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Everyone thinks that the creator of Ninjutsu, Chakra was the Sage of 6 paths. That with the legendary Doujutsu, the Rinnegan, he was the very first ninja.

They called him the God of Shinobi.

Why? Because he was able to create objects from the palm of his hand, able to use the elements willingly. He created the moon.

But what nobody thought of or asked was, how did The Legendary Rikudou Sennin, gain the godly eyes that allowed him to do these things?

The answer is the very thing he sealed into the moon. The 1st Bijuu, The Ten tails, also known as the Juubi.

The Juubi was a gift from Kami. It was the protector, and the destroyer. It was Earths judge. When Darkness started to claim the earth the Juubi was the one who fought to be rid of it.

But the people felt as if the Juubi was there to destroy them and tried fighting back. Annoyed, the Juubi came up with a plan to have someone else protect the world while it relaxed.

It was upset that humans could be so ungrateful and decided to have a human protect the earth from the darkness. So when a new born baby was born, The Juubi granted the baby its eye, the Rinnegan.

The baby grew up to become the Rikudou Sennin who challenged the Juubi during dark times. Disappointed in how its plan turned out, the two battled, the battle was legendary but there was only one winner.

The Rikudou Sennin was close to death, the Juubi about to land the final strike. But the people who saw the Rikudou Sennin as a hero charged to finish the job for him.

Distracted, The Juubi was not paying attention, allowing the Sage to use his last and final move. Chibaku Tensei.

The Juubi was sealed within the floating rocks, trapped in what the humans started calling the moon. But the Juubi wasn't sealed all the way. To make sure it was, The Rikudou Sennin cut the Juubi into 10 parts.

They are known as the Nine Bijuu.

The Ichibi

The Nibi

The Sanbi

The Yonbi

The Gobi

The Rokubi

The Nanabi

The Hachibi

The Kyuubi

They are the 9 Bijuu, the last and final tail, sealed within himself. However, Juubi named each of them before they were separated. All nine know their name and their true creator.

The ten tailed Biju's soul, trapped within the moon, Tsukoyomi.

As time passed, The Rikudou Sennin passed on the powers he gained from the Juubi to his sons.

His older son received the sage's eyes, while his second son received the sage's body. The oldest thought power was the true key to peace, while his brother thought love was the key.

However unknown to both of them, they had a younger brother. The youngest received both the eyes and the body, not to mention the longevity of life.

The youngest knew the truth. He knew that the Juubi was earth's protector and every night, he prayed to the moon. Thankful that at least one person knew of her achievements and were grateful, she provided the youngest brother with a bit of her power.

Each three brothers left to create their own clans. The oldest created the Uchiha clan; the middle son created the Senju clan, whiles the youngest created the Uzumaki clan.

The former two clans were enemies and would always be enemies till someone broke the hatred.

Far into the future, a village known as Konohagakure was formed. The Uchiha clan and The Senju clan were founding clans of the village and decided to put past problems behind them.

Hashirama Senju was the clan head of the Senju clan while Madara Uchiha was the head of the Uchiha clan. The former became the first Hokage much to the latter's ire.

Feeling as if the Uchiha clan would be treated badly and become weak, Madara tried protesting against the Hokage. However the Uchiha clan didn't want to fight anymore and banished Madara.

Angry and resentful, Madara swore he would come back to destroy Konoha. It was at, what is now known as the valley of the end, where Madara and Hashirama fought.

The battle was intense and legendary. Madara used his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, while Hashirama used his famous and special wood release. It wasn't until Madara summoned the strongest of the nine biju, Kyuubi to defeat his rival.

However, Mito Uzumaki, wife of Hashirama sealed the Kyuubi within her, allowing Hashirama to fight off Madara and Konoha gaining its first Jinchuriki.

In the end, Madara lost. Hashirama left the valley thinking that his rival died. However that was not the case. Madara Uchiha, just like everyone else on earth, was being watched by the Juubi and was granted some of her power.

This way he would live on till he was able to have his own heir. Thankful to the Juubi for this second chance, Madara left to find a woman to have his child.

He decided for a woman that was strong enough to give him a strong child. It was only twenty years or so later when Madara found this woman. Risa Uzumaki.

Risa gave birth to a healthy baby girl. It was Madara who named the girl with a smile on his face. He named the girl, Kushina.

Not to long after, Madara passed away since his job from Juubi was done. As time passed, war came and the Uzumaki clan village, Uzushiogakure, was destroyed. Only few survivors.

Kushina was one of them. She moved to one of Uzushio's allies, Konoha. It was there were she grew up with Mito Uzumaki who was starting to pass.

Mito decided that it was Kushina who was to be the next Jinchuriki for the Nine tails. And so she was, Kushina was secretly declared the second Jinchuriki for Konoha and Kyuubi.

