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Garcia was sure that she was going to hit the floor after slipping. More sure than how sure she was that she absolutely never wanted to see that back-stabbing Kevin Lynch ever again. He was still with that tart, Gina, which he had taken with him to JJ and Will's wedding.

All the thoughts of Kevin disappeared as her eyes locked on a pair of sparkling green that seemed absolutely impossible. Her vision widened and she realized that a man was holding her, rather impressively. Flustered, Garcia allowed herself to be lifted to her feet by the stranger. The coffee shop manager was chattering around them with apologies, however Garcia heard none of it.

"Excuse me." He's British, she thought to herself as he backed off to a reasonable distance.

"No," she began all nerves and no confidence. She blinked and reset herself. "I mean, thank you. That would have been a spilled Garcia on aisle three."

"To be fair, I don't believe that this place has aisles." His humor was tart and spicy and she liked it. She glanced down and saw that his pants were all but ruined with the contents of his coffee; the cup was empty on the ground.

"I destroyed your coffee." Garcia's voice was aghast. That was sacrilegious in her book.

The man, young with tanned skin that said Middle East somewhere in his ancestry, shrugged. "It is only coffee. I'll just replace it."

"I'll replace it." Garcia was firm and a smooth smile eased over his features. He held up his hands in surrender.

"I give."

A triumphant smile adorned her face and she led him back to the till. "Order." She commanded, feeling more natural in her dominant position.

He nodded and ordered, a soy non-fat pumpkin coffee half the cup being hot chocolate. She paid for the strange order and they waited off to the side for his drink. After a few minutes the barista called out, "Harry."

Funny, she hadn't heard him give them his name. "Harry." She said to him as they took seats in the plush armchairs by the fireplace.

"Harrison, actually." He smiled at her shyly before taking a sip of his drink and humming contently. "Harrison James Potter."

Garcia grinned at him, "Since we're doing full names mine is Penelope Anne Garcia."

Harry smiled back at her, "Penelope Anne. That has a nice ring to it."

"I am just thankful that my parents didn't come up with anything worse." Garcia said half jokingly whilst taking a sip of her own half-caf. double mint soy latte.

"There are much worse names out there- and I went to school with half of them." Harry's smile was bright and Garcia felt that his humor was infectious.

"Lay them on me, handsome." A blush lit prettily of his handsome features and Garcia, for a moment, thought that she had gone too far. Her fears were unfounded as he leaned back in the chair as if in thought.

"Well, there was Draco," she snorted, "oh, no. It gets much worse. So, where was I? Right, Draco, Pansy, Blaise, Ronald, Parvati, Luna, Padma, Millicent, Rowanda, Neville, Ginevra, Hermione."

"Stop, stop." Garcia couldn't contain her giggles, "Hermione? Did her parents read too much Shakespeare?"

Harry nodded, "She's actually one of my best friends, and yes, she parents most definitely did. The adults were worse- Severus, Hagrid, Mundungus, Sirius, Minerva."

"Please stop. You're making this up."

Harry shook his head and placed a hand to his chest as though offended, "I kid you not. How I came out with Harrison and survived, I will never know.

"Just by luck. And it was good that you did, or I would be in bad shape right now."

Harry blushed again- Garcia found that he blushed more than any single person she knew- even Reid.

They chatted and drank their coffees in a way that was more normal than any other part of Garcia's life. It was so simple and so pure that she was mournfully sad when JJ texted her wondering when or if ever she was returning from lunch.

"I'd like to do this again." She said after stoking up her courage as high as it could go."

Harry smiled and separated his cup, the recyclable parts from the non-recyclable ones and dropped them into the according bins. "I would really enjoy that. Dinner?"

Garcia paused, thinking back to her close call with death. "You aren't by any chance some angel of death who secretly is plotting to kill me?"

Harry stiffened with offence before relaxing and spreading his hands in the perfect image of good will. "Last time I checked, I had absolutely no intention of killing anyone, really. It's not my style. Least of all you."

It was Garcia's turn to blush. She took a moment to rifle around in her bag before producing a business card and scribbling her number on the back of it. "Call me sometime?"

"Oh, definitely." Harry's smile brightened her day and Garcia shook his outstretched hand, and even received a kiss on the cheek before meandering out of the shop in the direction headquarters. Her phone buzzed with a number she did not recognize.

