Arc 2: Into the Flask

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Chapter 5 – Medaka Flask

It was not his lucky day.

"Wa ha ha ha! What the hell is that, Hitoyoshi!?"

Definitely not his lucky day.

"Pffft! Aha ha ha! That really suits you, Hitoyoshi-san!"

If he could, he would crawl under a rock and hide for an eternity.

"Hmm... Such an attire... I never thought you had such interest, Zenkichi..."

Eons and eons like a clam, unmoving and unthinking, seemingly in a dream.

"Ku ku ku, it seems that something new has been awakened inside of you, Zenkichi-kun."

Dreaming of wistful dreams, escaping the harsh and cold reality that was now.

"2462072404 (You're cute.)"

In the confined space that was the Student Council room, Zenkichi, with Myouga by his side, was before his fellow Council members plus Nekomi Nabeshima, wearing a Maid Uniform.

"2405729682574247790... 02957206270 (Myouga-chan, I would had been happy if you said that to me... while I'm not wearing this,)" Zenkichi said, looking down to his feet, averting the laughing faces of those around him.

It was days after the whole debacle with the Public Morals Committee. Even though it was somewhat of a harsh conflict... in the end, no one was seriously injured. Well except for Myouri, who ended up taking a break from his work due to some lung injury, not that he was guilty of it. Quite the contrary really, given that Myouri was the one who attacked first, even if he was technically a kid.

"A ha ha! Hey, Hitoyoshi! Is it drafty in here or what!? Oh wait, of course it is! Because you're wearing a dress! Aha ha ha!"

Damn irritatingly handsome Akune and his lame jokes!

"Ha ha ha ha! Nice one, Akune-kun!"

"Ku ku ku, as expected of my protegé."

It's not even funny!

"Hmm... I don't get what's funny..."

"246790275? (Neh, why are they laughing?)"

Oh Medaka-chan, Myouga-chan, such oasis of tranquility in this sea of jeers.


It was a development. Myouga asking about what others were talking about. Such huge step for her... Maybe something happened between her and Medaka, a positive reinforcement on her character and an improvement to her almost non-existent people skills...

A friendship perhaps.

This time, he was thankful of Medaka, like many times before. Then again, it also made him curse, as her ideals were again strengthened. It was hypocritical really, and Zenkichi knows it; painfully reminded to him from the interactions and series of events he experienced since the first day of summer during his last year of middle-school.

Still, he shouldn't think of such things at the current time given that he was now in a much more threatening situation.

A threat to his manliness.

He became the center for entertainment.

Go on! Laugh! You'll see! I'll be the one who will have the last laugh! Bwa ha! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

And to combat such shame, Zenkichi began to dive into his crazy delusions.

"Aha ha ha... haaah... This is really something... Is this what Medaka-san meant about punishment yesterday?" Kikaijima said as she took a breath to calm herself from too much laughter.

"Ha ha ha! I never thought you had it in you, Medaka-san," said Akune wiping some laughter-induced tears on his eyes.

"I didn't. I only said that he will act as Schoolmate Unzen's servant for a day," said Medaka, somewhat confused.

"Ku ku ku, then maybe it's Unzen-chan that made him wear it," Nabeshima said as she nodded approvingly.

"Hitoyoshi-kun, can you ask her why you had to wear a maid uniform?" asked Kikaijima.

"Hmph! Ask her yourself!"

"What a kill joy."

"I don't care what you think, Akune!"

"3154252982467358952245? (Why did you make Zenkichi wear a maid uniform, Schoolmate Unzen?")

"Medaka-chan, why!?"

"2470246560197510345893 (When I think of servants, it would either be a maid or a butler... I just like maids better.)"

"Myouga-chan, No!"

"2568 (Thank you for answering.)" Medaka then turned to answer Kikaijima while the rest listened. "She said that she likes maids more than butlers."

"Oh, so that's why."


"Perfect logic!"

"What perfect logic!? I'm a guy! If I have to wear something, at least let it be a butler's uniform!"

Then Zenkichi heard a sniffle on his right.

"265945? (You don't like it?)" Myouga said as tears fell from her eyes, slowly flowing down her almost emotionless face.

"Woah! You made her cry."

"Bad Zenkichi."


"You are such cruel man, Zenkichi-kun."

Akune, Medaka, Kikaijima, and Nabeshima said respectively with condemning eyes.

"Now I'm the bad guy?"

"2460724... (I'm sorry...)" Myouga sniffled.

"W-wa..." In such a predicament, in face of a crying girl, Zenkichi began to scramble for a solution, and then he got a humiliating, but hopefully, effective idea. "U fu fu fu fu, I like it, Myouga-chan! Look." Zenkichi said in a voice reminiscent of Emma, as he skipped back and twirled like the Victorian maid in the middle of her romance. "I love the dress!"

With that action, Myouga smiled.

The things I do to please the fairer sex...

"Bwa ha ha ha ha! That was awesome, Hitoyoshi! You should make that as your Council uniform."

"Aha ha ha, Hitoyoshi-kun... a ha ha... maid... like Emma... a ha ha ha!"

"Ku ku ku, you've been holding out on me, Zenkichi-kun."

"I don't get it... But it really does suit you, Zenkichi... Maybe you have a talent as a maid."

"That's it! Zenkichi-kun was born to be a maid!" Nabeshima suddenly said, her usual smug smile now wider.

"Right! When you look at him closer... He does look cute in it. Maybe with a little make-up and some hair-styling, he could even pass as a girl..." added by Kikaijima while nodding eagerly.

Hey wait!, Zenkichi thought as he widened his eyes with the current flow of discussion.

"Quite an observation, Treasurer Kikaijima," Medaka said as she opened her fan to cool herself.

"I have makeup."

"Good job, Nabeshima-senpai!"

No no no no no no! Please don't!

"Oy oy, don't get ahead of yourselves, as if I'd do it!" Zenkichi said with false bravado, but it fell on deaf ears as Nabeshima, Medaka, and Kikaijima began pulling out make-ups, combs and other girl stuff, from their bags and some cabinets inside the room.

"2965702? (You won't?)" said Myouga with a very disappointed face.

"24969092476!? (How could you even understand!?)"

"42604 (I like maids.)"

"245679027! (That is not a valid argument!)"

"5296526? (Then you won't?)" Myouga said teary eyed.

"Gahhhh!" Zenkichi ruffled his own hair in frustration.

"Well then, let's start with your make-over, Hitoyoshi-kun!" said Kikaijima with an eager look on her face, backed up by Nabeshima and Medaka.




"...Never expected this."

"As expected of Zenkichi."

"5246 (Pretty.)

Kikaijima, Nabeshima, Medaka, and Myouga said respectively behind Zenkichi as he stared on the small mirror that was given to him.


In front of him, reflected on the mirror, was a girl of short strawberry-blond hair combed straight, with seemingly unblemished skin, rosy cheeks, and clear blue eyes, a face of a very pretty girl, seemingly as pure as spring water.

What the hell!? I'm a trap!

"I have to say this again, Zenkichi-kun... you really have been holding back on me," said Nabeshima, blushing as she stared at Zenkichi


"Hitoyoshi-san... Can I touch you?" Kikaijima said as she held her shaking hands towards him.


Then Kikaijima pinched him in the cheeks.

"Kyaa, so pretty, like a doll!"

"Oww..." said Zenkichi, making Kikaijima pull her hands off, although reluctantly.

"S-sorry, hey, can I call you Zen-chan?"

"Huh? Why?"

"I feel that calling you normally just doesn't fit with the current you?"

"What current me? I'm always me! A man!"

"Oh no! Please don't speak like that, do that Emma impression that you did earlier..."

"And why would I do that?"

"Plea~se..." Kikaijima said with beady eyes, like a cute puppy.

Really, the things I do for the fairer sex, Zenkichi thought as he sighed.

"Of course Madam Kikaijima," Zenkichi said in his best Victorian maid impression, with a flourish and smile of one.



"Please keep up the act..."

"Of course, Madam Kikaijima," Zenkichi said again in his best maid impression.

"Wahh, this is really dangerous, he really looks like a girl... and speaks like one too..."

"Just like Hayate..." Nabeshima added.

"34583... (Pretty...)" Myouga repeated, somewhat catatonic...

"Zenki-, no, Zen-chan..." said Medaka as she gritted her teeth as though holding back.

"Yes Madam Kurokami?"

"Guh! Such outstanding cuteness..." Medaka's body was now twitching, body staggering while shaking angrily, and then, "Kyaaa! Can I take you home Zen-chan? You're so cute! Kyaaa! So adorable!" she said as she launched herself towards Zenkichi, glomping him for all his worth, almost making him lose balance. "Ah such happiness."