Kushina grew up and made a name for her self. She was known as The Red death of Konoha, a Kenjutsu master and Uzumaki clan head. Kushina also met her love, Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage and Yellow flash of Konoha.

Not to long after, Kushina found out she was having a baby and was ecstatic. Juubi who was always interested in Kushina felt as if this would be the first time since Kushina's birth she would be ecstatic about seeing a baby be born.

On October tenth, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was born. But on that day was the day Kyuubi escaped and attacked Konoha. But it wasn't Kyuubi's fault. It was someone known as Tobi.

Juubi who kept an eye on the world was shocked to know she did not know this character. She was positive she would have seen this but she clearly didn't know who the man behind the mask was. Honestly this Tobi just appeared out of nowhere.

The man took control of Kyuubi and had it attack Konoha. It was until Minato Namikaze appeared with his summon, Gamabunta that the fight between Kyuubi and Minato ensued.

Minato Namikaze came up with a plan. The plan to seal the Kyuubi within his son, Naruto. Kushina was against it, she knew how Jinchuriki were treated and didn't want her son to be put in that position.

However Minato knew this and was sad as well, but abandoning a child was just as bad as abandoning a village. So he put the village above his son. Those Morals went against Kushina's and the Uzumaki clan's morals.

Family came before anything else. Village be damned. Kushina then realized what she did was a mistake, marrying Minato and having a child with him. But she still loved Naruto, no matter who the father was. She just hated Minato from that point on.

It wasn't until Kyuubi roared to the sky, sending out it's chakra. Juubi used that as a chance to escape somewhat if possible. But she used a part of the chance to see into see Naruto's soul and what his future would behold.

To say the least, she was impressed. The boy lived through hate from everyone around him but always held a smile to his face even if he had dark thoughts from time to time. But she didn't like his possible future and decided to change it.

It was then, Juubi named her heir. She gave all her power to the boy. It was unfortunate to her that he wouldn't be able to activate his Uchiha powers, the Sharingan.

Juubi also noticed that Naruto carried the genes of all three clans.

The Senju, from Minato whose parents remained unknown, and not important.

The Uchiha and Uzumaki from Kushina who received it from her mother and Madara.

Juubi smiled brightly as she stared at her heir. Kushina quickly sealed herself into her son along with Minato, much to the formers hate.

Last was Kyuubi who was sealed within Naruto. It was that night, Naruto was named the third Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. Not to mention, Juubi's heir.

This is the start of Naruto Uzumaki's story.

Chapter 1

13 years later, Konohagakure, Forest of Death

"What's wrong Sasuke? You big scaredy cat!" Naruto Uzumaki panted as he stood in front of a giant snake glaring into the eyes of his rival, Sasuke Uchiha.

Naruto, Sasuke and their teammate Sakura Haruno, were currently taking the second exam of the chunin exam in the forest of death. Their mission was to find the heaven scroll, and head towards the tower so they could move on.

But they were currently going through some complications.

One of them and the biggest was the snake man who summoned the giant snake. He just showed up out of nowhere, ate his scroll and tried killing team 7.

"You are such a pest." The snake man muttered as he appeared in front of Naruto and lifted him up with is freakishly long tongue. The short blonde boy started thrashing around to escape.

"So you are the brat who holds the nine tails? Interesting. As much as I would love to kill you now, you may be useful in the future. So…FIVE PRONGED SEAL!" The man yelled, slamming his flaming fingers on Naruto's seal.

"GHACK!" Naruto coughed as his eyes bulged out of his head. His body slumped moments later before he was thrown away like a rag doll.

"Naruto!" Sakura screamed, throwing a kunai that hit his jacket and stuck against a tree. She released a breath of relief before she turned back to her crush who was currently trying to fight off their attacker.

Naruto's mindscape

Naruto fluttered his eyes open before he sat up and rubbed them. After that was done he looked around to see he was in some kind of sewer. Blinking in confusion he stood.

"I could have sworn we were in that forest place. Where am I now?" Naruto muttered to himself as he began walking to find a way out.

It seemed like he had been walking forever, turning down various halls and cutting corners, and he was getting annoyed.

He stopped however when he felt a wave of power. The blonde turned around and walked down another hall and kept moving straight.

Imagine his surprise when he entered a large room where a cage was being held together by a slip of paper.

Walking forward he stopped and tried to look within the cage but couldn't see anything past the bars, that is until a pair of large glowing blood red eyes with black slits and a large mouth formed into a grin that showed it's large sharp teeth appeared.

Naruto stared at the eyes till a voice spoke, and it wasn't Naruto's.

"Hello there, human."

Naruto's eyes widened as the voice was deep and intimidating. He wanted to run away but he was frozen to the spot.

"A-are y-you K-kyuubi?" Naruto asked. The figure laughed and gave a nod.

