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Tsukune Aono was taking shelter behind one of the burnt and collapsed building that now littered the entire city. He did his best to suppres his youkai and stay silent as an unknown group of ayashi walked closely by him. Tsukune could tell by their ragged looked and smug expressions that they were just more blood thirsty murderers that had taken advantage of the war between humans and ayashi. Killing whenever and whoever they pleased. Tsukune could smell latent human blood and more recent ayashi blood on them as they drew nearer. Tsukune hoped that their own stench would cover his own smell as they got closer, just incase one of them had a good sense of smell.

If he had to Tsukune could handle himself in a fight but he had seen enough killing for one lifetime. Another reason he did not take action was becaused they outnumbered him seven to one and he did not know the extent of there strength and in this world, only the strongest survived. Tsukune wrote down a quick description of the group and the direction they were heading. He had been asked to do so, so that they could track ayashi and human movements and when convenient, take out the hostile ones. When the hostile ayashi where finally a long ways off, Tsukune abandoned his hiding spot and made his way back to there base and his temporary stronghold.

As he walked up to the base he was greeted along the way.

"Hey Tsukune. Did you find anything?"

Tsukune turned to look at the beautiful woman who was on lookout.

"Hey Mizore. Just more rouge ayashi." he told her, then greeted her with a smile.

"Come on, the others are waiting." Mizore said calmly.

Together they made there way down the hill towards the beach. There, awaiting for them, in it's own little corner of the world, was Marin's restaurant and seaside inn. That somehow had managed to escape harm during the initial outbreak and from unwelcome guests. Tsukune had suspected that Sun had a hand in that.

"Tsukune?" she said awfully quite.

"What is it Mizore?" he asked concerned.

She had stopped along the path and was shuffling on her feet with her eyes diverted.

"I came of age a long time ago. . .and it is important that I. . .start having children." she explained.

"Mizore, we talked about this. I have a responsibility to. . ." Tsukune said.

"What about your responsibility to me!?" Mizore said, her voice full of hurt.

Tsukune looked at her compassionately, opening and closing his mouth with no response.

"Why can't I be happy!? The longer I wait, the farther you get from me and I don't want to be left alone." she said shaking.

Mizore was crying and it really did hurt him. He wish that things weren't so complicated and he wished someone would give him the answers.

"Mizore. . .I will never abandon you." he said firmly.

He moved closer to comfort her. He was now holding the crying snow fairy in his arms.

"Tsukune. . .do you love me?" she cried on his chest and Tsukune began to feel weak and helpless.

"Yes Mizore. I love all of you." he said easily.

"Yes, but do you 'love' me?" Mizore asked.

Tsukune's heart pained him, the biggest obstacle in his life was his own feelings. He had always known that he wanted to be with Moka and grow old with her after high school. But even then he didn't want to abandon his friends to uncertainty. Especially not now in the chaotic world where one had little time for love. He knew he 'loved' Moka, but did he 'love' Mizore and Kurumu too? What about Rubi? Did he have feelings for her as well? These questions haunted him day and night and the girls were not going to wait much longer. The more he thought about any one of them, the more he became sure of his feelings for them. He had thought meditating on it would give him an answer, but the answer he got scared him.

"Come on, let's go inside." Tsukune said gently.

Mizore whipped the tears away and together they walked around the last corner. Mizore had grabbed his hand and Tsukune didn't have the heart to pull away. Mizore's heart was in turmoil and horrible thoughts crossed her mind. As they got closer the front door of the restaurant opened up and out stepped a beautiful lady and Tsukune pulled his hand out from Mizore's and waved at her.

"Good morning lady Bloodriver." Tsukune said cheerfully.

Akasha frowned slightly for she hadn't missed the fact that they were holding hands or Mizore's depressed look.

"Good morning Tsukune, Mizore!" Akasha said.

She smiled at them and welcomed them in. Tsukune handed her his notebook.

"Tank you. Everyone else is waiting inside." Akasha told them.

Tsukune walked into the building that had been well kept by Marin and Sun. It was quite impressive how they were managing in this chaotic world.

"Good morning Tsukune! Do you want some breakfast?" Sun had written on her notepad amd she beamed at Tsukune.

"Yes, please." Tsukune said.

Sun nodded and skipped off to the kitchen.

"She sure seems happy today." Tsukune complemented.

"That's because Gin got here last night." Miizore informed him.

"Tsukune!" a lovely voice had called out his name.

Without any warning the very lovely succubus Kurumu had flown through the air and latched onto Tsukune in her usual greeting. Anger welled up inside Mizore, anger that she had never felt towards her best friend before. She didn't know what came over her as she lashed out at Kurumu.

"Get off him!" Mizore screamed as she forcefully shoved Kurumu.

"He doesn't love you! He doesn't love me! He doesn't love anyone but Moka!" said fully crying.

Everyone in the room was shocked by her sudden out burst and they all went silent. Kurumu took her time to stand up and when she did she also had tears in her eyes.

