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'Hey… are you girls dumping me?'

'Yes Elliot.. find something to do… We want to have some girl talk.' Kate replies.

'Huh… hey!' we continued walking to the master bedroom ignoring Elliot who continue mumbling about being left alone. Once in the room Kate leaps to the emperor chair and sits. I walk to the end of the bed and sit cross legged.

'So… is it fun?'

'Shut up Kate.. It is not fun to be stared at.'

'Ana… it is part of it… it is part of money… it is part of Christian.'

'I don't know Kate….'

Kate switched on her laptop and started browsing. That really boils my blood.

'Kate… I am in deep shit and you are surfing?'

'Hey.. no.. I am checking if there is a write-up about you…'

'What for!' I roar.

'There is one.. on BizzySnoopy.'

'I…' and she raise a finger to hush me.

Seattle's most eligible bachelor- the very Christian Grey – has fallen for a beautiful blue eyed brunette who is working in his organization. Is this office affair? Christian Grey has been seen publicly with the brunette during the recent fund raising dinner held at the Olympia Hotel. They were even hugging during the fireworks. Sources informed us that they are pretty tight and the little brunette is not happy with the article published at Seattle Times today and it seem they got into a heated argument and seen leaving GEH. She caught up with a friend to voice her grievance and Christian Grey went after her and marched her to his SUV and drives her away to his apartment. Has the affair come to an end just as it started? We are on their heels to get the latest news.

'What! March me to his car! Where do they get all this?'

'Hmmm They have got it sooo wrong… but anyway.. this is just a tabloid website… half of it is not true.'

My can feel tears are waiting to burst….

'Hey girls… Dad is calling…'

'Come Ana..' even they try to sound happy… my tear is still free flowing. I walk like a zombie. The news that Kate just read from the website is still ringing in my ears. Christian sees me and immediately hugs me to comfort me.

'Anastasia… don't …'

'Christian… our story is in the tabloid. Kate just read it for me. They even got the pictures of me getting into your car… apparently you marched me to your SUV.'

'We are issuing a statement that we are an item tomorrow. Else this won't stop.'

'What if after the announcement… I am trailed everywhere… watching every move that I make… I don't want life like that. I want a normal life Christian.'

'Ana dear…' Carrick starts… 'This news and tabloids will die off eventually. They will find someone else to follow and you will not be the center of attraction.'

'Ana.. I suggest you stay home until all this dies off.'


I just can't agree with that. They can't keep me imprisoned here.

'It is for your safety honey.' Carrick added.

I take a deep breath. I am being chased by a lunatic ex sub with a gun, chased by dumb paparazzi who are watching each and every move and the whole Seattle is talking about me only not being a gold digger… I have to get away from all this. Ding Ding…

'Fine.. I want to go to Georgia.'

'No… Hell NO!'


'No one will look after her… no one..'

'You can't lock me here! I am tired of all the drama. I need to GET AWAY!'

'Anas…' ' Christian… son… she is right. She does not need all this … let her go to Georgia. She will be safer there.'

'Fine… Use my private Jet…'

'Christian… everyone will know if I use GEH jet. I will travel with scheduled flight.'


'Son… sorry but Ana is right. She will be better off going to Georgia but scheduled flight. Less attention.'

'But dad…'

'Christian… she will be safe in Georgia'

'I am packing… but buying my tickets before that.' I turn my hills and walk towards my room. I am going to buy my tickets online… like a normal person… using Kate's laptop and pack my bag. Kate follows me deligently.

'Can I use your laptop to book my tickets?'

'Sure can… but are stupid… why not just use Christian's private jet.. it will be fun.'

' it is not fun Kate… I hate it… I want to be myself… I don't want his money.. I only want him.'

'But his money is part of him… why not you just enjoy it?'

'No Kate.. that is not the point. I want to work and earn my own money. I want to enjoy my money.. I don't want Christian's money.'

'Women dies to be Christian's… part of it is because he makes more money than a women can ever spend.'

'Kate… principle… I am a woman with principle… I know what I want in life… meeting Christian is not what I plan in my life… just because I met him, I can just forget my ambition and whatever I have planned in my life and carry on with whatever Christian says.'

'Honey… you are one frustrating woman… If I were you…'

'If you were me… you would be enjoying all this popularity, private jet.. and stuff. I am not you…'

'Hell yes…'

'Shut up… my tickets are booked for tomorrow afternoon and my bag is packed. I am going to bed.'

'Fine.. you are kicking me …'

'Kate… you can stay in the guest room…' Christian says. I wonder how long he has been listening to our conversation.'

'Thanks but…'

'Elliot is staying…' Christian smirks.

'Fine… good night Ana…' She hugs and kisses me and leaves.

After closing the door, Christian walks to me and hugs me hard.

'Anastasia… I am sorry. I understand how you feel.'

'You were eavesdropping?'

'I overheard when I walked into the room. I know you are not for my money…'

'But soon… the news will come out as I am a gold digger…'

'Don't worry. I will arrange Kate and Elliot to send you.'

'It is fine with me… I just want to go to bed.'

'Me too… but not to sleep…' Christian says suggestively.

'Bye Kate… Elliot please look after Christian.'

'Don't worry. You forced him to go to work today… and now you are worrying about him?'

'I forced him… because I don't want him to sit and worrying about me… instead he can go and worry about his company.'

'Whatever.. you guys are simply cute!' Elliot envelopes me into a big hug. I am dressed in a baggy jeans – Christian's old jeans, and a t-shirt which reads CAL and a big sunglasses with a hat with my hair twisted into a bun. Kate says no one can figure that it is me. I walk into SeaTac and hand my ticket to the counter. The ticketing officer took my ticket and punched few buttons and said, 'Upgraded to first class maam.'

'Huh… why?'

'It says here maam… upgraded first class. Please proceed to the first class lounge maam. Have a nice journey.'

'Thank you.'

I walked to the lounge and enjoyed the facilities there. I decided to text Christian before boarding the flight.

Stalker! Why did you upgrade my ticket?

Sent 1.15pm on 24 June 2011

I love pampering you baby.. I hope you will enjoy the flight.

Sent 1.16pm on 24 June 2011

That was instant. I decide to reply him one more time before boarding.

I am enjoying even before I board it. Thanks.. and take care.

Sent 1.17pm on 24 June 2011

I switch of my phone and chuck it in my bag and boarded the plane. I am going to see my mother after a very long time and I really miss her. I am way too tired with everything. I hope mother has not read anything for anywhere… not that she is internet savvy but someone or maybe Rob might have told her.

'Ana…. My babyyy' my mother greats me at the airport reception and Bob is right beside her. I hug my mother and how nice it feels.

'Mom.. how are you?'

'I am good.'

'Hi Bob…'

'Hi Ana… come let's get going. It is very humid and hot and we can get roasted.'

Rob grabs my travelling bag and we got into the SUV that belongs to Rob. I got comfortable in my childhood room and while unpacking, mother pops up in my room.

'Anastasia… do you want to rest or …'

'I am fine mother… I would like to go to the beach if you are up to it.'

'Yes dear… I need to talk to you too… it has been a long time since we chatted.'

'I will be right down after changing into my swim suit.'

After changing, I walk to the beach with mother and I am glad I can catch some sun. I dip into the sea and had good swim for a while. Once my muscles are tired, I lay on the beach towel with mother under the umbrella.

'Anastasia… darling…. Who is Christian Grey?'

Huh… that is out in sudden.


'I read on the internet darling. Who is Christian Grey?'

What should I tell her?