Then Zenkichi heard a flash of a camera.

"Umm... What's that, Nabeshima-senpai?" Zenkichi asked but then someone knocked his head.


"Don't break character!" said Medaka, Kikaijima, and Nabeshima angrily in chorus, as Medaka released her hold... after she did a peace sign at a camera flash.

Thankfully, Myouga was just staring at him, starry-eyed while blushing.

"May I ask, Madam Nabeshima, what are you doing with such a tool?" Zenkichi reiterated the question.

"Kyaaa! Too cute!" Nabeshima took photos in a very fast rate like a woman possessed, blushing with a skewed smile on her face. "Zen-chan, when we go out next time, you'll have to wear that."

"Even you, Madam Nabeshima, call me such a name?"

"Kukuku, of course Zen-chan! Any other would be sacrilegious."


"... Very well, Madam Nabeshima..." Zenkichi bowed an elegant bow, his face morphed to his usual lackadaisical expression eyes twitching as he thought, This is getting too much, for a moment, before he reverted back as he raised his head.

Suddenly someone barged into the room.

"A hya hya! Hello everyone! It's your favorite girl, Hansode Shiranui reporting! So what's the ag—"

"A good day to you, Madam Shiranui," said Zenkichi while giving her a perfect bow that even the most professional of maids would be proud of.

I never knew my research about the wonderful world of maids would be used like this. I was even hoping to go to Akiba one of these days...

"Oh my god! Kyaaaa! So pretty!" Just like Medaka earlier, Shiranui launched herself towards him, hugging him like a fangirl possessed. "Neh, who are you Miss Pretty Maid?"

"Oh no, Madam Shiranui, you don't recognize me? It's me, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi."

"A hya hya hya of course...wait! Wait!" Shiranui pulled herself off him and back-pedaled several times to look up to his face. "Zenkichi? Ahyaa..." Shiranui blushed... "I never knew you were a girl."

"Oh please, don't lie, Madam Shiranui, you of all people should know that I'm hundred percent male."

"A hya hya, sorry, I just got carried away..." Shiranui tiptoed as she walked away. Suddenly, a far too large camera appeared on her hands, pressing the button for a series of flashes.

"A hya hya hya! For posterity!"

"Why would you do such a thing, Madam Shiranui?"

Shiranui grinned then tiptoed and signaled for him to lower himself for her to whisper on his ears.

"Are you already forgetting about the others, Zenkichi?"

"Well not really... but please don't show those pictures that you just took to them," Zenkichi whispered back in his usual tone.

"Are you that suicidal, Zenkichi?"

"Gurk!..." Zenkichi then rose and smiled his best fake smile. "I'm happy for what you intended for those photographs, Madam Shiranui."

"A hya hya, of course! But seriously I never thought that all those trips you had to that particular store to buy porn with maids on them would give this result."

"Is that true, Zen-chan!?"

"Don't break our dreams, Zen-chan!"

"Please say it ain't so, Zen-chan!"

What the hell is wrong with them...? And how did Shiranui know? Well, porn is somewhat bad... but this kind of reaction... Is this similar to what I feel when I hear some news about my favorite idols getting hitched...? Damn.

"Please don't jest, Madam Shiranui. I'm a pure maiden that spends my spare time perfecting my maid skills," Zenkichi said proudly, reluctantly acting, to please and to deliver.

"Kyaaa! Of course, Zen-chan! You're pure and unadulterated!"


"Thank goodness, Zen-chan."

"Oh, Zen-chan..."

Okay... This is getting creepy... Even Shiranui isn't exempted. By the way...

"Oh, Master Akune," Zenkichi shivered a bit as he spoke. "Why aren't you talking? Am I a bother?"

Akune blushed. "N-no."

What is wrong with this guy?

Zenkichi, mimicking what he had seen in his so-called research, walked with all the poise and glamour of a perfect maid towards Akune. He then tilted his head and asked, "Are you alright, Master Akune?"

Without preamble, Akune clutched his chest as he stared at Zenkichi, his breath ragged with a face as red as a tomato up to his ears.

Oy oy, is this a heart attack? Zenkichi, worried about his annoyingly handsome friend, touched the hands that he was using to clutch his chest. "Master Akune... Please speak, you're worrying me."

"G-get away from me!" Akune forcefully pushed Zenkichi with one hand as he stepped back, his back now on the wall.

That hurt you bastard! And here I was worried about you!

"Did I offend you, Master?" said Zenkichi, still using his deceptively girly voice comparable to a famous seiyuu, clutching the seams of his maid dress as he sat like a girl on the floor.

"What the hell is this!? This is awfully, no, extremely dangerous! Gahh! I'm getting out of here before I cross the line!" Akune wailed like a madman, as he ran in circles then rushed to the door, leaving the Student Council room, screaming.

What's wrong with him? Some new sickness perhaps?

"Ahyaa, that was definitely an A-grade BL material," said Shiranui.

"Ku ku ku, you can't really call it like that Shiranui-chan since the other half looks like a girl no matter how you see it," commented Nabeshima

"True true," Shiranui agreed.

"T-this is an amazing discovery..." Kikaijima stuttered, her face red.

"I never knew such a world exists," Medaka said as she covered the lower part of her face with her fan.

"6357 (Pretty)"

Things are getting weirder and weirder...

A familiar sound was then heard on the academy's PA system, a request for Medaka to go to the chairman's office.

A wonder what's that about?

"Madam Kurokami, the Academy's Chairman has called for you."

"Hmm... It is as you said, Zen-chan. He even placed a request on the Suggestion Box of the same intent."

Even in this change of mood, you still call me that huh.

"Are you going, Madam Kurokami?"

"Of course, I would not be a good President if I don't honor a request."

Medaka then walked towards the door with her usual confident strut.

"Be careful, Medaka-chan," Zenkichi said in his regular voice.

"Thank you, Zenkichi."

And Medaka left.

"20572050760247982462 (Well then, let's go meet your brother, Madam Unzen.)"

Like a balloon pop, Myouga awoke from her stupor of unknown reason and nodded fervently like a child. She then ran towards his side and held his right hand.

"Well then, Madam Shiranui, Madam Kikaijima, we must go."

"Wait! I'll come with you!" Shiranui said as she took his left hand.

"How about you, Madam Kikaijima?"

"D-don't mind me, Zen-chan, I still have to visit the Swim Club to check up on my seniors in the Swim Club."

"Madam Nabeshima?"

"Ku ku ku, I really want to come with you... but I still have to check on Akune and the Judo club. Even if I'm not the captain anymore, I still have responsibilities."

"Very well, I wish a good day for the both of you." Zenkichi gave a curt bow. "Off we go now, Madam Shiranui, Madam Unzen."

Now that he thought about it... It was more like something new has awakened in them than in me.


The Academy cafeteria has a lot of tables and students eating on them. While some were lining up to get their food, others were pushing buttons on a machine to get meal tickets.

"36535375377537 8462624569707? 2496422466247? 247267572? (Hey there, sis. You seem happy today. Did something good happen? Hmm... Who's that pretty maid? Isn't nii-san your servant for the day sis? Did he hire a stand in?)" Mouri asked several questions as he rested his head in between the bountiful breasts of a pretty glasses-girl while surrounded by several younger girls left and right, including Onigase, as the glasses-girl fed him with his food.

Smug little bastard!

To answer Myouri's question, Myouga and Shiranui pointed at Zenkichi, the former still with star-struck eyes while the latter grinned mischievously while blushing.

"Hmm? You're happy that you have your own exclusive maid?" Myouri asked his sister.

Myouga cutely shook her head. She then shook the hem of Zenkichi's sleeves earning his attention. With a pleading look on Myouga's eyes, he understood. Even if she was comfortable with those that she knew, talking in front of strangers was still daunting for her. And so, he decided to speak for her.

"It's me, Master Unzen."

"Huh? Do I know you?"

"It's me, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi."

"What!" He suddenly rose from his comfortable position, slamming his hands to the table.


In one side of the table, Onigase spewed what she was eating earning a glare from her unfortunate comrade. "Sorry about that, Yane-san..." she apologized then turned to look at Zenkichi with disbelieving eyes." Did Hitoyoshi paid you to say that! That bastard, making such a pretty nee-san spout such obvious lies."

"That's where you're wrong, Onigase-san. To my delight! What he said is the hundred percent truth!" Shiranui said.

Was it really that unbelievable?

"Hee!? B-but you're so pretty and you speak respectfully with an equally pretty voice, totally different from pervert nii-san!" said Myouri while rubbing his eyes.