"Yes I am, puny human. You must be my container correct?" Kyuubi asked. Naruto gave a quick nod.

"Well do you mind pulling off that tag and letting me out?" Kyuubi asked nicely. Naruto was going to nod till he realized what the fox said and glared.

"Like hell I'm not! I'm not letting you out, Dattebayo!" Naruto declared not noticing Kyuubi's eye twitch at the verbal tick. Sighing, Kyuubi spoke.

"Worth a shot. Anyway, what do you want kit?" Kyuubi wondered. Naruto blinked in confusion as that wasn't the response he expected. But he wasn't complaining, that response was much better than the one he thought he was gonna receive.

"Well I actually don't know how I got here. Where am I anyway?" Naruto wondered. The Kyuubi gave a shrug.

"We're here in your mind. Pretty dull if you ask me." Kyuubi grumbled. Naruto looked around and couldn't help but agree.

"Okay so how did I get here? Last thing I remember was the creepy guy touching my stomach." Naruto muttered with a shiver. Kyuubi nodded before speaking.

"Yes, because of that, he has halted my chakra flow to your body and also messing with your own. So basically you are as weak as a civilian at the moment." Kyuubi snickered making Naruto's eye twitch.

"Hey, how come you aren't all angry and boasting at me like I thought you would? Shouldn't you be yelling at me about how you are the great Kyuubi and I am nothing but a sack of flesh and bones and should bow down to your power?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, but that's to much work and unnecessary. And I can't really live up to that title if I have been sealed 3 times in the past 50 years or so. Seriously, I don't even have the chance to stretch my legs anymore. Not to mention I haven't taken a shower in forever." Kyuubi ranted.

Naruto couldn't help but sweat drop at the giant fox's behavior. The Kyuubi was big for sure but it didn't seem all terrifying and dangerous as the villagers made it sound to be.

In fact it almost sounded like a regular human, almost.

"So what am I supposed to do now? I need to wake up so I can save my friends! Then after I can become chunin which will be one more step to Hokage Dattebayo!" Naruto cheered.

Kyuubi stopped it's quiet rant and stared at Naruto with an incredulous look. After awhile it spoke.

"You're kidding right? Are you really that much of dumbass?" Kyuubi asked making Naruto stop his day dreaming about being Hokage and Sakura feeding him ramen.

"What are you talking about Fox?" Naruto demanded, irritated that he was being mocked. Kyuubi snorted before replying.

"What friends are you talking about exactly kit? And please do list them off so I can tell you how wrong you are. Go ahead." Kyuubi insisted. Naruto huffed before he began.

"There's Shikamaru, Choji, Sasuke, Sakura-chan…" But before he could finish Kyuubi cut him off.

"Alright let me talk now. Shikamaru is nothing but a lazy ass who is smart when he needs to be, not to mention he's nosy. I'm not sure he is really you're friend, just someone you talk too. Choji is just a fat ass who is always worried about his stomach. Same boat as the Nara."

"Sasuke, really? Do I need to tell you about his ass? That kid is an arrogant smug revenge-craved bastard that needs to be knocked down a whole lot of pegs."

"And lastly, Sakura-chan? Really? Bitch can never stop screaming, plus what the fuck is with all the hitting? What needs to happen is someone needs to punch her in her wide ass target forehead. Did I mention that she is weak and not really smart? She is the weakest in your stupid ass class plus did I mention she's a bitch? I think I did." Kyuubi finished.

Naruto was completely appalled. First off he wondered how Kyuubi even knew about his 'friends' and second how come he felt as if Kyuubi was right, why did he secretly agree with her?

Naruto shook his head as he glared at the fox who stared at him with a bored look.

"Stop talking about Sakura-chan that way! She's smart, strong, pretty and…"

"Listen Gaki, I'm not going to sit here all day arguing with you about you're non-existent love life understand? I asked you why the hell do you want to become Hokage so bad." Kyuubi repeated.

"That's simple, so everyone can aknowledge and see me as Naruto Uzumaki instead of the Kyuubi brat. I want to protect Konoha with everything in my being. That a good enough answer for you?" Naruto smirked.

"Such a foolish dream. To think Kushina's son turned out to be such a waste." A voice said from the shadows. It wasn't booming and demonic like Kyuubi's. In fact it was as if it was human like.

Kyuubi stood alert, it's eyes darting around for the owner of that voice. Naruto was confused to why the fox was acting so strange and who dared call him a waste, and who the hell was Kushina?

"Who's there?" Naruto wondered, looking around. Kyuubi growled before speaking.

"So you finally show up now of all times, Madara Uchiha." Kyuubi stated with disdain. Naruto's face scrunched up in confusion before he heard foot steps to see the strongest Uchiha in history to step out of the shadows.

