly thorough."

Barehanded disarm. As far as Zenkichi observed, it was a very high-level Kendo move used in the olden days mostly prevalent during the Warring States Era, but with the way Medaka used it, he can consider it as a special technique of hers.

"Ha! Guys! Surround her!"

"Oooohhh!" As ordered by Moji, the rest of the troublemakers began to surround Medaka, preparing to attack with their wooden swords while Zenkichi stepped back a few steps in response, confident that his sexy companion can handle the situation easily.

"Inappropriate dress, dyed hair and accessories, a veritable parade of rule breakers." Passing the wooden sword to Zenkichi, an action that made her ample chest do interesting things much to his chagrin and secret delight, Medaka grinned. "Not that I can talk. Tehe."

Zenkichi sweat-dropped at his superior's cutesy talk, a contradiction to the tension that was prevalent, but then Medaka did a single step; a single step where clones of her appeared and swiftly passed by the delinquents.

"Wha-what the hell!?"

Then another step and Medaka appeared behind them with all her glory. In her hands were the cigarette cases of the delinquents, deftly balanced on the opened surface of her fan. "However, the cigarettes are one thing you should change. These things cause all sorts of health problems. Just think of this as good for yourselves."

The delinquents were now scared stiff while others were frantically searching for their smokes. Zenkichi even heard one say that what Medaka used was a ninja technique, which was far from the truth. In essence, it was still Kendo. A normal advance step and retreat step, however, with that level of execution Medaka showed, others could discern very little difference from that popular technique in fiction that is the Replication Technique. An opinion he would have shared if he never experienced those things during summer break. Moreover, from what he could surmise, a number of people could do such feat. Truthfully told, he could also do such thing.

Then again, such thing was insignificant to Medaka.

Then again, such thing was also normal for Zenkichi.

"It looks as though you've made a fine mess of the place." Medaka sighed, observing the littered trash around her. "To have dirtied one of these schools' facilities to this extent, I'm almost impressed."

"What's with the lecturing!?" A delinquent member shouted, pointing rudely at Medaka while she covered her face with that fan of hers. "This has nothing to do with you President! Don't think too highly of yourself!"

Zenkichi scoffed.

She may, she may not, but in my eyes, everyone is normal.

"So pitiful!" Medaka gave strong declaration that made the opposing side crammer up. "All of you guys were undoubtedly once passionate, loyal Kendo Club members. I can only presume that there is some great reason, some great tragedy which had led to you straying far from the path."

Such dramatics.

Scratching the back of his head, Zenkichi could only look away in embarrassment. Even though this was something he already knew, he was still uncomfortable with the [Proof of One's Worth: Preaching to the Lesser Mortals].

"Were you thrown aside by your parents? Did you fail to meet a teacher who could guide you? Were you betrayed by one of your own?" Bending backwards, facing the troubled teens upside down, Medaka began her heart-rending speech. "Worry no more! I will help you be born again. I will make it impossible for you to become distracted by anything other than the way of the sword. I will straighten you out! I will correct the wrongs! I will improve you, rebuild you!" The delinquents were now uncomfortable as Medaka's speech got through their hearts, cracking their harsh facades. "I will not see your thoughts lead astray again. I will leave you unable to cry or even bleed." A predatory grin and a pair of strict eyes were now on Medaka's face as a strong presence that could make even the most trained military men cower engulfed those delinquents that were surrounding her. "We start with the basic strokes, 1000 times! Don't you guys even think you're going to be able to walk home today!"

Sighing, Zenkichi resigned himself reluctantly to an intense training session with the delinquents who were now in the process of reform.


"Zenkichi, I know you already know this... but you're an idiot."

"I know."

Discussions between friends, the cluttering of eating utensils, the smell of delicious food, and of course, the sound of the students eating; with those as the background, Zenkichi and Shiranui talked about the events that transpired the day before.