What! Pervert Nii-san!? Damn midget bastard!

Zenkichi's eye twitched. "Who're you calling pervert nii-san!? Want me to put you in the hospital for a longer time!?" In anger, he forgot his maid character.

"Who are you to speak to Chairman like tha—Ohhhh, it really is you!" Onigase said as she stood up to rudely point at Zenkichi.

"Woah! It is you, nii-san! Damn..." Myouri looked up and down at Zenkichi. "You really look like a girl... a very pretty girl... sounded one too."

"Who's she, Unzen-san?" The sexy glasses-girl said as she glared at him with the rest of the Enforcer girls.

"Ke ke ke, the maid is not a she, Yabuko. He's a guy... the same guy that gave me this injury," Myouri said as he gestured to his own chest. There were no visible injuries except some scratches that hadn't yet healed, but it was clear the Myouri as still having trouble breathing.

"A guy!?" All the Enforcer girls said in chorus while Onigase just stared at him with a hint of red on her face.

Oy oy, are they more surprised about me cross-dressing than the revelation that I was the one who beat the crap out of their leader?

Zenkichi then coughed as he averted the reprimanding look from Myouga from momentarily breaking character while Shiranui snickered beside him. "Like you said, my punishment is to serve Madam Myouga for a day; the character change and the dress are something extra."

"Heeeh... But seriously... you look pretty. Why do you normally look so underwhelming?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Evading the question huh..."

Then someone touched his chest. "Hm?"

"You really are a guy..." the girl with shoulder length, brown hair, said as she continued to touch his chest. It was flat of course, a chest of a manly man.

"Please stop that Madam."

"Really, Jijiwa!?" a girl with messy, shoulder-length green hair, said behind the girl now known as Jijiwa.

"Yeah, Koyu... Hey, why are you so pretty?" asked Jijiwa.

"Neh, what's your secret?" another Enforcer girl, with short and spiky, brown hair, said.

"But she's actually a guy..." a girl with short, black hair with bangs that framed her face, said.

"Don't bother him. Jijiwa! Koyu! You too, Yane! Nomozaki!" The glasses-girl known as Yabuko said as she reprimanded the four Enforcer girls. "I'm really sorry...They are new recruits..." She bowed, but then she glared at him with psychotic eyes. "But don't get too close to Unzen-san or you're dead."

Huh? What the hell did I do?

"Understood, Madam Yabuko," Zenkichi bowed with the elegance of a proper maid.

"Uwaaa... so pretty."

The four Enforcer girls and Onigase chorused. Zenkichi could even see a hint of red on Yabuko's face, her psychotic glare now gone and her earlier anger evaporating to nothingness.

"Achem!" Myouri exaggeratedly coughed to earn Zenkichi's and the girls' attention. "We're getting sidetracked here..."

The girls then sat back on their seats as Myouri continued to rest on his overwhelmingly enviable position.

Damn smug little bastard!

"Let me ask... why come here, nii-san? Or is it nee-san since it would be more appropriate with your current looks?"

"You can call me as you like, Master Unzen." Though I prefer being called nii-san or something fitting to my actual gender.

"Nee-chan it is," Myouri said as he smirked.

Damnable evil little bastard!, Zenkichi thought as he ground his teeth in anger, bowing in approval, against his will, against his actual feelings.

"Ke ke ke ke, this is fun."

"Don't push it."

"Ke ke ke, sure sure. Well then, let me take a guess, you want to know about Class 13 and the 13 Party right?"

Zenkichi nodded.


The Chairman's office, an empty room except for the two sofas with a table between them, a desk and a chair on one side, some plants for some greenery, and some photos of past Chairman's hanging on the wall. A minimalist design made to not overwhelm visitors and make them at ease.

"First and foremost, Kurokami-san, I should thank you as the Chairman of the school. You see, the Board of Directors didn't actually like how the Enforcers did their job. You really saved us a lot of trouble," said Chairman Shiranui as he took a sip of his hot tea.

"There's no reason for you to thank me, Chairman Shiranui, it was not I who defeated Head Enforcer Unzen." Medaka also had a cup of tea on her hand as she sat on a comfortable sofa with Chairman Shiranui on the other side of the table.

"Oh? Then who would?"

"You really shouldn't play the fool, Chairman Shiranui, it is most unsuited to a man of position like you," Medaka said. The odd behavior from the Chairman made her worry.

"Hmm... So you know?"

"Yes... I know that it was Zenkichi who did battle with Senior Unzen and defeated him." It was obvious given Zenkichi was the only one with Myouri on the scene, even if he said otherwise.

"Hmm... Don't worry, he'll get his turn."

What is his intention?

"You're not surprised," Medaka growled.

"With that kind of bad acting from him, even the most gullible would know."

"So you were watching then."


"Then tell me why I am here."

"Very well... Medaka Kurokami, I want you to do something for me."

He really was her grandfather.

"That's a frightening thought, considering whose grandfather you are... I wonder what kind of assignment you would give me..."

"You don't need to be on guard, it's just a very simple request from an old man. Unzen-kun was important to a project I'm supervising, but due to your childhood friend, he will be out of commission for a while, so I'd like for you to take his place."

"In that kind of logic, wouldn't asking Zenkichi be more appropriate?"

"He'll get his turn... And you shouldn't downplay your fight with Unzen-san. That girl was supposed to be in her little brother's place, but due to some... technicalities... it was not realized."

"But why ask me first?"

"Suspense perhaps? Or maybe someone higher up just decided to let things flow this way." Chairman Shiranui grinned, a face reminiscent of his granddaughter, making Medaka narrow her eyes in suspicion.

"Then tell me. What is this project that you supervise?"

"I'm calling it The Flask Plan, for short."


"What is this Flask Plan that you speak of, Master Unzen?"

"Right. Like I said, it's the Chairman's project in which I was a member of. In fact, those of us in Class 13 were gathered from around the country for the sole purpose of that project." Myouri then showed one of his Super Balls between his fingers. "The Super Ball, the Snow White, the Cinderella, and the Ariadne were something that I managed to develop and have, as payment, from the Board of Directors, for participating on their little project."

"You should get to the point, Master Unzen."

"Pshh! Don't rush me just because you're in a drag, nee-san."

Zenkichi's eyes twitched.

"Excuse me sir, but I'm not really familiar with Class 13... What exactly is it?" asked Onigase as she raised her hand.

"Ohh Onigase-chan, you're asking that?" Myouri said as he sneered at Zenkichi while rubbing his face on Yabuko's bountiful chest.

I'm burning in righteous envy here you white-haired midget! Zenkichi thought as he glared at Myouri, who in turn, only widened his sneer.

"Well, it is expected since you're a freshman... Listen good, same to the rest of you! In this world, there are three different types of people. Those that are Normal, those that are Special, and those that are Abnormal," Myouri said as she showed his hands, eight dices, four on each hand in between his fingers, with his usual viscous grin.

But Myouri was wrong... The world, and in turn people, are not easily classified like that... Then again, he expected it.

Something normal...

A usual occurrence for Zenkichi.


"Kurokami-san, have you ever asked yourself, 'Why am I so amazing?'"

"... That question is irrelevant..."

"It seems that you did ask yourself once... Let me guess... From the moment you realized that Hitoyoshi-kun was gone from the middle-school you both attended, right? You asked yourself... 'Why is he gone from my side?'...'Did I do something wrong?'... 'Did I fail?'... A series of questions you asked to yourself, bringing out doubts and insecurities until you asked the all-important question, 'Is it because I'm amazing?' Thus, you denied to be placed in Class 13... Tell me, is it atonement?"

Why does he know so much?

"You should put a leash on that tongue of yours, Chairman Shiranui."

"Pardon me, Kurokami-san..." Chairman Shiranui coughed. "Even if you are not in Class 13, it is very clear that you are Abnormal. You make clones on foot with speed alone, you remember the finest details on a newspaper, you can make any wild beast submit with a single glare, you can do difficult math problems in your head, you can destroy the school with your bare hands, you can run a full marathon in two hours flat, you mastered calligraphy in three months, and you were a red belt at 10 years of age. None of these are feats a normal human being can do. I am not talking about talent or nature now. I'm talking about the physical abilities of the body. With the limitations of our muscles, the amount we can process at one time, the amount of strain our bones can handle, all of that is impossible. But you do the impossible as if it was nothing and you try to say you're not Abnormal?"

"Then what is Zenkichi?"

"We are talking about you, Kurokami-san?"

"No, this also concerns him... If you say that what I can do is Abnormal... then what about Zenkichi? I know he can do unusual things—amazing things—things, that I realized, he could not do before his disappearance. One very good example was what he did during the swim meet."