Madara glared at Naruto with an impassive look, his Sharingan staring into Naruto's blue eyes.

"W-who are you?" Naruto asked as Madara looked the boy up and down, a scowl soon marred his face.

"Konoha has done you no good, Naruto." Madara frowned. Naruto was getting angrier as each moment passed. He didn't know who this guy was yet he felt as if he was nothing but a bug to him. Naruto didn't like to show weakness ever, and Madara noticed that in his eyes.

"Enough with the mind games Madara! Tell him why you are here!" Kyuubi barked out. Madara glanced at Kyuubi and gave a curt nod before facing the blonde boy.

"I am Madara Uchiha. The strongest Uchiha in history and one of the strongest men of my time. Also, I am you're grandfather." Madara stated getting a shocked look from Naruto.

"M-my, grandfather? But, I'm no Uchiha!" Naruto yelled. Madara gave a nod before he elaborated on it.

"You are right. You are no full Uchiha seeing as you can't activate the Sharingan. You are 1/3rd Uchiha, Uzumaki and Senju. As much as I hate the Senju clan and am disappointed in my daughter for choosing to love one, it does you good." Madara stated.

"Wait, you know my mother? Who is she?!" Naruto demanded. Madara was silent before looking away, a small smile on his face.

"Kushina Uzumaki, also known as the Red Death of Konoha, an S-rank ninja." Madara's smile then turned to a frown as he looked at his grandson.

"It seems you two share the same dream however. Wanting to be Hokage, what a useless dream." Madara scowled, shaking his head.

"Being Hokage isn't a useless dream! By being Hokage you protect the ones you care about, you protect Konoha!" Naruto yelled at him. Madara was silent.

"I know this boy. But what is more important. Family? Or Konoha?" Madara asked, causing the boy to stop in his tracks.

"I should tell you that sometimes both, is wrong. I abandoned Konoha because of my family, my clan, banishing me because they held love for Konoha. I was so angry at the clan and Konoha I swore to destroy it." Madara began.

"I gave everything I had to protect that accursed clan and they banished me. I along with my younger brother, Izuna, killed our parents to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan. We did it for the good of the clan. I continuously used The Mangekyou to protect the Uchiha and due to that, I lost my eye sight." Madara paused.

Naruto could see the swirl of emotions in his grandfathers Sharingan active eye, and it was mostly filled with anger and regret.

"Izuna, he offered me his eyes. I refused adamantly. I knew those with no eyes didn't live long. He was everything I had left besides the clan. After a while I started to get sick and he finally had enough and forced his eyes on me. I had no choice, so I took them." Madara repressed a regretful sigh before continuing.

"Not long after like I figured, Izuna died on the battlefield. After that I absolutely tried to do what was best for the Uchiha. When Hashirama-teme became Hokage, I somehow knew the Uchiha wouldn't get what they deserved. It would be the Senju clan." Madara scowled.

"I protested against him, to impeach him so I could become Hokage and do what was best not only for my clan but all of Konoha, including the Senju. However…" Naruto noticed a dark look enter Madara's eyes.

"The Uchiha had enough of me and the elders banished me. It was then I lost everything to Konoha and the Uchiha. And I swore, I would destroy them all. Hashirama saw that as a threat and attacked me not to far away from Konoha." Madara glanced at Kyuubi who was silent, watching Madara and Naruto intently.

"I battled him and summoned Kyuubi. I knew that Kyuubi would not agree and not want to be brought into our affairs, so I used the Sharingan to control her." Madara revealed.

Naruto's eyes went wide as he just heard what Madara just told him. He looked towards Kyuubi who rolled her eyes and huffed in annoyance.

Madara stifled a chuckle and continued on with his story.

"In the end…I lost. Hashirama beat me and left me for dead. However before I started to pass, I prayed." Madara stated with a small smile.

"Prayed?" Naruto asked, his face scrunched up in confusion. Madara nodded.

"Yes, I prayed to the only being besides Kami that I know caused order in this pathetic world. Juubi-sama. I prayed to her and she gave me a mission. That mission was to pass on my genes so a part of me would still be in the world." Madara answered.

"Wait who is Juubi?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi huffed before she answered the question.

"In the world there are a total of 9 biju. However before we 9 were created, we were one and that was Juubi. The sage of 6 paths separated us into 10 parts and sealed the last tail into himself, and her soul into the moon, thus creating the moon goddess, Tsukoyomi." Kyuubi answered.

"Juubi-sama was the one who controlled the balance in the world, however humans were ungrateful and caused her to stop and relax to take a break."

"But to make sure balance was still possible, she gave some of her genes to a new born boy, the Rikudou sennin. His legendary Rinnegan was given to him by Juubi-sama, as was mine." Madara stated as his eye morphed into the Rinnegan.

