"For the hundredth time Kate… I AM NOT COMING TO THE CHARITY DINNER!" shouts Ana.

Kate is inviting Ana to a gala at the Grey mansion for Cooping Together Charity Gala and Ana is very reluctant as it is not her cup of tea.

"Ana… I have the tickets and Ethan is not coming. I will be alone. Mom and Dad insisted that you come with us. Please please pleaseeeee"

"Fine .. but I do not have anything to wear!" Ana grumbles and Kate has an answer for it "Ah.. I have something for you. Do not worry Anastasia!" and with that Kate rushed off to her room to pick up a dress… and she stood at her door waving a dress.

2 hours later, we were ready and waiting for Kate's parents.

"What is this event for Kate?"

"Ah.. This is an annual event that Mr and Mrs Grey throws to raise funds for a charity organization called Cooping Together. Its for homeless and abandoned children. Mom and Dad have been contributing and this year, since exams are over, they invited me and Eathan. Eathan can't make it so I am inviting you!" she beams.

"Yah.. to keep you company right!" Ana snaps.

Kate continued grinning, "Also you will get an opportunity to see Christian Grey. Remember the guy who I interviewed for student paper… and who conferred our degrees."

Ana could not attend the graduation ceremony due to stomach flu. "You have to remind me of missing the graduation ceremony" Ana snapped at her.

"Anyway, how is Elliot? Isn't he another Grey boy?" Ana asks and Kate beams with her multiwatt smile, "Yah.. I am going to introduce you to him. He is so ahh… mom have approved him you know!"

Kate's parents picked the girls up and drove to Grey's mansion and when they arrived, Ana was stunned with the decoration. There is a marquee and pink lantern all the way from the main gate to the marquee. When they reached the entrance, the driver dropped four of them and left to park the car. Ana walks cautiously with Kate as this is her first time attending a formal dinner. After checking their seats, Ana heads to their table with Kate. Kate's parents have gone to mingle with other high flyers.

All the way from the marquee entrance to their table, Ana felt she is watched and she voices her concern to Kate. She whispers, "Kate… I feel someone is watching me. I have the uncomfortable feeling."

"Ana.. You look stunning, half of the men area looking at you. Enjoy the night babe" and Kate's phone rings. After her conversation she informs Ana that Elliot is coming to meet them.

"Hi Babe!" Elliot hugs Kate and eyes Ana, "And you must be Ana…"

Before Elliot hugs her, Ana holds her hand out to shake, "Hi Elliot!"

Kate and Elliot started chatting away and Ana started looking around and he found a pair of gray eyes staring at her. Ana felt the eyes were hypnotizing. The gentleman walked towards her and Elliot holds him around his shoulder and introduced him as Christian Grey. Ana could not believe the man who was staring at her is Christian Grey. Christian held his hand out to greet Kate and turns to Ana.

Ana feels a shiver down her spine. He took his hand and said ,"Anastasia Steele" and he replied without moving his eyes away from Ana's powder blue eyes, "Nice to meet you Ms Steele, I am Christian Grey" and a young lady jumps from nowhere hugs him and that broke the spell.

Ana turned her attention to the young girl and she looks very bubbly and she is Mia Grey.

It's time to take their place for dinner and Ana was very nervous. She caught Christian staring at her few times. She feels very attracted to Christian. The feelling is very different as she has never felt attracted to any man before.

Christian could not help starring at beautiful brunette Anastasia. He has been without a submissive for 3 months and he is finding one and Anastasia seem to be a perfect choice. Will Anastasia be able to fulfill the role?