"Hmm... I'm quite curious too, Kurokami-san, but everything will come together in due time. But according to his current classification, he is Normal."

"If so, then I am also Normal."

"You don't know anything about him, Kurokami-san. That is why you can say that. But let me continue... You always do your best to make others better... but better yet, you should make them Abnormal. That is the next step for humans." Chairman Shiranui then took a piece of paper under his golden vest and read it after he placed his cup of tea on the table. "And on top of that, a single person getting 98% support from the public without mob mentality is impossible. Personality is not a factor for that. I think superiority which stands above the rest will beat out the majority rule, and taking this to the extreme, the way you're performing your duties as the Student Council President is Abnormal."

"Like I said, I am Normal."

"Of course you're Normal! No one can deny that fact. However, no one could also deny that you're very Special. Not only that, but you're well into the territory of being Abnormal!"

"I don't like the way you're classifying me, and your assessment of me is way overboard. The only reason I'm good at what I do is because I've been practicing since I can remember." This was Medaka's personal truth. Something she believed wholeheartedly.

"Ah, humility, an excuse for the gifted. From what hear from my granddaughter, it seems Hitoyoshi-kun is also prone with that kind of behavior."

"..." I've noticed.

Chairman Shiranui then placed a wine glass filled with red wine and dices on the table. "But it seems that you won't entertain this old man of further talk. Okay then, Kurokami-san, would you join me for a little experiment?"


"Compared to you guys who go around comparing their skills, well except for you, nii-san, and nee-san, I probably sounded like a pretentious little kid right?"

You are a pretentious little kid!, Zenkichi thought irritably.

"When it comes to integration, you guys would be considered Special. But when you consider that," Myouri said as he threw the dices, "We of Class 13 are still Abnormal!"

"Whoa! What the hell is that!? They all landed on six! That's sick!" Onigase said, astonished, same with her fellow Enforcers, while Shiranui and Myouga just stared at it as if it was of normal occurrence.

That is sick! Man... If I only have something like that, I would've been rich now, Zenkichi thought as he said, "Master Unzen should consider a career on gambling."

"Nice suggestion there, nii-san. Yabuko, put it up with my schedule."

"It will be done, Unzen-san," Yabuko said as he hugged Myouri, showing her affection of him to those that surround them.

"It's just as you saw, whenever one of us from Class 13 do something, it always comes out like that. Okay? There's no real way to explain it so you could just write it off as a technique or talent... But no... With us Abnormals, hard work, luck, and circumstances don't matter at all because whatever we do our results always turn out like that. Trying to make a theory of this inexplicable Abnormality is what the Flask Plan is about."

"Is it really like that? I wonder..." said Shiranui with a finger on her chin.

"Think what you like... By the way, Kurokami has been called by the Chairman right? This little trick is what he always uses to see whether you're fit to participate in this project. I bet she is being made to try it about now."

Zenkichi felt a gentle pull on his left sleeve. "24562496? (What is it Madam Unzen?)"

"673763 (You try it.)"

"Nice idea there sis. Why don't you try it out, nii-san."

"Very well."


A plastic leaning tower made of eight dices stacked on top of each other was on the table after she threw the dices, a regular occurrence to Medaka.

"Sorry, this always happens when I try to throw the dice. I don't know why, but it always ends up like this."

"O ho ho, impressive! Just the reason why I called you here. Well then, won't you take part in the Flask Plan?"

"I refuse." Medaka stood up.

"Of course, how could I forget, all those who decide to participate will be given a suitable recompense for-"

"Chairman Shiranui, regardless of what you offer, my decision will still be the same."


"I was born for the sake of helping others. That's more than enough for my meager abilities to handle. I believe that genius doesn't exist," Medaka said with much conviction, announcing her ideals to those who were listening, "so something like the Flask Plan is impossible for me."

"There you go again with that humility of yours." Chairman Shiranui shook his head.

"Talk all you want..."

"O ho ho."

They really are the same.

"Still, I thank you for letting me hear the details of such an interesting story." However, before Medaka opened the door, she said, "Before I forget, don't ever involve Zenkichi in what you are planning, same goes with everyone here."

"I have to apologize, Kurokami-san, but he is already involved before you even took your first step in this Academy."

Medaka then turned around and glared at Chairman Shiranui, then to several key places inside the room. "Then let me reiterate, don't you dare lay your hands on him."

"A protective instinct born from being left alone..."

"Say what you want. Now if you'll excuse me." Medaka then closed the door, roughly, with clenched teeth.


"Ehh? And here I was expecting something amazing," Onigase voiced out her disappointment, clearly shared by her fellow first-year Enforcers, as Zenkichi's dice throw resulted into something, randomly, ordinary.

"I am Normal, so such a normal outcome is to be expected," Zenkichi confirmed.

The announcement from PA system suddenly came, requesting Zenkichi to come to the Chairman's office.


"If you excuse me, I'm being needed somewhere else." Zenkichi gave a bow then suddenly ran away, unfitting of his current appearance.

"454357... (He left us...)"


"2465567526426? (Should we follow him?)"

"1395462154615601934510856017 501394562 (Nah, we should give him some breather. I'm sure acting like a maid all this time was taxing to him.)"

I never knew this blue haired chick could understand my sister...

Myouga reluctantly nodded to Shiranui's argument, and thus, both remained with Myouri's group.

Still... something must be said to what Zenkichi did.

"Nii-san rigged the result," Myouri said seriously.

"So you noticed it eh?" Shiranui said with a devilish grin, while his sister just stared at the thrown dices.

"Huh? Rigged? Noticed?" Jijiwa asked.

"I'm sorry sir, but the cross-dressing maid only threw it normally, it is what I saw," said Koyu.

"It's not like he modified the dices before hand, that would have been impossible," added Yane.

"Yane is right sir," said Nomozaki.

"Are you alright, Unzen-san? I don't understand why you're overestimating him so much," said Yabuko as she tightened her hug.

"No, he rigged it. Ke ke ke ke, it was so minute, a single nudge on a single dice before he threw it, affecting the others in his hand, like a chain of cause and effect. It was as if he knew how each dice would affect each other, how they would roll as they landed, how they would behave."

Myouri's body shook with fear and excitement welling up inside of him, something he never experienced before. "Did nii-san went easy on me?" he asked Shiranui.

"Beats me..." Shiranui shrugged.

"Ke ke, you shouldn't play the fool, Shiranui. Is the boast of knowing everything in this universe, just a boast?"

Shiranui grinned wider, almost up to her ears, almost splitting her childish face. "Do you want me to say the truth," she tilted her head disconcertingly, "or the Truth?"

"The second one."

"You can't handle the truth!"

"Please don't joke."

"A hya hya! I can't help it."

"Enough of that. Just tell me."

"Ohhh demanding."

"Just tell Unzen-san already you disrespecting little girl!" demanded Yabuko.

"You should put a leash on your subordinates, Mister Head Enforcer; they might bite more that they can chew one of these days, or at least teach them to know who they are talking to." For a second, Myouri saw Shiranui's eyes turn inky black... "But I'll tell you. He is unable to go all out."


"Hmm something like that... Because if he did... even a particle of you will cease to exist... or you go insane... whichever comes first."

"Don't belittle Unzen-san, you blue-haired freak!"

"Silence, Yabuko!"


"Please shut up! You should know how to judge whether someone's stronger than you."

"But I can definitely put this little girl to her place!"

"She's the granddaughter of this Academy's Chairman!"

"..." Yabuko, at the revelation, became silent.

"But even if you did fight her, I doubt you could even touch her..."

"Oh you're overestimating me," said Shiranui, seemingly embarrassed.

"I even doubt she's as merciful as nii-san."

"Ahya..." Shiranui scratched the back of her head.

"24096746753767336950985785? (Nee-san, how could you even stand being near such a dangerous person?)"

"29456. (Zenkichi.)"

"45454545361395 (Ke ke ke, that is just like you.)"


"Bwa ha ha ha! Freedom!"

Like maniac, Zenkichi twirled and danced through the corridors of Hakoniwa Academy. He even managed to do a moonwalk on one corner; still wearing the maid uniform and his voice still that of a girl's. Nevertheless, he never cared of such triviality. He was free from female oppression and it was all that mattered. In his happiness, he even ignored the blushing and hushed murmurings around him.

"Whose maid is she?"

"She's pretty."

"Wow, she can moonwalk. Maids do know everything."


He ignored all of those murmurings as he began to skip and sing towards the Chairman's office.