Naruto stared at the pale silver ripple pattern eye with awe, his daze was broken when Madara continued.

"The Rikudou sennin did do his job, but was tainted by the humans. His way was protecting humans from what they saw was evil. And the 'evil' was Juubi-sama. The Rikudou sennin attacked Juubi-sama so earth could be rid of her."

"However, Juubi-sama fought back and the two were pretty equal, but The Rikudou sennin began to tire. As Juubi-sama was about to give the finishing blow, allies of the sennin distracted her, allowing the sage to divide her into ten parts. He sealed the last part into himself, while also creating the Biju, last he sealed Juubi-sama's soul into one of his techniques. Chibaku tensei, which we know now of, as the moon." Madara explained.

Naruto's eyes widened at what his grandfather was telling him. He couldn't believe that all these things were happening. Hell he was still tripping on how Kyuubi was female.

"Time passed and the sage grew old, but during this time he had a total of three son's. The youngest however was not known to the older two. The oldest was the Uchiha ansector, gaining the sages eyes and the middle child was the Senju ancestor, gaining the sages body." Madara informed.

"What about the third brother? What did he gain?" Naruto wondered. Madara was quiet before he answered.

"The third brother gained both and became the Uzumaki ancestor. However The last brother knew the truth behind his fathers past and prayed to Juubi-sama every night, thus gaining him more power which he used to benefit his clan instead of himself."

"I also knew the truth behind Juubi-sama and prayed whenever I felt the need. My last prayer to Juubi-sama granted me more life till I finished my mission. Time passed and I did so, The child my wife brought into the world was Kushina Uchiha Uzumaki, you're mother. Not long after, I passed." Madara answered.

"But how are you here now?" Naruto asked and Kyuubi grunted in annoyance, answering his question after doing so.

"During the battle between the Shodaime and Madara-teme, Said teme summoned me. However, Mito Uzumaki showed up and started to seal my inside of her with Hashirama's help. Madara quickly sealed about half of his soul and chakra into me for later purposes." Kyuubi growled.

"That is the reason why I was so weak and unable to finish Hashirama off. I sealed myself into her because my revenge still needed to be completed. And it will be completed." Madara stated, his eye narrowed.

"And how are you going to do that?" Naruto asked. Madara smirked before he answered.

"Why you of course. You will and are my successor and you will destroy Konoha." Madara stated with conviction. Naruto looked horrified at the thought.

"No! Konoha is my home! I'm going to become Hokage! I can't do that!" Naruto argued. Madara shook his head.

"You are a fool. Becoming Hokage is nothing but a fool's dream. Remember all the times when Konoha and it's people wronged you. They still wrong you.

Without the Kage bushin you are nothing but a slightly experienced Academy student. How in hell do you expect to become Hokage like that?!" Madara demanded.

"I will! I will become Hokage and the strongest person ever!" Naruto yelled back while Madara scowled.

"How long do you intend to keep wearing that silly mask?" Madara wondered making Naruto freeze, his eyes widening.

"W-what are y-you talking about?" Naruto replied, looking away. Madara was silent, gazing at his grandson.

"It's time to remove the mask, Naruto. I know everything since you were born. You thought you could fool me, but my eyes see everything. Take off that ridiculous mask and show me your Rinnegan." Madara ordered.

Naruto was still looking away with his hair shadowing his eyes. After a few moments Kyuubi and Madara could feel a sudden wave of power slowly burst from Naruto.

In the real world everything within a 2 mile radius felt the power wave. It was calm yet cold and dark. Almost every being within the radius shivered from the feel of it.

Naruto slowly lifted his head up and stared at Madara's Rinnegan eye, with his own, Rinnegan eyes. The boy's face looked slightly more mature, his hair was a bit longer while he was as tall as Sasuke maybe an inch taller or so.

After staring at each other Naruto spoke, his voice a bit deeper and calm.

"I intended to hide this away for awhile till I knew what it was and fully gone. I'm slightly angry that you made me show it." Naruto glared slightly.

Madara did his Uchiha grunt before he began speaking.

"Konoha must pay for what they have done to you, Naruto. They don't deserve your power or your love. Let me train you so you can destroy Konoha for both of us and release Juubi-sama." Madara stated.

"Why? Why should I do any of those things? By destroying Konoha I am showing that I am a demon, I want them to accept and recognize me as Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto stated.

"That will never happen. Why live you're life trying to prove yourself to others? In the end they all will die. Instead of impacting Konoha, impact the world. The world has fallen into darkness and the only ones who can bring it to the light is you or Juubi-sama." Madara said.

"Juubi, how do I release her?" Naruto asked. Madara smirked a bit before answering.

"Juubi-sama is the final biju, the result when All nine Biju come together. In order to do that you must do a list of things." Madara stated.

Naruto waited for him to continue but he didn't, so he questioned him on it.