"Only you seemed to be dragged along on the little princess's quests pretty much every time. Could you just deny her or something? And don't give some poorly made excuse." Eating a large bowl of chicken and rice and with several more bowls on the table in front of her, Shiranui berated Zenkichi between mouthfuls.

"Even if I could, I won't." Zenkichi shrugged as he began eating the same dish as the petite girl in front of him but in a smaller amount. "In a way, this is something that only I could do."

From what Zenkichi knew about Medaka, he surmised that she was a person that only had a single purpose in life. Not that having a purpose was bad given that most people do not even know their own. But to pattern every action to that single purpose that she would forget to notice those that were around her, affected or not, and more importantly herself, just seemed so wrong, even if she was mostly right on her undertakings. In a way, Medaka would never understand that she was better than other people were with her mindset, and as a result, she pushes others to improve themselves. Others might think this was good thing, and in the past and sometimes in the present and maybe the near future, Zenkichi did, would, and maybe agree, but in the end, she was just forcing other people to confirm with her views. Then again, she only had good intentions and most of the times these intentions bore fruit to something great such as during the last year of middle-school after the results of the national mock exam. From what Zenkichi heard from a classmate during middle-school that was now in Hakoniwa, Medaka actually decided to teach the revision classes over the summer holiday. Admiration for such an action was prevalent and expectations then were high given her having the highest score in the country and all that. However, to the class' disappointment, she ended up teaching how to write 1's and 7's to avoid confusion with the examiners and how to fill out multiple-choice sheet. Everything she taught was to help prevent misunderstandings as the proctors mark the tests. During the time Zenkichi heard this, the one he was talking to laughed sheepishly as if embarrassed, not that he saw any fault in that given that understanding the person known as Medaka Kurokami was a mammoth task. Zenkichi's childhood friend that could never understand the impossibility that those classmates of hers could also get full marks and that their mistakes were only due to some mistakes in filling out the test. She presumes that the people surrounding her could also do the same amazing things, the same accomplishments, and the same success. Zenkichi could only hope that Medaka would understand such things in the near future. Then gain this was all normal for him.

"Hee... So what are you going to do now?" Shiranui raised an eyebrow, now on her fifth bowl.

"Wait for those guys in the Kendo Club to come back and watch Medaka reform them, or something along those lines."

"A hya hya. If that event during summer break didn't happen, you wouldn't have understood Medaka's actions as you have right now. You would have complained a lot more."

Dropping his bowl of chicken rice as he finished his lunch, Zenkichi gave Shiranui a nod, a wry smile making its way on his face.

"Thank you, Shiranui, for helping me."

"W-w-what the hell idiot, don't spout nonsense like that out of nowhere. It's my fault in the first place anyway..." Sputtering and mumbling the last sentence, Shiranui increased her food intake, a large bowl now covering her face.

"Nevertheless, thank you."

Dropping the bowl unceremoniously, the petite blue-haired girl took a glass of water. She then sighed in relief as a devious grin formed on her face.

"You know, if you're not careful, I might eat you up one of these days."

Zenkichi laughed nervously. "Duly noted."

However, the nice atmosphere between the pair never lasted as an angry growl as Zenkichi heard an angry growl behind him.

"This isn't a joke. I'm gonna be pissed if they're still there."

Noticing Zenkichi's questioning glance after he turned around and back to see who was talking, which to his disappointment was not there anymore, Shiranui began informing him.

"That was Hyuga from our class that was eating just behind you. A Kendo expert that is known all over the country." Finishing her last bowl, she wiped her lips with a white handkerchief with floral patterns. "Anyway, if you wish to get out of the little princess's clutches, there will be a recruitment meeting for the remaining position's on the Student Council after the classes. All the so-called elite students from the 2nd and 3rd years will be there. When all the positions are filled, you have now enough reason to say bye-bye to her."

Zenkichi only gave Shiranui a silent nod as a reply, making the petite girl grin wistfully.


Sparkling clean, that would be the state of the Kendo Hall when Zenkichi arrived as all the wasted knickknacks and all the misplaced equipment were now gone and arranged. The hall was so clean that he thought for a second that the place had a recent renovation.

