Discalimer; Like Q, I don't own them, I just play with them.

We're lost so far from home, thanks to an alien slip
But we're gonna find our way, with our very special ship.
Some day we will get home, we're gonna make it through
Because Maquis mixed with Starfleet, makes a brave and loyal crew.

On the good ship Voyager
It's a long trip all lead by her.
And the ensigns play.
All the way to the shuttle bay

Leola root is everywhere
Red alerts; they fill the air
And here we are
Flying warp nine through the stars

See the Delta Flyer do a barrel roll
With the Borg and the Q and the Void of Dread
If you annoy our Captain, ooh ooh
You'll all wish you'd stayed in bed.

On the good ship Voyager
It's a fun trip, sure to cause a stir
So fly away
On the good ship Voyager