"I am not finishing till you tell me what your plan is. Do you plan on trying to complete your foolish dream of becoming Hokage, or do you plan on destroying Konoha and freeing Juubi-sama? Which is it? Because I will not train you for the former." Madara glared.

Naruto glared back before he looked away, a thoughtful look on his face. Kyuubi and Madara gazed at the ever silent Naruto before he sighed and gave a glance to his grandfather.

"I'll free Juubi-sama. Please train me, Madara-jiji." Naruto kneeled in front of the Uchiha. Madara's impassive face was graced with a small smile as he gave a short nod.

"Excellent. Stand, Naruto." Madara ordered softly. Naruto gave a nod as he stood and stared into his grandfathers eyes.

"Alright, this is the list…"

Real world

"Get off me you little bitch!" Zaku Abumi screamed in anger as he kept punching Sakura's head to get her choppers off his arm. After a few more moments he was able to get her off his arm and growled as she tumbled to the ground.

The genin team from Otogakure confronted Sakura in order to kill her crush and teammate Sasuke Uchiha. They easily got passed the traps Sakura set up after her teams little bout with Orochimaru.

However before they could get closer, Rock Lee of team 9 defended Sakura for a short while before Dosu Kinuta was able to lay him out for the count.

Sakura did little to defend her team and was heavily getting beaten for it while her teammates slept away to recover.

Team 10 who were hiding behind the bush finally had enough and came out to defend their friend. Zaku growled in annoyance while Dosu sighed and Kin rolled her eyes.

"Great, more Konoha rats to slow us down. I'm going to blow all of you to pieces in a moment if you don't leave!" Zaku yelled. Ino smirked despite her taking his threat seriously.

"Sorry pal, but I'm not letting forehead show me up in front of Sasuke-kun. So go ahead!" Ino taunted while Shikamaru sighed and Choji looked ready to run.

"Do it Zaku, hopefully we'll be able to take Sasuke out also." Dosu said. Zaku grinned evilly as he raised his arms up, pointing his open palms at team 10 and Sakura who were in front of the unconscious Naruto and Sasuke.

"Great Air…" Zaku stopped in his tracks as he and the other genin within a five mile radius froze from the massive killer intent and chakra burst. This was even scarier than the first burst which was calm, cold and dark. However this was raging with hatred, ill intent and filled with malice and evil.

Everyone slowly turned their heads and looked towards the source of this dreadful and terrifying chakra. They could see that from the small tree cave an aura of red chakra and red chakra tendrils that were flailing around madly, surrounded Naruto who began to wake.

The waking boy felt different, more powerful. The chakra seal Orochimaru placed on him previously was long gone. In fact, the seal that held Kyuubi was released slightly, giving him the power of 5 of Kyuubi's tails, not to mention Madara's.

A shadow surrounded Naruto as he stood up and leaned on the tree side for support since he was still groggy. Everyone could see the change in his appearance and it confused them greatly.

His blonde hair was now down to his waist and with spiky tips not to mention black and red streaks going through his hair. His bangs were shoulder length and framing the sides of his face, the left side covering his left eye partly.

Naruto also grew much taller, standing at least one to two inches taller than Sasuke. This caused his tracksuit to tighten against his body a bit.

The blonde fully walked out the cave to gaze at the scene before him with a bored expression, His Rinnegan activated. Naruto noticed that the genin were really trying hard to breathe and slightly eased up on the pressure, allowing them to breathe a little easier and stand straight again.

Naruto's cold caculative eyes gazed at each individual his eyes finally stopped on Lee and Sakura's beaten forms. Narrowing his eyes slightly he looked at the other Konoha team and took notice of their stance which was in a form of protection meaning they were protecting Sakura, so that only left team Oto.

"Which one of you children did this to my teammate?" Naruto asked coldly and calmly. Zaku smirked as he stood up.

"That would be me! What are you gonna do about it?" Zaku wondered arrogantly. Naruto stared at him impassively before he looked at the other two and closed his eyes.

Zaku huffed before raising his hand.

"Like I thought you weren't going to do…"

"Shinra tensei." Naruto snapped his eyes open and Zaku was sent flying away by an unknown force, crashing against trees and such.

Dosu and Kin were shocked and confused to what just happened. Their eyes snapped from the unconscious Zaku to the blonde with the strange eyes.

Naruto was about to blast them away as well when he felt a sudden burst of power that wasn't from him. It didn't even come close to matching up to his but it felt familiar and caught his attention.

From the tree cave walked out a conscious Sasuke who had purple chakra tendrils spinning around him with red flame like markings covering half of his face.

Naruto turned his attention to Sasuke who stared at him with a evil filled grin.

"What's going on here? Who are you?" Sasuke demanded. Naruto kept silent before he spoke.