"Wha-what the!?" Zenkichi stammered, surprised at the new and improved look of the hall. "What the hell happened here!? Yesterday this place looked like some sort of post-apocalyptic ruin!"

"You're late, Zenkichi!" Wearing upper part of a white duster dress over her modified school uniform and a white cloth on her head, Medaka looked like a sexy version of a house cleaner, an attire that made Zenkichi blush. "Training started ages ago. As punishment, you'd best not expect to be going home anytime soon. You're not the only one either. No one seems to come on time these days."

"You know, Medaka-chan, you should never concern yourself with some strangers. Why work so hard?"

Getting rid of her cleaner's attire in a very showy way, Medaka resolutely faced Zenkichi. "Why question my motives!? You should know that I was born onto this earth to help complete strangers. It's only when I'm able to help someone then I'm truly happy."

Your motivation is why I question you, Medaka-chan. It just seems so wrong... and sad, Zenkichi thought, knowing he could not directly tell such things to Medaka since it would only be lost cause.

One might even ask if such selfless person truly exist if faced by such declaration. Truthfully, it is not impossible. Still, most of the time, such actions, and declarations have some hidden agenda or just some way to feel the pleasure of being helpful, the people of lower status groveling at their feet as thanks. However, in front of Zenkichi, is an example of such selfless person bordering sainthood, a selfless being that truly believed that she was born for the sake of others. He might constitute this to some kind of Messiah Complex or some other psychological jargon. However, by being with her for almost 13 years, Zenkichi can confidently with some displeasure, call Medaka a truly selfless person. Then again, Medaka's thinking was wrong even though it was normal in Zenkichi's perspective.

"I'll say this, Medaka-chan. If you carry on as you are now, you are bound to regret it one of these days." Still, Zenkichi had to try.

"Such thing will never happen!" With a resolute face, Medaka pointed the cloth duster towards Zenkichi to emphasize her point.

"Tsk! Why do I even care!?" Turning his back at Medaka, Zenkichi strode to the wooden sliding door. "It's not like I'm a member of the Student Council anyways!"

Nevertheless, as Zenkichi opened the door, he saw the delinquents now wearing proper Kendo club attires holding a bamboo sword each. It seemed that Medaka's overwhelming speech and Spartan-like training session broke their troublemaker shells. Getting out of their way, he saw them walked through the door with purpose.

"We may be a bunch of lowlifes but don't you dare confuse us for cowards!"

If only such declarations like those that the one Moji was spouting right now would never come, changing Medaka-chan's outlook would have been easier.

"As if being beaten to a pulp would make us give up this place! I'll tell you now, you'll never reform us! If you think you can then just try it!"

Like a protagonist of a work of fiction, Medaka had already reformed the once delinquents with not much difficulty even if they say otherwise.

"Fine then, I'll take on anyone's problems. I'll also take on anyone's challenge." Grinning, Medaka began another hellish session.

Near the door, Zenkichi could only glare at them as he left.


In a resigned manner, Zenkichi walked through one of the empty hallways of Hakoniwa Academy. From the way things were developing in the Kendo Hall, the need for his presence was null. Thus, with a clenched fist showing his irritation to Medaka's stubborn attitude, he decided to have a relaxing stroll around the campus and think through some things.

Medaka Kurokami, from as long as he could remember, she always ended up standing above people. In face of her overpowering personality, in face of her unquestionable dictatorship, whilst being the envy of many, with a personality which rides above right and wrong, in the end none can help but liking her. Regardless of what hardship she had to bear, she would not resent a thing. She would just carry on as she always does. Nevertheless, Zenkichi was not as conceited as to think that he understood Medaka the most, when she herself barely did.