"Garcia." She answered formally, you never knew who might be calling.

"Hey, Penelope, it is Harry from the coffee shop- I don't know if you remember me, but we had a great chat there."

Her cheeks ached from the size of the smile adorning her face. "Hm, I don't seem to remember a Harry, sorry."

"That's too bad, because I was going to invite you to supper tonight. Oh, well."

"I'd love to." Garcia responded quickly before she could talk herself out of it. She could practically hear his smile.

"Lovely. I know it is quite the ride, but how about you and I go to supper in D.C. I know the perfect place."

Garcia sounded dubious, "That is quite the hike."

"Drive to the Franconia-Springfield metro station and park. I'll meet you at the South Capital stop at 7:30 tonight."

"Will you really be there?"

"I am a man of my word, I'll be there as if by magic."

Garcia gave a smile at his declaration. "You've convinced me. I'll meet you at South Capital at 7:30."

"It's a date."

Something hot and heavy rushed through Garcia's veins and nearly knocked her off of her feet. A date. She had worried since Kevin that no other man would find her attractive. To, all at once, be caught off guard and swept off of her perch (literally) was amazing.

They said their goodbyes and clicked off the call and Garcia was left with a mission. The first was to go and search for this man in every database known to exist. If it all checked out, than she would call it an early night, something that she would never normally do, and go home to primp.

A date with a man who took her on her own terms and wasn't always trying to one up her on programming or software design. Kevin was nice, and she loved him- always would. But, maybe, just maybe, dating someone outside of the technical field would be nice for a change.

~Scene Break~

"It all checks out." Garcia murmured as she gazed at her screen. Harrison James Potter was born July 31st 1981 to Lord James of Potter and Lily of Potter nee' Lily Evans. His parents chose to have a home birth. His parents were, unfortunately, murdered by a local cell terrorist organization that targeted the family due to their relationship to the throne; James was 46th in line for the throne. The killer, or killers escaped before officials could arrive on the scene.

A mistake in the will and testament meant that Harrison went to live with his mother's sister and her husband rather than the several others listed on the document. It was a large scandal with several newspapers and other magazines producing articles on it, after the fact. When the will was corrected Harrison went to a private boarding school known for keeping the privacy of the families, she couldn't even find an accurate student roster. The only information on it was that the school was called, 'Hogwarts School for the Gifted and Academically Minded'.

Harrison graduated with full honors when he was 17 and went on to University at the University of Salzburg in Austria where he studied Kunstgeschichte or Art History. He received his masters in the same area at New York University and then a History of Art doctoral at the University of California at Berkeley. He was now one of the top researchers working for the Smithsonian System, despite his age. Copies of both his masters thesis and doctoral dissertation were available online.

He was currently working with the International Art and Preservation Coalition to preserve precious and ancient artwork in war zones, hence his presence near Quantico. "Quite the impressive man." She noted now going through his personal records.

He was hailed as a hero when his boarding school was attacking by the same terrorist organization that killed his parents. He had, according to all public record, killed, though it was assured multiple times that that was not the intended result, the leader of the organization. Most wanted him to go into politics and national security afterwards, however Harrison, seemingly, wanted nothing to do with war or violence and went the opposing route.

He was currently the primary guardian for one child, a godson, who was presently attending the same school that Harrison did. He also gave large sums of money, old family money she noted, to different organizations internationally that centered on orphans and especially children left orphaned by war or natural disaster.

"He's perfect." She murmured and closed out of his personal life. She saw that he had been married once, straight out of school, however that quickly ended. She felt satisfaction in that she was protecting herself against a future attack. However, on the other hand, Garcia felt horrible that she had just torn apart this genuinely great guy's internal life with no cause or case behind it.

Time would tell if that was the right decision, however now was the time to close up shop and head home to get ready.

I've always wanted to make Harry into this guy who just wanted to be away from all the drama and chaos and danger, etc of the wizarding world. Speaking from my degree perspective, there is no way that Harry would become (most likely) an auror due to his extreme and trigger-able childhood tramatic experiences, and also those from the prepubescent and subsequently young adult periods. Thus! Art Guy Harry!

I hope that you enjoyed this.