"You, kid wrapped in bandages, give me you're scroll and I'll let you live." Naruto ordered. Dosu nodded as he felt as if he was being crushed just from the chakra output Naruto was giving off, plus he didn't want to end up like Zaku.

He dug into his pouch and took out his earth scroll and laid on the ground before he and Kin retrieved Zaku and left. Naruto kept his eyes on Sasuke who growled at him.

"You fool! You let the enemy get away, for that I'm going to kill you!" Sasuke yelled as he charged at Naruto.

"Sasuke-kun don't!" Sakura screamed for him to stop only for the boy to ignore her. Naruto shifted his stance a bit before he charged at Sasuke also.

Sasuke cocked back his fist and swung at Naruto who ducked under the punch and quickly spun around with a side step, his fist out.

Sasuke just barely passed him right before a mysterious force impacted with his face sending past Naruto and back to the tree. Naruto stood straight and flexed his fist before he noticed the marks on Sasuke's face disappear.

He kept silent and went to retrieve the earth scroll. After pocketing it he looked towards the shocked genin. Naruto ignored them and walked over to Sasuke and threw him over his shoulder.

"Lets Go Sakura or I am leaving you here." Naruto ordered before he jumped and left for the tree's. Sakura blinked before she stood and tried following her teammate only to wince and fall back to the ground.

"Sakura you can't move, doesn't that Baka know you're still injured?" Ino scowled and tried helping her friend only for Sakura to slap her hand away and jump to the tree's, trying to catch up to Naruto.

"Well that was troublesome."

Team 7 made it to the tower in only an hour after Naruto killed a genin team to retrieve another heaven scroll. On the way to the tower it was silent.

Naruto was in front of Sakura and his clone who carried Sasuke. Sakura stared at Naruto the whole time trying to find her voice and ask him her questions but she just couldn't.

Once they entered the tower Naruto threw the scrolls on the floor which unrolled and summoned Iruka. However before the man could greet them Sasuke's unconscious body was thrown to Iruka who was in surprise.

Naruto walked away without another word while Sakura went to go see if Sasuke was alright.

As the blonde walked to his room he mentally asked his grandfather what should he do now. His answer was to leave a clone here and leave the area to train for the next few days.

Naruto nodded in response and did so, thinking of ways to increase his training.

Three days later

Three days passed since team 7 passed the second exam and now they and the other passing contestants were in a large stadium room in lines, facing their sensei's and the Hokage along with other jonin.

Everyone who knew Naruto which was almost everyone in the room was surprised to see his change in outfit, hell to see the change in general and they wondered how was he able to change when he has been seen in the tower for the last three days.

Instead of having the long hair team 10 and Sakura not to mention the Oto team remember him having he had shoulder length hair, the tips of his hair were black and he had black streaks running through it.

The left side of his hair was partly covering his left eye while the other side just framed his face regularly. His eyes were that of the Rinnegan which had every ninja confused and captivated by it, Hiruzen thought he knew what it was but couldn't place his finger on it.

Naruto wore a high collared black short sleeved shirt with the Uzumaki swirl on his back. Tied around his waist was a white sash with extra length. He also wore white shinobi pants with black tape taped at his ankles and black Anbu style shoes. Lastly tied around his forearms to his wrists was medical wrap.

The blondes face was impassive as he gazed at the Hokage and the jonin with a bored look.

"Congratulations on making out of my playground alive brats! You did pretty good proving to us that you have the ability and mind to survive in a difficult situation and be trusted with classified information. Now before we proceed any further with the Chunin Selection Exams, Hokage-sama will tell you the true reason behind the exams. Once again, congratulations brats," Anko said stepping back.

The Hokage nodded to Anko thanking her for a job well done and quietly observed the Chunin hopefuls that stood before him.

"Welcome and congratulations to each and every one of you for making it through the first two parts of the Chunin Selection Exams. You have made your villages proud and have proven to us that you are truly the best they have to offer. Now, allow me to explain to you all the true meaning of the Chunin Selection Exams."

"Despite what you all may think, the exams are not to determine which genin is strong enough and has the qualities of a Chunin. The truth is that these exams are a simulation of war," Sarutobi said getting several confused looks.

"I see most of you are confused. Allow me to explain. A village's strength is determined not just by the number of capable shinobi, but more importantly, proving our strength is above that of opposing villages."

"By holding the Chunin Selection Exams, we can prove to the Daimyos and the other villages the strength we have to offer though I admit this process is not entirely reliable."

"To simplify things, you all represent your village. Your strength represents the power of your village and that in turn makes other villages wary of attack and entices more clients."

Smiling upon seeing the looks of understanding on the genin, the old Hokage was about to explain what would happen next when a sickly looking Jounin stepped forward and requested permission to do it instead. Sarutobi nodded and stepped back, letting the sickly Jounin, take the stage.