"~Raa-eee-yaa Ra-Ra-ee-yo-ra, marvelous mushroom-shaped cloud in the sky, Raa-eee-yaa Ra-Ra-ee-yo-ra, the afternoon of the birds feeding in an ally~" The opening song from Paranoia Agent was of another beast, and in a way, somehow, even if he denies it, it showed humanity at its purest. Or maybe it was just an anime with a catchy opening song.


"Who said that? Is it a bully? I don't have money on me!" He was on his lasts legs after Kikaijima demanded payment from him several days ago; he even doubts he had enough to buy more research material.


"Oof!" Something suddenly launched itself towards him, making him fall down on the floor. Looking down, that something was Medaka. "M-madam Medaka."

Oh noes! It's one of them oppressors! Time to go maid mode!

"Zen-chan! You are sight for sore eyes!"

A~aah, I wish she would act like this when I'm not in this get up, Zenkichi thought as he patted Medaka's head, his cheeks red.

"But... why aren't you with Schoolmate Unzen?" Medaka looked up and narrowed her eyes towards him.

"Ah... ehh... umm... the Chairman... right! The Chairman called for me!"

Damn, it came out like a bad excuse.

Medaka's grab on him tightened, almost restraining his breathing. "The Chairman's planning something," she said with worried look on her eyes, her form pressing on him in its entirety.

She was worried.

Worried for Zenkichi.

Who is this girl?, he thought, still, isn't this what I always wanted...

However, in the end, regrettably, this behavior of Medaka was because of how he was acting...

Charmed by the maid, not Zenkichi, not him.

Not me.

However, even with her saint-like attitude, even with her overbearing personality, even with her strong exterior... Even if it's a fleeting dream, even if it's all for naught, even if it's impossible, even if all leads to an inescapable bad ending... "There, there, Madam Medaka, everything will be alright." Zenkichi can't help but smile wistfully at his current situation.

"Hmmm..." She nodded, her face now on his chest. "You won't leave me again?"

Huh? It confused him for her to ask such a question, but to comfort her, he said, "Yes."

After a hard squeeze from Medaka, she stood up, back to her usual strong self. "Here, Zen-chan," she said as she held out her hand. Zenkichi gladly took it as he stood up.

"Well then, Madam Medaka, off I go."

With a nod of approval from Medaka, Zenkichi continued his walk towards the Chairman's office.


It's been over 100 years since the Hakoniwa Academy was established. However, from the time of the parent school, the Flask Plan had already started. At first, it was referred to as the Examiner Plan. But the goal of perfecting a human, to challenge those of power, was the same. In fact, it would be better to say that the school was made for the sole purpose of completing this goal. With the Shiranui as the representatives, the project had received multiple investors including the Armed Forces surviving even through war and recession. With the students surrounding Hakama, the most abnormal guinea pigs ever, the 13 Party, and her and his arrival, the plan has reached the final step, Or is it its first step? Together, a change to history and humanity would start. There will be nothing to worry about, there will be no troubles, there won't be a reason to seek advice, there won't be a reason to need saving. Anyone can become a perfect human; the arrival of such day is coming. Mass-producing geniuses, a dream of every educator, Hakama couldn't help but snicker at that thought.

"She noticed us. I was really surprised when she glared at me eye to eye," Kei Munakata said with a calm, blank, expression. A student of long, spiky blue, hair tied in a small ponytail at the back, and blue eyes. He wears the standard men's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy. A third year with a project name, Last Carpet. "I want to kill her."

"She's pretty good, I tried to kill her five times but failed in all of them," said a dark-skinned man with black hair done in cornrows. He had, in total, four silver piercings: one on each of his ear lobes, one on his upper left ear, and one on his left eyebrow, and wears a tight black shirt with a white design similar to the jacket of Hakoniwa Academy's uniform. He also wears red shorts and red fingerless gloves. He is Shigusa Takachiho, another third year student, project name, Hard Wrapping.

"But why didn't you call the other one first, I was really excited to see someone as strong as him," said a girl with short red hair beneath a yellow cap as she dangled from the ceiling. She wears a red jacket with a pink fur lining, with the jacket leaving her midriff and chest uncovered, exposing her white upper underwear. She also wears red hot-pants with a white belt and red shoes. Her name is Itami Koga, a second year, with a project name of Best Pain. "I did like her though."

"I won't voice my opinion about her, but the other one is a prime example of a research subject," another second year said with her head wrapped in bandages, exposing only one of her eyes and her mouth, with a dagger sticking out of her forehead while wearing a black cloak. Youka Naze, project name, Black White.

"All the Flask Plan needs is Oudo-kun and I," said Mizou Yukuhashi. Another third year with a project name of Rabbit Labyrinth, who is very short, has white hair and green eyes, carries a large brown backpack, and wears a light yellow mask and a white jacket with dark red pants, as well as a long red scarf and light-brown gloves.

"I don't care about the guy. But that girl was hot, yeah, a woman that good, I'll allow her to live on my world," said Oudo Miyakonojou with an air of a ruler beside Yukuhashi. Project name, Create, Miyakonojou has red eyes and yellow hair spiked up. His academy uniform has a tattered collar and lacks the tie, and the cuffs of his sleeves are designed to look like the kanji for king. He wears red earrings, a hooked skull necklace, and a purple band around his neck.

The first half of the 13 Party, the Front Six. Even if Hakama didn't show them Hitoyoshi's fight, he was sure that they would still come... They were strong, that he was sure about, but only half of them were not enough for Hakama to see Hitoyoshi's true power, even just a glimpse, in action. That's why he was glad that the second half, the Plus Six, came to grant his request.

"Oooh! A hot-blooded fight between that blondie and me! Wait, I'm a blond too! Woohoo! An awesome battle between two blonds! Hey Chairman, I can't wait, call the other one!" An excited shout from Gunki Itoshima, a third year with a project name Death Watch. He has light brown hair and blue eyes and wears a white monk-like robe, though leaving his chest exposed, with black flame decorations, as well as a red sash and purple pants.

"I only came to gain favor from the Chairman," a glasses wearing Hamaya Hyakuchou said. Project name Love, a third year with green hair with long bangs that cover the right side of his face. He wears a purple scarf, a long white jacket, and black pants and carries around a metallic archery bow with a blue and black color scheme.

"Shared interest..." Otome Yunomae said in monotone, a second year with a project name Free World. She has curly pink hair and light green eyes and only wears blue overalls, always seen chewing gum.

"I have to admit, even I am excited," said Shoko Kamimine, a third year with project name of Dental Shoes, as she adjusted her glasses. Kamimine has gray eyes and brown hair tied in a long ponytail. She carries a large dark-blue book around with her and wears a magenta blazer on top of a button-down shirt with a mauve bow tie and brown shorts.

"I want to know why such an Abnormal claims to be a disgusting Normal," Yamami Tsurumisaki said with a hint of disgust, a second year with a project name of Star Master. Tsurumisaki has combed blond hair with the left side of his face gray in color. He wears formal light-brown clothing with a black tie.

"... Ahh, she's strong... I think..." Yutori Chikuzen, one of the more mysterious members of the 13 Party, said. She has a project name of Trick or Treatment. She has long, dark-blue hair that reaches down to the backs of her knees, with two bangs that cover both her eyes. She also wears a light purple bandanna with a white diamond-shaped patch on it, as well as a shoulder-less black dress and black boots. "The other one is also strong... I think... Though he looks like a loser... I think."

The Plus Six were behind the chair Kurokami just sat on while the rest of the Thirteen Party, the Front Six, was behind him.

Hakama was sure, with the Plus Six, students that were stronger and more unique than the other members of the Flask Plan, Hitoyoshi would definitely show his true prowess. He didn't forget about the original goal of the Flask Plan, of course, but he could always search for more samples... Mass-producing geniuses, who needs them! When true power... enough power to surpass a God was in front of him, and with the Board of Directors and the founder jumping on this bandwagon, he was not worried, not even a bit.

However, before that, he must do one more thing. It would be much easier if Hitoyoshi accepts.

Hakama couldn't help but grin.

"He he, you're really happy today Mr. Chairman!" said Koga, who was upside down from the ceiling.

"O ho ho ho, I'm just happy that all of you came."

"Hmm... It's really an event for all of us to be here," said Takachiho behind Hakama. "It's all because of those two."

"Even though she was not a member, the older Unzen being beaten when she is not wearing those chains, I admit, was an amazing feat," Hyakuchou said, giving his opinion.

"She could have been the strongest of us, if not for such glaring weakness of hers," Munakata said.

"That girl is just a hypocrite, sealing her own abnormality, and look where it gotten her, weakened to the point that she became a time-limit berserker," said Tsurumisaki.

