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From: Andrea Parker

Subject: On Leave

Date: June 15 2011 16.45

To: Anastasia Steele

Dear Ana,

I have applied leave for 1 week. I will be away from tomorrow (Friday, 16 June 2011 till Friday 23 June 2011). I will be back to office on Monday – 26 June 2011. I have synch Mr Grey's calendar to your mail box where you will be able to see all his appointment. Just follow my earlier briefing and you should be fine. Mr Grey is aware that you are new and you will not be able to perform as expected. I have completed most of my task and the most you might need to do is typing letters or contracts. I believe you will be able to handle that. Ensure that you send an email blast to the whole organization regarding file retrieval. Good Luck.

Andrea Parker

Personal Assistant to CEO

Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

Huh! What the hell?! I just joined the company and she is going on leave? She is throwing me to the snake's pit? How can I work with the hand squeezer? Knock Knock! I look up and it's Andrea. That woman!

'Hi Ana… I hope you have seen my email' she smiles sweetly. I feel like slapping her.

'Yes Andrea. I just read it. Why are you going on leave now?'

'Ana.. I am really sorry but I really need a break.' She sits down and looks sad. 'I have never gone on leave or vacation for the past two years. There were no proper assistant to replace me or mind my job while I am away. Finally you came in and I tried my luck applying for leave and surprisingly Mr Grey has approved it', she looks up at me apologetically.

'Surprisingly? You mean during the previous assistants employed, you were still unable to take a break? But why?!' I could not help being surprised and wonder why.

'Mr Grey is a difficult man to handle. Those young girls were all over him and he hates it. He keeps them as far as possible. I have discussed with him on you minding my job and he was pleased because you are not all over him. Anyway I will give you some hints on how to handle him while I am away.'

Huh? Difficult? He is scarry!

'What should I do now?'

'Ana… listen carefully. Mr Grey has the tendency to lose his temper. When he loses his temper, he will throw tantrum and at times he behaves like a child. Just don't get eye to eye with him. Stay at your place. Do what he asks you to do. You should be fine.'

'Huh… do what he ask me to do?' whatever he asks me to do? Andrea chuckles softly. I hope she understands my worries. Just a hand shake sends shivers down my spine. He wrote a bloody email saying my hands are soft. And I have this weird feeling that he is not only referring to my hands.

'Ana… as I said.. Don't worry. Mr Grey is extremely professional. He will not lay his nail on you. You are still young and this is your first job. I understand your fear. I can assure you that when I am back after a week, you will be sad to leave my place.'

Yeah right!

'Fine… Just for you.'

'Thank you Ana.. You are a darling. Come let's shift your stuffs up. Get settled at my place.'

I started to gather few of my clear folders which I use for my daily job and other items that I need and place it in a box and walk with Andrea to her office which is going to be my work station for the next one week… one agonizing week…dreadful week…sickening week…scary week. As I was settling down and getting comfortable, the lift pings and when I look up, gray eyes looks straight at me with a secretive and knowing smile.

'Good Evening ladies.' And with that he enters his room and closes the door. I let go my breath that I was holding. He looks very intimidating.

'Ana… one thing. Mr Grey gets annoyed when a female staff is all over him but you are not like that but you are pretty timid around him. Try to be bold.'

'He looks intimidating…domineering Andrea. I am pretty scared of him.' I have to tell her what I feel.

She laughs loud and suddenly the buzzer rings. 'That is Mr Grey calling. Take note.'

'Mr Grey!' and she is silent and finally, 'we will be in right away sir.' She turns to me and says, 'He wants to see us both. Come.'

When I enter the room, it still looks the same as how it was yesterday. Yah right.. what can be changed overnight.

'Have a seat. I believe Andrea has briefed you on your duties Anastasia. I understand you are new, so I will not be too hard on you. Andrea deserves a break. I hope we will be fine working together.' He says after we sit in front of him. Why is he still having the sly smile on his stupid face?

'Yes Mr Grey. Andrea has briefed me and I hope that I will be able to deliver up to your expectation.'

His smile grew wider and I feel he looks like an idiot. Argh.. The day can't get better.

'I will see you tomorrow Ms Steele. Andrea… have a wonderful holiday and don't worry about office. I believe Ana will be able to mind your job.'

'Yes Mr Grey, I believe Ana should do fine. Thank you for letting me go for a break.'

We hurried out. I am not sure how I am going to survive the next week. I hope I will be hit by a bus or lorry on the way home and get hospitalized so I need not to work near him. Andrea leaves sharp 5 and I log into her workstation with my ID to ensure that I am able to access my emails. Darn! Why it has to work perfectly? Why can't the system screw up and I can go back to my place to work. Stupid machine!

I typed out a global email to Grey House informing all staff on Andrea's absence and my relocation and procedure to get files while I am sitting at this stupid floor outside this sly man's office. I hate my job!