"Welcome, my name is Hayate Gekkou and I'm the proctor of the third part of the Chunin Selection Exams. Unfortunately, it seems that the first and second parts of the exam were too easy and we now have too many candidates. Because of that, we will be having preliminary matches."

"I'll be your referee and you will obey my rules and commands. If I say stop, you will do exactly as I say or I'll be forced to take action. You will fight one on one and the winner will be allowed to proceed to the third part of the exams."

"Your opponent will be chosen by random and the match will end when one of you either loses consciousness or gives up. I will also end the match if I see you are unfit to continue. Any questions?" Hayate asked coughing a few times during his speech. When no one spoke up, he continued.

Gekkou looked out over the Genins, his sickly pale face reading tiredness. "Now, if you do not wish to continue on with this exam, raise your hand now. Understand that this is an individual decision and will not affect the rest of your team so speak now if you wish to retire."

"I would like to quit." Everyone looked to see Kabuto who was raising his hand up. Naruto glanced at him and turned his attention back forward.

"Kabuto Yakushi right? You are free to go." Hayate nodded to the genin. Kabuto nodded and left with a smirk on his face. After he was gone Hayate asked if there was anybody else who wanted to leave but no one raised their hands.

"Alright, lets begin then. Above us is a screen that has a roster with all the contestants names. The names will spin randomly and stop on two. Those two will be the one to fight that match while the others are at the stands." Hayate informed.

"So now lets have the names spin." Hayate ordered as the screen turned on and everyone turned their attention to the screen. Like Hayate said names were spinning randomly till it stopped on two.

"Can Naruto Uzumaki and Kiba Inuzuka stay down here while everyone else leaves." Hayate stated.

Naruto and Kiba stayed in their spots, the former impassive while the latter smirked. Once the two including Hayate were the only ones on the floor they turned to each other.

"Hey what's up with Naruto? He seems different." Kurenai stated while Asuma nodded in agreement. Kakashi looked towards Sakura who stared after Naruto and Sasuke who was glaring at the blonde.

Hinata was confused in who to cheer for while Shino remained silent. Kurenai betted on Kiba winning since she remembered Naruto's scores and how he acted.

"So what's up with the get up dobe? Finally figure out the old one was an eye sore?" Kiba smirked trying to rile Naruto up, but to no avail.

Naruto folded his arms as he stared at Kiba impassively. Kiba mentally frowned as his plan didn't work.

"Hey dobe I'm talking to you!" Kiba shouted. The Inuzuka growled as Naruto kept silent. Hayate noticed Naruto shifted into a ready stance while Kiba got into his clan Taijutsu stance.

"Begin!" Hayate yelled as Kiba charged at Naruto.

"Fang over fang!" Kiba yelled as he and Akamaru started spinning and lunged at Naruto.

"Why isn't Naruto moving? Doesn't he know Kiba will kill him if he doesn't?" Kurenai asked herself. As Kiba drew closer he was suddenly blasted back by an unknown force.

He crashed and tumbled to the ground with his dog as Naruto remained completely still. Everyone blinked in confusion to what just happened.

Naruto watched as Kiba stood up groggily in a bit of pain. He looked towards Naruto who walked towards him slowly. Kiba growled as he stood up and prepared to lunge at Naruto.

However before the boy could move Naruto blurred out of sight. The blonde appeared in front of him in a crouched position, his open palms pressed against Kiba's stomach.

The Inuzuka along with audience wondered what Naruto was doing. Kiba was the only one who could hear Naruto's next words before he was blasted away.

"Uzumakigaeshi." In a blue aura blast, Kiba was obliterated in the extreme light that everyone had to cover their eyes besides the caster of the strange technique.

After the light faded everyone looked towards the match to see a unharmed Naruto who was holding an unconscious bloody and half naked Kiba by his hair with his right hand his left resting on his hip.

Not far from Kiba was a hairless Akamaru that was also a bit beaten as well. Naruto stared impassively at Hayate who blinked and gave the match to Naruto.

"KIBA!" Kurenai screamed as she and her students jumped of the stands to go help him. Once they landed Kurenai was about to go run to take him from Naruto when the blonde effortlessly held her student up and threw him to her without any care in the world.

She caught him and nearly fell to the floor as Naruto walked towards the doors but before he left Sarutobi questioned his methods.

"Naruto what are you doing? The preliminaries are still going on." Sarutobi stated. Naruto turned his head slightly to gaze at the old man.

"This is a waste of my time. Why would I spend my time watching these losers when I can train, I will see all in a month." Naruto nodded before he left the area.

Everyone blinked in confusion before they continued the next match.

Naruto took a deep breath as he stood on the Yondaime Hokage's head. Opening his eyes a black portal opened behind him as he walked in.

Time for real training to begin.

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