Christian looked stunned when I opened the door.

It is a dark blue evening dress with embedded white stones across my chest and body with white and blue sapphire stoned necklace and earring with blue shoes. It is simple but that is me. Simple.

Christian looks at me with his mouth opened. I could not help but giggle at his reaction.

'You look… very beautiful!'

'You look handsome too Mr Grey…' he is in his black tux and bow tie but he looks like a model from a high end fashion house.

'Anastasia… call me Christian. It would be odd for you to address me Mr Grey throughout the night.'

He chuckles softly. Wait! Throughout the night?

'Come…' and he claps my hand and started to lead me out. I quickly locked the door and head to the waiting car. It is again an Audi. It is sleek and it is sporty too.

'The dinner will start at 7.30 and my speech is scheduled at 8. We may leave at 8.30ish but there is fire works. Do you want to say and watch?'

What am I suppose to answer. Gosh…

'No Mr Grey. It is fine. You can send me back after your speech.' I wonder why he bothered spending money on my clothing or even bothered to take me if he is going to leave after a short while.

'Anastasia… it is Christian. And I know you love fireworks. Please be honest!'

'Well… I would love to stay for the fireworks.' I blushed as I say it.

'You have not mentioned my name … '

I could only smile. Boy he makes me shy. I wonder where all my irritation towards him has gone… with all the middle names that describes his irritating character.

'Tell me about yourself.'

Ah… what is there to say?

'Umm… my mom is at Georgia. She is with her fourth husband. I am under my step father's care. My biological father passed away when I was a day old.'

'I am sorry. That is painful.'

'I do not remember my biological father. Ray is the only father I knew. I carry his last name.'

'Why you are not with you mom?'

'I feel comfortable with Ray. I did not get along with the third husband so I got back to my dad and stayed on.'

I see Christian nodding as in approval.

'When did you apply for internship at GEH?'

Ummm Second round of interview?

'Before the Cooping together charity dinner.'

Few seconds of silence and I could not help but ask, 'Did you know I applied? '

He laughs…'Honestly Ana.. no I did not know. I only knew that you were employed after you joined the company. I sent an email to you immediately after I knew.'

I let a relieve sigh. Thank god he was not an influence. This was eating me up.

'I am glad you accepted the offer.' And he holds my hand and smiled.

We arrived at the dinner which is held in a hotel. Christian opens my door and helps me out. Camera's started flashing and I felt like a celebrity. I put my hand through Christian and walk into the large ballroom. At the entrance of the ballroom, we were stopped by a photographer.

'Mr Grey, one picture.'

Christian nods and holds me around my waist. Oh my.. first picture with the boss!

'Thank you sir.'

We walked in and Christian greeted few people on the way to our table. Once seated, I looked through the menu and later the list of donor. Christian again has donated one week stay at Aspen.

Sharp 7.45, Christian was called to give his speech. I looked at him and he looked straight into my eyes and started his speech. The way he delivered the speech, he sounded enthusiastic and hearty. I realize that he is genuinely helping those kids who are starving. After his speech, he was beside me again. The dinner went without hiccups. I excused myself to the powder room.

Moments later when I returned, the bidding was going on. Christian places his arm on my chair back rest and slowly strokes my arm. I felt some tingling sensation which I can't explain. I know I am blushing.

'You look adorable with the blush, Anastasia.' And when I look into his eyes, his eyes were dancing with excitement.

'Thanks…' is the only word I can whisper. After the bidding is over, they opened the dance floor and immediately my first dance sweeps through my mind. The memory is still fresh.

'Come… lets dance…'

Huh… I followed him anyway and I felt like Cinderella. We danced for few songs and every time he holds me tight, I feel like in cloud9.

It is time for the fireworks and Christian leads me to the back of the hotel where there is a huge field. Everyone is gathered there. Christian is behind me and holding me around my stomach. I was so excited with the fireworks until I felt Christian's lips are at my neck's nape. He kissed me moist and I had the tingling feeling all over my body. I immediately turned around and he kissed me deeply as though his life hangs on it. When he let me go, I was breathless.

'Spend the night with me?'

'Christian.. I…'


I could only nod. I wonder what waits for me there. After a quiet but anxious ride to Christian's house, I am taken back with the arts in his house.


'Wine please.'

There is a grand piano and I started to play a simple soft music and when Christian hands me my drink he asks, 'You play piano?'

'Learned it for a while. Not good at it. Do you play?'

'I started playing since I was six.'

I got caught in Christian's gray eyes which is very mesmerizing.

We started kissing and before I knew it he carried me to his room. Oh my god….

'Christian….I need to tell you something.'

'What Ana…' he asks in-between kisses.. He is trailing kisses from my ears to my jaw heading to my lips.

'I am a virgin!' I whispered.

Christian stopped and looked at me horrified.

'You are what?'

'Virgin' again I whispered. He had a shocked and looked alarmed.

Christian opens his mouth and closes again… then opens and closes again. He has released me and slowly walked to the bed and sat at the edge. I think I have shocked him to his core.

'Christian say something!' now he scaring me by keeping quiet.

He looks at me and says…