Who was in the wrong? To the general point of view, Zenkichi would be the one who was wrong. Stopping someone from helping other people, such thing would be absurd! Why stop them when they only do good unto others? Nevertheless, Zenkichi thought otherwise. Such thoughts and actions would end up self-destructive. To think the she was born for the sake of others, such flawed sense of being and purpose. Sometimes he would even curse himself for saying such thoughtless things to Medaka during their childhood, but the past was the past and he was just a child then. He could only walk towards the future and soon, maybe he will have the chance to correct such thing. Then again, this was all normal for Zenkichi, like an attack from behind for example.

A dull sound of something hitting hard a reinforced glass suddenly reverberated throughout the empty hallway.

"What the hell!?" Zenkichi heard a surprised yelp as he turned around, his attacker wearing a somewhat funny look on his face.

"Tsk! Why the hell are you attacking me for, eh, Hyuga?" Zenkichi raised an eyebrow.

"Why the hell can't I hit you!?" Ignoring Zenkichi's question, Hyuga tried to hit Zenkichi repeatedly in different angles and different places with different Kendo moves, but the same thing happened, again and again. Still, with every strike, transparent glass like things of about a quarter of a meter squared with some considerable thickness would appear, blocking each blow, the dull sound now repeating on a faster rate.

Sighing again for the umpteenth time since Zenkichi came to Hakoniwa, which he deemed would be his usual reaction for the foreseeable future, he just stood in the same position since the start of the attack, unfazed and unmoving.

"Here's a deal. If you answer my question first, I'll answer yours. Is that alright with you?"

Nodding, Hyuga's body slumped, hands on his knees, showing the fatigue he accumulated from his useless attacks.

"You and that bitch of a president! You were supposed to get rid of those weeds in the Kendo Hall not cultivate them! Damn idiots!"

Narrowing his eyes, ignoring the rather unique way he described the now reformed delinquents, Zenkichi turned around to continue his leisurely walk.

"Wait! Didn't you say that you'd answer my question if I answer yours?"

Stopping, Zenkichi turned around and gave Hyuga a toothy grin. "Still expecting to honor a deal when you just insulted Medaka-chan. Fresh! This Zenkichi is surprised."

Hyuga tried to open his mouth and try to throw some more insults when suddenly his body tensed and fell unceremoniously to the floor.

Zenkichi scoffed. He may deny it, but to him, everything Medaka did was right. Ever since Zenkichi was two, he have stood by her side and watched her brand of justice. Again, he was not as conceited as to say to random people that he understood Medaka the best. Then again, he did say so in the past in which he could only chuckle in mirth every time he remembers.

Nevertheless, from his experience, Medaka might go over the top and it might seem to make no sense. Still, he understands her, and knows how right she is. He may not understand just what sort of pleasure she gets out of helping people; however, he will not forgive those that go against her justice.

Nevertheless, at the end of that road is crushing loneliness and despair. That's why...

Shaking his from such worrisome thoughts, Zenkichi continued his leisurely walk.


The next day, Zenkichi heard from Shiranui the events that had transpired in the Kendo Hall when he was taking his leisurely walk. With her taking Medaka's place in the council recruitment meeting, the president timely arrived at the Kendo Hall where Hyuga was in the middle of his fight against the reformed Kendo club members. Given that somehow Hyuga was weak and tired, the resident club members managed to have a standoff with him. Seeing this, Medaka did her thing, reformed Hyuga, and was now having the same intense training with the other club members. It seemed that Shiranui gave a request to Medaka to correct Hyuga's bad personality. Devious, as expected from Zenkichi's best friend.

In the following days, Zenkichi heard that Hyuga, shared with the reformed troublemakers, now ran the Kendo Hall. In the end, it seemed that most guys there, special mention to Moji and Hyuga, had now fallen for Medaka.

Now though, after a few days from the said ordeal, Zenkichi had then made up his mind about the Student Council membership.

"What's with the flowers?" In the table, Zenkichi saw a vase with two flowers. "They weren't there yesterday."

"Hm?" Medaka turned to face Zenkichi, her fan now open near her face. "This is just an incentive to fulfill my official council duties. Every time I sort out a student's problem, I put a flower on display and at the moment I've got two."