"She was really pitiful at the end of her fight with that Kurokami girl," said Koga, "But I really like her."

"I don't care about her or that Kurokami chick! Who I want to meet is that guy who beat Unzen-kun with a single punch. That guy was fast, even the camera can't keep up with his last move!" said Itoshima excitedly.

"Both of them show clear signs of abnormality, but the blond one was somewhat of an anomaly," Naze gave her opinion.

"...I think Kurokami is stronger..." said Yunomae, still in monotone.

"We'll know when one of them joins us... I think..." said Chikuzen.

"Only one can join, how would we choose?" asked Kamimine.

"I don't care of such trivialities of regular men." Miyakonojou suddenly announced as he walked towards the door with Yukuhashi. With a bow from Yukuhashi, they closed the door, leaving them.

"What's gotten into him?" said Kamimine.

"He's clearly enamored with Kurokami," said Hyakuchou.

"Forget about him! I want to know how we will choose, tell me it's going to be fight Mr. Chairman!" said Itoshima.

"Hitoyoshi-kun will not join the 13 Party," Hakama said after taking another sip of his tea.

"What!?" Half of the remaining Abnormals chorused while the other just stayed silent.

"You heard what I said to Kurokami-san, Hitoyoshi-kun was already involved with the Flask Plan even before they came to this Academy."

"Then tell us." demanded Naze.

With a calm face, Hakama gladly explained. "The Flask Plan was made to equal beings of enormous power, to develop humans to combat... the likes of him..."

"Heh, so you're telling us that he's actually a monster?"

"O ho ho ho, I never said that. He's human, one hundred percent... currently that is." Hakama saw Naze's visible eye narrow at him. "That's all I'm allowed to say."

"So we'll have to find out!" said Koga.

"Umm, hello... Am I disturbing you guys?" a girl, wearing a maid uniform of cherry, blond-hair, said as she opened the door. "Ah sorry, forgot to knock."

Surprised looks came from each and one of the remaining members of the 13 Party, astonished at the maid to blindside them of her entrance, making them wary of her.

"Don't worry about it." Hakama waved the minor transgression, curious as to who was the person in front of him for managing to achieve such a feat. "Hmm... But why are you here Miss Maid...?"

"Hmm? Didn't you call for me?"

"You're mistaken; I called for Zenkichi Hitoyoshi..."

"I am Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Chairman Shiranui." The maid, now identified as Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, bowed with all the elegance of a perfect maid.

Hakama's eyes twitched at the situation's absurdity.


"You should not make fun of an old man, Miss Maid," Shiranui's grandfather chastised.

Surrounding him were ten students, all had wary looks on them while some were glaring at him.

Still, why can't anyone recognize me? Not that I am popular...


"Ohh." Zenkichi bumped a fist on an open palm as he changed his voice to his usual one. "Sorry about that, I had to act like a maid as a punishment."

The students surrounding him were suddenly wearing dumbstruck faces, their wariness of him gone.

"T-that's kind of amazing..." Shiranui's grandfather coughed. "O ho ho ho, well then, sit sit."

"Aren't you in a meeting with them?" He pointed at the general direction of the students with the unique outfits.

Are they cosplayers?

"No no, we were expecting you..."

"Really?" Zenkichi said as he sat, unceremoniously, unfitting for a proper maid, in the middle of the very comfortable sofa. "So... what's up?"

"These students around me wanted to meet you, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi."

"Woah... Am I turning popular? Yeah!" Zenkichi then looked around, raised his eyebrows, and asked what was on his mind, "Are they cosplayers?"

"Hey! We don't want to hear that from someone who's wearing a maid dress," said a girl who was dangling upside down. And her jacket was open exposing her upper underwear... a white bra...

Woah! Cosplayers sure are awesome!

"Are you a fan of Senkan Kagura? You know. The exposure and stuff."

"Don't you dare!?" she said with righteous fury as she covered her chest.

"Oh sorry."

Sexy Ninjas Banzai!


"Pshhh! But damn," he eyed the other females inside the room "You girls are all cute... Hey! Shiranui's grandpa, are they, you know... are you giving them to me...?"

"In your dreams!"


"... Pervert.."

"... Ecchi... I think..."

"He he he, interesting."

"O ho ho ho, I heard this side you from Sode-chan so I'm not surprised. But no..."

"Man, what a bummer..." Zenkichi groaned in disappointment. "But seriously, you guys dress weird... but I admit they are devil cool..." Zenkichi then turned to look at pink haired girl and the girl hanging up from the ceiling... "But you two, you dress lewdly, not that I don't enjoy it... he he he."

"He looks pretty, but it's totally ruined with how he acts."

"You shouldn't talk bad behind the person you are referring to... that's rude," Zenkichi said to a girl with the glasses and brown hair in ponytail, somewhat reminding him of another glasses girl with scythes.

"Heh, compared to how the Chairman's describes you, you're pathetic," said by a tall dark-skinned guy.

Woah, is he one of those half-Japanese half-Black-American's?

"Hey hey, you shouldn't expect much from me, I'm just a regular guy..."

"Why is someone so Abnormal as you tries to claim his Normal," said by another tall guy with a scar on his face.

Woah, Black Jack! Is that you?

"I'm not Abnormal, Black Jack, I am Normal."

"I am not Black Jack, and no, you're not."

"Yes I am."

"No, you're not."

"Yes I am."

The guy with a scar on his face suddenly punched Zenkichi on the face.

Ohhh, a Black Jack with a short fuse!

"See? I can't dodge your punch so I'm Normal," Zenkichi said, feeling his blood leaking out from his now broken nose.

"..." The tall guy with the scar just glared at him after he stared at his knuckles.

Zenkichi turned to Shiranui's grandfather as he rubbed the blood off with a napkin he pulled out from his dress. "I still have other things to do, Chairman Shiranui; tell me why you called me here."

"Very well, I want you to join the Flask Plan, not as a member of the 13 Party, but as the one who will manage them."


"I won't accept this!"

"I won't let a pervert stand above me!"

"I don't care...I think"

Different comments and opinions came about due to the bomb Chairman Shiranui suddenly released.

"Heeh... I'm Normal you know, I can't do such a thing," said Zenkichi, ignoring the chaos around him.

"Let me-"

"I already heard from Myouri about the Flask Plan... Tell me, what do I get from agreeing with you?"

"Well... you will get an exemption from classes."


That's awesome!

"Then you will be paid handsomely."

Oh yeah, 3DS, here I come!

"I want 40000 yen," said Zenkichi while rubbing his hand greedily.

"I could give you more than that."

Hell yeah! Sign me up!

"Yosh, I'll take it! Where do I sign!?"

"But there's one catch."

"Oh?" he said while thinking, Damn.

"Show me what you really are."

"...You're asking for a very dangerous thing there, old man."

"I know... But I want to see it, the real you, just once... I wasn't in the village for your awakening."

Curious old bastard.

"Really dangerous... Do you have a death wish?"

"I know what I'm asking is impossible, but even just a glimpse would be enough."

"Even so..."

"I want to see the power that surpasses the gods," Chairman Shiranui eagerly requested, bowing respectfully towards Zenkichi.

Are you that desperate?

"You shouldn't bow to me Mr. Chairman; I'm just one of the Normal students in this Academy." Zenkichi said as Chairman Shiranui raised his head. "Before I answer, tell me, what was Medaka-chan's answer when you asked her to join the 13 Party?"

"She denied my offer."

"Heh, as expected of Medaka-chan... Sorry, Chairman Shiranui, but like her, I'll have to deny your offer..."

Zenkichi stood up and went for the door. "By the way, do they know about this?"

Chairman Shiranui grinned and said, "Yes."

"So I can't escape eh... I respect you since you're her grandfather. Hopefully you're still alright after all this Chairman Shiranui."

"I hope so too."

"Very well, goodbye."

As Zenkichi opened the door, he saw two girls that could easily pass up as middle-schoolers.

"A hya hya hya, you can't escape us, Zen-chan!"

"562409626275610671! (Don't run away again, Zen-chan!)"

There in front of him, was Myouga and Shiranui, a very deadly pseudo-loli combo.


Hakama could see his granddaughter smiling, smugly, at him. It was as she said; I would fail to entice him.

"We will take him from your hands grandpa!" Hansode said, while Unzen-san bowed beside her, averting her eyes from the curious looks from her fellow Abnormals. At that, his granddaughter closed the door.

"... That granddaughter of yours... she's someone strong..." Yunomae said as she continued to chew her bubblegum.

"O ho ho ho, you could say I'm proud of her. I'm warning you though, don't provoke her."

