Wrote this from my Saruhiko Fushimi RP/Ask blog, each prompt means something different so I'll specify each one.

Happy reading K fans!

Prompt One: Kill Me (Write about my character killing yours; Munakata Reisi)

This was it, this was finally it. Saruhiko had snapped and he was angrier than he had ever been. Their brief mission at just scaring the shit out of Homura had turned dark and red, blood was splattered against the city and it was so wrong that Saruhiko felt like puking.

He was running, seeing Izumo unconscious and bleeding out had scared him enough. He had used part of his jacket to tie up the large gash he had sustained, but this was too much.

When he ran to Munakata, he then saw something that stopped his entire body, his entire heart. Misaki was laying on the ground in front of Munakata, screaming and shouting about something but Saruhiko can't hear him.

Munakata grins, whispering something that makes Misaki shudder and try to back away. Orange eyes lock onto his blue ones and he sees that Misaki is scared and Saruhiko goes running forwards.

He's too late.

An all too familiar sword is suddenly plunged into Misaki's throat, causing a disgustingly haunting noise emulate from the others mouth. Blood drips from his neck and mouth and suddenly Saruhiko is shocked and so angry that he draws his own sword.

His aura explodes in a fiery show of blue and red and Munakata doesn't notice because Saruhiko is able to stab right through the others back, causing him to sputter and lurch forwards. Blood is spraying and Saruhiko screams and yells but he never remembers what he says.

He rips the sword from Munakata's chest and stabs him again, even though he's already dying. It reoccurs a third, fourth, fifth time before he simply throws the other out of his way, grabbing Misaki's body and trying to shake him awake.

Munakata's sword has sinned and Saruhiko screams again. Slowly and as gently as he could, he removes the blade from Misaki's neck, cringing each time he hears a sickening sound.

When he's done, he throws up but he doesn't let any ounce of his stomach touch Misaki. He's too precious for that.

Quietly, he places him on the ground, hands shaking and eyes blurry with tears. Quietly, he picks up Munakata's sword and suddenly makes his way over to the other. Violet-blue has been replaced with a void look and Saruhiko grows angrier by the second.

He thrusts Munakata's own blade into his forehead, watching as more blood just spills from the already dead body.

Saruhiko finds himself having a breakdown by the time Awashima arrives.