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Chapter 10: A Purpose Fulfilled
(A/N: Back to third person narration)
Shadow then dashed over to Amy, who, Shadow just noticed, was already awake. He knelt down before her and brushed some hair from her face.
"Are you all right?" Shadow asked, concerned.
Amy said nothing. Her eyes just overflowed with fresh tears and she jumped into Shadow's arms for a hug. Shadow was slightly surprised, but returned the embrace. His shoulder became moist with the tears of a fearful hedgehog.
"Thank you.. so much. I was so worried.., Worried that you might've lost, that we would've lost you again..." Amy sobbed.
"Don't cry, everything's all right now. And, I'm really sorry," Whoa, the Ultimate Lifeform apologizing? That's a first. "I got you and the others involved in this. I risked all your lives.., When I couldn't even bear to lose you."
Amy released herself from the hug and sat back, just staring into his hypnotizing ruby red eyes.
She didn't know what to say. Someone actually would care if she was gone? Someone wouldn't just rescue her because it was the right thing to do? New emotions and feelings welled in her stomach, like love. But she loved Sonic, right? She was riddled with confusion. This feeling was much more different from the love she felt when she was with Sonic. It felt like, like.. She just couldn't explain it. It was kinda like anxiety and nervousness at the same time with a little twist of joy, like the joy you get when you just finished off a plate of your favorite food.
Meanwhile, Shadow had already had similar feelings. He had thought that maybe it was love, maybe not. But he didn't want to just blurt it out and leave her in an uncomfortable situation. Little did he know, that he already did.
"Umm, really?" Amy asked, whispering, trying to stir up a conversation unsuccessfully.
"Yes, I mean everything I'm saying to you now. Even the fact that," Shadow took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment to gather his courage. His heart was beating so fiercely, that it hurt. "I think I love you." There. He had said it. It was off his chest. Now the only thing he had to be worried about was whether she said "I do too" or "I don't" and run off.
Amy had just heard those magical words that she had been longing for Sonic to confess to her since the day he saved her from Metal Sonic all those adventures ago. She was speechless. Someone loved her. Now her emotions were soaring. She couldn't hold it in any longer, the joy that someone cared this much for her was overwhelming, she just jumped into Shadow's arms and kissed him.
Realizing what she did, she immediately pulled away. "Sorry.. got a little carried away." Shadow had gladly accepted the kiss though. He felt like he was back in paradise with Maria. And just when Shadow thought that the kiss had caused her to forget his confession, she looked into his eyes and said, "I love you too, Shadow." He was now as excited as Amy was a moment ago.
She then saw him give more than a smirk, but a full-length smile. A rare treat even for those few who knew the Ultimate Lifeform personally. He was so relieved that she didn't say "I don't" that he scooped her into his arms. Shadow kissed her, spun her around a few times, then put her down. He then faced sideways in front of Amy and he looked toward her, hand extended out to her. She took his hand and, in a blur of metal and pure speed, she found herself outside facing the gang and still hand in hand with the Ultimate Lifeform.
To the surprise of Shadow, Sonic didn't make one couple comment. To them or Knuckles and Rouge, who were also hand in hand. Well, more like arm in arm because of her broken ankle. The only ones not paired up were Sonic and Tails. They seemed to be happy just being adored by their many fangirls as handsome bachelors. Sonic looked a little more happy though, since Amy finally seemed to give up her little crush on him.
Everyone was boarding the Tornado to leave Prison Island, hopefully for good. But there were only 5 seats. Tails had neither the materials nor the time to build an extra seat now, so Amy sat in Shadow's seat on his lap. He didn't seem to mind in the slightest. On the way back, though, Shadow once again thought about his last visit with Maria, in heaven.
'This whole time I've been searching for my true love, when she's been right here all along. Thank you Maria, for everything.'