"Why, you'll terminate us?" Koga asked.

"No, no, no, my dear... I'm telling you, she would kill you without remorse if you did."

"You should heed Chairman's warnings, Koga-san," Munakata said. "Her eyes, they turned pitch black for an instant."

"A so-called killer scared of a little girl... Heh, this day is really eventful," said Takachiho with a rueful smile on his face.

"I really want to kill you." Munakata tried to take something out of his uniform, but Chikuzen stopped him as she appeared behind him, holding his arm.

"...Munakata-senpai, fighting within the Chairman's room is bad... I think..."

"Take your hands of me."

"Of course..." Chikuzen said as she removed her hold, suddenly appearing back on her position behind the sofa where Hitoyoshi just sat.

"Regardless of whether Chairman's granddaughter is strong or not, we should worry that both of them denied the offer," said Hyakuchou.

"I didn't like how that first-year blondie was offered a position to be our leader. He's even a pervert! I don't like perverts!" said Kamimine with a disgusted tone.

"Cheh, so I can't fight that guy huh... Hey can I attack him on his way home?" Itoshima said with a bloodthirsty grin.

"You shouldn't be hasty, Itoshima-kun," Hakama chastised one of the guinea pigs. Hot-blooded yes, but still a guinea pig. "You should have paid attention to what he said before he left."


"He said that he can't escape what's coming. He knows that whether he wants it or not, interesting events would follow here on."

"Oh! He did say that! Amazing, does he know the future...Yes yes! I'm getting excited! Woohoo!"

"Shut-up you hot-blooded freak!"

"A ha ha, sorry about that, Hyakuchou."

"Chairman... who were this 'they' that he mentioned."

"Hmm... pretty sharp of you, Naze-san. You could say they are his girlfriends... O ho ho ho ho ho!"

Naze could only tilt her head in confusion.


Medaka walked around the school as usual; helping those in need and answering some questions. Basically, she was doing her work as the President of the Student Council. Currently, she was walking through a hall where the classes of third-years were held. A wave there and a greeting here, it may not be much from other people's perspective, but the support from the general constituents was something she cherished and treasured. It showed that what she was doing was of good and was of help to others; a measuring tool to whether she was a true to her ideals or not.

At the end of the hallway, she saw Nabeshima leaning her back on the wall. It made her curious.

Was she waiting for me, she thought. Recently, Nabeshima was often with them, or specifically, with Zenkichi; her presence in the Student Council room now something natural to her and the rest of the Student Council. Medaka liked it, being friends, and helping each other, an ideal outcome. It also became much more fun; the silly antics, the good-natured jokes, it lightened the room's atmosphere more than the flowers Zenkichi keeps watering. Still, the unknown feeling was still there, a feeling so foreign that wells up every time she sees him with others, a feeling that she always kept within, a feeling of so dark that which scared Medaka.

The same could be said to Shiranui.

She should be happy. She was fulfilling her ideals... and Zenkichi was back. He was back...

He was back...

She really did not know why he disappeared for such a long time, since summer break, only appearing to at the Academy's opening as he offered his help to her campaign as the Student Council President with a smile on his face.

A smile on his face.

A smile that he had when he told her her purpose in this world.

The smile that she longed to see.

Medaka shook her head and said, "Senior Nabeshima, were you waiting for me?"

"Not really, just wanted someone to talk to since he's pretty much busy today."

"Very well, so what happened to Akune? Is he fine?" Medaka asked, worried about the second-year Special. Earlier, it seemed that he was really scared of something. It was not Zen-chan; Medaka was sure, someone that cute was impossible to be scary.

"Ku ku ku, don't worry about him Kurokami-chan, he's just confused about his gender preference."

"Gender preference?" I don't understand, Medaka thought.

"You shouldn't think much on it... I assure you that he's alright." Nabeshima stopped leaning on the wall and gestured for Medaka to walk with her.

"If you say so." Medaka nodded. Well, at least, Akune was alright, that was all that mattered.

As they turned around the corner, they saw three students with unique choices of clothing.

"Hello Miss President," said by a brown haired male student.

"Hmm? What do you want?"

"We couldn't find the other 13 Party candidate so we chose you! Prepare yourself!" said the girl with dark-green hair in twin-tails and eyes wrapped with bandages.

So others came to take what was offered, a position in 13 Party. Medaka could not understand why students would fight for such a position. Was it a scholarship grant? Or maybe it was something more. Even the current members were violent, but they, she could understand... The thrill of a challenging battle... Maybe that was it. Still, what the girl said about the other candidate worried Medaka. She was sure that it was Zenkichi, but how come they can't find him?

He was just skipping and singing just a moment ago.

Ah! Maybe it was because Zenkichi was Zen-chan now! Medaka thought as she nodded in understanding.

"Let us first introduce ourselves, I'm Haru Ushibukagara," the brown haired male student said as he raised his weapon, a traffic sign.

"I'm Royal Hirado!" said the girl with the twin-tail and a maniacal grin.

"I'm Kenri Noogata!" said the tall man who had black hair and dark blue tattoos on both his shoulders.

"And I'm Medaka Kurokami."

"We already know!"

"Oh..." Medaka slumped in disappointment, failing on her introduction.

"Why did you follow-up with an introduction Kurokami-chan?" Nabeshima asked.

"I thought it was appropriate..."

"Huuuuh...?" Nabeshima just stared, weirdly, at her, and then sighed. "Ku ku ku... you can be funny sometimes Kurokami-chan."

"I was not trying to be funny..."

"Don't ignore us!" the male, now known as Ushibukagara, said, then he coughed, awkwardly.

"Although they are not always at school, there are over a hundred people in Class 13 you know."

"And all of them are trying to get into the 13 Party," the girl known as Hirado continued.

"In other words, you, the newest member candidate and that other one, will get no sleep from here on out," the tall student known as Noogata finished.

"I would have ignored you if you have met the me before my fight with Schoolmate Unzen. But sorry, you have met me, the one that woke up."

"Heh! Boast all you want, but you will be put to sleep here, never to wake-up again!" said Hirado as they launched their attacks, at the same time, towards her.

Medaka just walked past them, the three now flipped in air. They then landed on the concrete floor, unconscious and in bruises.

"You really are something, Kurokami-chan," said Nabeshima as they continued their walk.

"It was nothing." It was simple really, just a series of Judo moves coupled with some from Karate. She was sure that it was not special, that everyone could also do it. "Still, this isn't good. I subconsciously went easy on them."


"Ku ku ku, went easy on them eh..."

"Yes. Since I've been holding back for so long, it looks like I've forgotten how to get serious."

"So that fight with you and Unzen-chan, are you also holding back then?"

"That was different..." Entirely different.

"I thought so... but you can't go serious without getting angry eh..."

"Right. It seems that there's no way around it. Although I really don't want to, in order to get the feeling back, I need help from my brother."

"Your brother? Your brother is here in the Academy?"


"Heh, that's good and all, but aren't you worried of Zenkichi-kun... no, of Zen-chan right now? Someone might recognize him, you know."

"Let's go save Zen-chan."

"Ku ku ku, sure."

Thus, Medaka ran, with Nabeshima beside her, to save the lovable and cute, pretty and pure, Maid Zen-chan.


"They were really scary."

"Don't forget character, Zen-chan."

"My apologies, Madam Shiranui."

"Good maid, Zen-chan."

"Thank you, Madam Shiranui."

Zenkichi was strolling on one of the Academy's paved paths, surrounded by trees, giving the environment a soothing feeling. Shiranui and Myouga were beside him, holding his hands, one each, like what children would do with their mother. More like a nanny...

"024967240248692482456 (Why are you quiet, Madam Myouga?)"

"72065267942854546... 4642... 42624642. (It's just that, meeting those people... again... I never expected it.)"

"4260920457629289897240? (Did something happen between you and them?)"

"516000969375318563165788 (A little. Tsurumisaki, he always talks bad about me when we meet.)"

"9879862465249924762946778 (Aren't you not a member of the 13 Party?)"

"5675046972434570937599909 (Yes, but sometimes, I join brother when he reports to them.)"

"0249500998994564246054578686 435347598374 (You're really a kind girl, Madam Unzen, supporting your little brother like that.)"

"55... 5760925672024672468268356299 7204 (No... It was because of me that he went to join them. It was supposed to be me.)"

"987456924629? (It's not really that bad right?)"


"3589426... 2456902476240042567029760924 76 (It's that bad huh... Then you should be happy for Master Unzen, him quitting due to injuries...)"

"27464276024062 (I really am thankful to you.)"

"52964256505 (I do what I must.)"

