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Kensi stood between the two very large men with duct tape covering her mouth and her hands bound behind her back. She looked straight into his eyes telling him to do what he had to and she would be fine. He couldn't tear his eyes from her brown irises and he could hands wavering on the trigger. The dirt bag, he was preparing to shoot began to laugh, "It seems we have found your weakness."

The thugs gripping Kensi's biceps joined in the laughter and the one holding a gun against her temple said, "Good thinking, Boss."

On his knees in front of him, the boss rose to his feet, "Detective Deeks, I suggest you drop your weapon or else your partner will pay the consequences. Deeks clenched his jaw remaining eye contact with Kensi. She nodded her head to him letting him know she didn't blame him, but the fear darkening her eyes turned his stomach. Kensi was scared and it was his fault.

He let his gun clatter to the ground and raised his hands palm out in surrender, "You got me, now just let her go."

"Oh I don't think so, that would be much too easy for you." A dark van pulled up and three more men jumped out.

The man next to Kensi dropped his hand and tucked the gun in his waistband. Two of the new men walked up to Deeks standing on either side of him. One raised his hand in a swift motion swinging a gun with it. Deeks heard Kensi squeak before the butt of the gun connected with his head and he slumped into blackness.

Deeks groaned. He hated nightmares. They always centered on Kensi being taken or hurt and that was truly his biggest fear. As he felt consciousness descending on him, Deeks frowned. The dream had felt so real and he remembered so many details. His head was pounding and he squeezed his eyes shut hoping it would disappear with the nightmare. Then as he prepared to push back his blankets, panic gripped him.

He was definitely not in his bed and he could not feel his hands. Blinking his eyes open, Deeks groaned again, head throbbing. With the first blink open, he saw dirt and a grimy window. On the second, he saw his beautiful partner in a corner. And on the third, his eyes stayed open.

It had not been a nightmare. It was real life and he had a feeling it was only going to get worse.