"Oh?" Zenkichi now had a curious look on his face. "So you do have a girly side to your personality then. And what will you do if you fail one of the requests? Kill a flower off?"

"I won't fail." Medaka said as she turned around to look outside the window. "Even if I do, I won't dwell on it." Looking up, the rays of the sun fell on her face further emphasizing her beauty. "One day looking out over this room and seeing nothing but flowers." She smiled brightly. "...Is my dream."

Blushing madly, Zenkichi was wide-eyed as he stared at Medaka, but then turned away from her. "I wonder if you can manage it." Excuses, but Zenkichi could not help it. "You ended up ditching the recruitment meeting meaning that the council doesn't even have one new member."

"Fine by me." Medaka then took a glance at Zenkichi. "From the beginning I never planned on working with anyone except you."

"Why are you set on me? I'm just a childhood friend. And some might say I'm just the same as any stranger."

"You do say some odd things. You should know never in my life I considered you as a stranger," Medaka said as Zenkichi turned around to face her. "Because I am the person who understands you the best. And you are the person that understands me the best."

Such declaration from Medaka made Zenkichi's heart rate switch to high gear as it pumped life-giving blood turning his face red. Again, most people might have mistaken such talk as a confession, but it was far farther from what it truly was. Still, he nodded with a smile.

"Ever since we were two, you were the one who was always worried about me. It's no different now. You're still the only person who protects me. It's only the reassurance that you gave me that I am able to help others!"

Is it a lie? No, Medaka never lied. All the 13 years that Zenkichi stayed with Medaka, she never lied. This just showed that she never really understood, or maybe there is still hope.

"Well..." Zenkichi offered his hands to Medaka for a handshake. "...If that's what you think then give me an armband. I'll help you turn this school into a field of flowers..."

"So you finally decided to heed my request." Medaka closed her fan. "I suppose I should express some sort of gratitude." Medaka, to Zenkichi's surprise, suddenly threw herself onto him and gave him a tight and tender hug. "Thank You!"

Another of Medaka's special skills, the [Proof of One's Worth: Strict Girl/Cute Girl Switch]. A skill that made Zenkichi blush furiously as both of them fell on the floor.

In the end, there was no need for Zenkichi to think about it. Even if he was reluctant about it, he knew from the start that things would end up like this. After all, even if those things did happen during summer break, he still likes Medaka.


"Hey, Akune-kun, what do you know about that first year? I think his name was Zenkichi Hitoyoshi."

"Hitoyoshi? Why are you interested with such worm captain?"

"Hmm? Just curious..."


Author's Notes

Let me explain about this particular piece. As you already know, Medaka Box is a unique series with OP characters appearing here and there. The reason for writing this is to polish my skill on writing battles and overpowered characters. Another reason would be the disappointment at the way Nisio Isin handled the Medaka Kurokami's Successor Arc. Seriously, all the tense talk about Zenkichi having a power up and becoming a main character, even hinting of him becoming the last boss, and he won just by giving a speech. Not that it was bad, but it could have been better. No, I am not that conceited as to say that I can write something better, but there is nothing wrong on trying. I would have made the start of this fic at the beginning of that particular arc but I decided to start at the very beginning of the series to make some changes with the relationships between relevant characters and maybe upgrade some minor character roles.

You, as the reader, if you have read the manga, would have noticed the rehashed dialogs. This will become less and less apparent as more changes and diversions to the plot will happen in the near future. Another thing you might notice is that this chapter had somewhat become a character study of Medaka, but I think this was necessary to hint some changes on Zenkichi and some of his goals.

About the summary, it may seem like edgy nonsense at first, but I think that the summary properly describes one of the most significant plot points in this story.

Lastly, as a warning, this story will have the main character Zenkichi Hitoyoshi; yes, he is the main character, to be overpowered in comparison to most characters and even Medaka Kurokami. Hints for the reason are in the next chapters.

I welcome any criticisms and reviews for this story. Thank you for reading and good day.