"Heeh, you both are getting comfortable with each other," Shiranui suddenly interceded, appearing in between them.

"Don't be jealous, Madam Shiranui." Zenkichi chastised, knocking Shiranui's head gently.

"Hmph! You're lucky you're in Maid mode right now."

"Of course, Madam Shiranui."

"You three! You look like you're friends with Medaka Kurokami!" The three of them turned at that arrogant sounding call. "I thought it'd be a good idea to ask you a question, so I permit you to speak in my presence. Feel honored to tell me where the Medaka Box is." It was a guy with spiky yellow hair.

Woah! What a cocky bastard!

"Is it a request? If so, you could just give it to me," Zenkichi said, stepping in front of the girls.

"Hmph, a lowly maid giving me an order? What insolence!"

Okay, it's official, I don't like this guy.

"272464272 (Zen-chan, be careful.)"

"561035613095139653109 (I'm more worried about you, Madam Unzen...)" Myouga was shaking, overwhelmed by the new guys presence.

As for Shiranui, well, she was grinning, finding the current situation fun. How she does so was beyond him, and thinking too much about it would just confuse him.

"Maid. How long do you plan to stand in my presence?"

"Do I offend you?"

"On your knees insolent whelp."


"I would kneel if you pay me 40,000 yen," Zenkichi said, still in his maid voice, with an open palm towards the arrogant guy, urging him to pay up. I need money for a 3DS, and you're going to give it to me Gilgamesh 2.0.

"Hmph, you're an exceptional maid for managing to resist my order."

"That maid is not a maid Oudo-kun. He's not even female. He is Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, the one who was to become the leader of the 13 Party, or so what Chairman Shiranui thought." A masked kid suddenly appeared behind a tree.

They're multiplying!

"A deceptive whelp and a usurper. You lowly being, who are you to do this to me?"

"Say, Madam Unzen, Madam Shiranui, can I break character now? I'm really at my limit," Zenkichi said as he turned and kindly asked.


"76 (Yes.)"

"Thank you." Zenkichi then turned back to look at the arrogant guy, now identified as Oudo "I'm Zenkichi Hitoyoshi," he said with much fanfare... but then he suddenly went to his knees and begged, "Please forget about my name and ignore my presence right now!"

"Ahyaa, a disappointment."

"767620971361 (Never expected this.)"

"Hmph, only a coward," said Oudo as he walked towards him.

He he he, as if I would fight. Being in a battle hurts, you know. Only those stupid enough would throw themselves in a conflict.

Like him in the past...

"Pathetic." Oudo then stepped on his head, pressing his face on the pavement. He even nudged his feet left and right, messing up his face, the make-up now replaced by dirt.

This is good, a better outcome than the alternative... conflict is not always the solution, he thought. He was already in the spotlight; enough for the Chairman to openly meet him... anymore would be dangerous to those around him.

"Zenkichi!?" Medaka said, suddenly appearing behind Oudo.

Why? Why does she have to be here? Zenkichi panicked.

"Zenkichi-kun!?" said Nabeshima beside Medaka.

Aghh! Even Nabeshima-senpai? Zenkichi panicked some more. All right, calm down... I'm sure everything will be alright...

"What are you doing to him!?" Medaka demanded.

"Oh? You're here. Very good. You saved me the trouble of looking for your box," Oudo said as Zenkichi moved his head to look at them. "However, Medaka Kurokami, and your friend there, your attitude of demanding to a King cannot be overlooked. Prostrate."

Suddenly Medaka and Nabeshima involuntarily kneeled and smashed their faces onto the concrete pavement with so much force that they created holes each, making cracks on the concrete with the broken pieces blown away.

"Medaka-chan! Nabeshima-senpai!" Zenkichi shouted beneath Oudo's foot.

They're still alright, right...? He would ignore them after this, right?

However, his pleas were left unanswered as Oudo roughly removed his feet and walked towards them, towards Medaka.

"Is this the first time you're meeting a being who's greater than you? What a shame, that's the feeling I've yet to experience myself." Oudo then took hold of Medaka's hair, making her face him. "Forcing to bow so low that you made hole in the ground is your punishment for demanding to a King. Now then, Kurokami, you know who I am right?"

Just answer him, Medaka-chan. Then he would hurt you no more, and then everything will return to normal, even if it's just for a few days...

"... I saw you in the Chairman's room a while ago. You're probably one of the guys in the Flask Plan," said Medaka with all the defiance she could muster.

That's right, Medaka-chan! Good Job, now everything will go back to normal.

"Yeah, I know you knew we were there, especially when you glared at me. This makes things easier for me. I fell in love with you at that time. Love at first sight," Oudo said arrogantly while he held Medaka's chin, his face close to hers.

What!? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!


This isn't how it supposed to go!

You should have just ignored us!

Everything should have returned to normal!

This is wrong!

I won't accept this! I won't accept this! I won't accept this! I won't accept this! I won't accept this! I can't accept this! I can't accept this! I can't accept this! I can't accept this! I can't accept this! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never! Never!


I'll kill you!

Something snapped inside Zenkichi as his vision wavered, eyes turning pitch black like the inky darkness of emptiness, now warped and alien.

Zenkichi then stood up, the pavement breaking under his feet. While he was doing so, Oudo's lips were nearing Medaka's cherry red ones. "I've never felt this way before. I permit you to serve me my wife..." But Oudo then turned, noticing him, to look at him. "Huh?" His eyes then widened as his body shook.

The same was happening to Medaka and Myouga, as fear was clear on their eyes.

"I will kill you. I will dismember you. I will decapitate you. I will burn you. I will skin you. I will rip you. I will shred you. I will gut you. I will eat you. I will devour you." In Zenkichi's every step, cracks formed on the pavement, the sound of concrete ground breaking becoming prevalent around them. "You will disappear. Your soul will become my nourishment. You will become the sacrifice for my continued existence." Standing in front of Oudo and Medaka, Zenkichi sneered, licking his now serrated teeth with his now unusually long tongue, his hands reaching out slowly towards Oudo's fear-stricken face. "Rejoice! For you will become a part of me!" However, before he could even touch Oudo, someone stopped him. "Who dares?"

"Zenkichi, calm down." Shiranui said then turned to look at the masked kid. "And please don't read his and my mind Mask Person, you might go insane."

"Get off me!" Zenkichi wailed as Shiranui strengthened her hold on him.

"A hya hya, did you already forget what you've done in the village," then she whispered, "and that day when I died?"

Zenkichi remembers...

He remembers all too well...

"Ah..." Zenkichi then took a large breath, his vision returning to normal. "I lost control of myself... Sorry."

Zenkichi then heard someone laughing. There, in front of him, was Oudo, standing, though his knees were wobbling, laughing. "Ha... a ha ha ha! I never felt such fear before... This is a good day! You!" Oudo pointed at Zenkichi as his knees stopped shaking. "Read this request, the time and place are written there. I'm sure you and my love will come. It was supposed to be a date invitation, but it would be challenge to you, Monster! It is the duty of a King to slay beings like you!" Oudo then turned to Medaka with arrogance oozing off him. "We'll talk more about our future together at that time."

"A-after you tried to kiss me and all, do you really think I'll listen to you!? And we have absolutely nothing to talk about!" Medaka yelled back, still on her knees.

"Heh, playing hard to get. A story of beauty and the beast perhaps? Don't worry, I know you love battles. I will sure to pry your beautiful hands from that monster, just wait!" Oudo said as he walked away, still with the poise and grandeur of a self-titled king.

"Y-you were really scary you know? Too scary for me to even attempt to read your mind," the masked kid said near a tree, struggling to stand up.

"Good for you," Zenkichi said, truthfully.

"I'm really sorry, but he, we, really like people like us. So you guys won't be able to have normal school life anymore." The masked kid then left, running after Oudo.

Lonely people eh..., Zenkichi thought, but that was close, real close.

"Thanks, Shiranui, you saved me."

"No problem!"

"54290672490627? (Are you alright, Myouga-chan?)" He asked the girl beside Shiranui.

Myouga nodded, although warily.

Zenkichi then walked towards Medaka and held his hand towards her, "The how about-," but Medaka slapped it away as though his hand was the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. "M-Medaka-chan?"

Is it all over?

Medaka then blinked, looking like she just realized what she did. "Ah.. I'm sorry..." said Medaka as she took hold of his still outstretched, but shaking, hands, though he could still feel the wariness from her.

"T-thank you Zenkichi."

"Hey! Is it already over?" Nabeshima suddenly said, still in her prone position on the pavement, seemingly unharmed, breaking the weary atmosphere around them.

Thank you, Nabeshima-senpai.


Author's Notes

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