"You don't think I know that?" Kurumu kept her voice calm and her tears fell down her face.

"Then I know your asking yourself the same questions that I am! Why!" she said, not hiding any of the pain she felt.

Mizore's anger and Kurumu's calmness were so unlike the two it was scary and Tsukune was right in the middle. Every second that passed by was another second he hated himself, this was all his fault.

"Because I don't have a choice." Kurumu told her.

With that said Kurumu turned and walked off to her bedroom and Mizore to hers, both of them in tears. Tsukune had stood in silence, to powerless to stop it and deeply troubled. He was shaking so badly that he couldn't do anything.

"It's about time one of them snapped." Gin thought to himself and Sun elbowed him as if she could hear what he was thinking.

Moka went up to comfort Tsukune but he quickly brushed past her and went back outside. Moka began to softly cry and her mother wrapped an arm around her. Rubi had also been present but she kept her emotions in check, till it was time to release them, but it was almost to hard. Rubi always knew that Moka had his heart, but she had ignored that fact just like the others. Like the others, she never wanted to lose hope, but know it seemed they couldn't keep pretending anymore.

"I'll go get him." Gin said and Moka nodded in thanks.


Tsukune sat down on the beach hating every fiber of his own being. Tsukune now understood that love was way more chaotic than this world could ever be. It was hot out and the tide began to wash up against his feet but he was to conflicted to care. He stared at the sand being swept away by the ocean before him.

"Why now? Why today? Why. . .because there is no better time." Tsukune said to himself sourly.

He had the slightest sliver of hope that if he didn't choose that they could live just like they were forever.

"What a stupid dream." Tsukune picked up a nearby rock and threw it with all of his strength across the ocean.

It soared out of sight before it even hit the water.

"Girls problems huh?" Gin laughed as Tsukune shoot him an angry glare.

Tsukune relaxed since he didn't really have anyone else to talk to and he did consider Gin one of his best friends.

"What the hell am I supposed to do?" he asked.

"Well me and Haiji always settled our problems with fights." Gin offered and the thought was appealing but a fight with Gin would draw unwanted attention.

"Maybe another time." Tsukune said, Gin nodded and let out a sigh.

"Your not man enough for an ass beating anyway." Gin mocked.

Tsukune stood up and grabbed Gin by the front of the shirt. Gin hit the nail right on the head and Tsukune's anger flared but Gin was not afraid of him.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean!?" he yelled.

"It means your not man enough to tell then how you feel." he said simply.

"That's the problem! I don't know how I feel!" Tsukune told him angrily.

"Bullshit! If you didn't love them all, you wouldn't have dragged them all this far." Gin said and roughly shoved Tsukune off him.

Those words struck Tsukune to the core and he began to shake with rage and he held his head down, just staring at the sand.

"Your just afraid that if you tell them how you feel they would reject you."

Tsukune looked up and was surprised to find that Gin looked very sincere. He knew that Gin was right and his anger began to dissipated.

"Besides who wouldnt want to have such sexy women around him?" Gin smiled when Tsukune glared at him.

"I may deserve an ass-kicking but I'm not the only one." Tsukune said.

"Is that so?" Gin said with a wicked grin.

In a flash they were gone, heading off far into the deserted city where, if they did draw attention, it would not be towards Marin's inn.


Akasha let out a sigh as she watched the two boys leave. There were supposed to have an important discussion about their next move in restoring order to the world.

"I guess it can wait." Akasha mumbled to herself.

There was no point, four of the girls were emotionally distraught and Gin and Tsukune were off fighting. The only people left was herself, Sun and Marin. Kokoa, Yukari and much to Kokoa's displeases Haiji had accompanied Fong-Fong and Touhou back to Hong-Kong. While they sent any and all refuges to the academy with Mikogami, human or ayashi, including Tsukune's family.

She had heard Gin and Tsukune's discussion and with the girls recent outburst had troubled her deeply. Sure Issa had three wife's and he loved them all and his daughters. But the three always fought over Issa and hatred grew and blood was spilt and no matter how hard Akasha tried she couldn't even be friends with them. Now she was the only one left, since Gyokuro was destroyed by the very thing she tried to control. She didn't want that to happen to her daughter and her friends. Tsukune's choice only seemed inevitable now thanks to Gin, but maybe they do not have to go down the same path she did.

"I wounded if Gin knows?" Akasha was thinking about Kurumu's last words.

She had suspected she was the only one in the room that knew the truth of a succubus's bond with the one they loved. She had been happy at first when, inner Moka no less, had introduced Tsukune to her as her boyfriend, after Moka accepted her apology for leaving her so long ago. Then she was shocked when the other girls had also claimed that tittle and much more. More surprises were added on when she found out that the outer Moka she had created, had her own personality and was more than just a shell, not to mention that Tsukune could remove her rosary and he was only human.

Akasha was incredibly interested in the human boy that saved her from Alucard and crossed the gap that had separated humans and ayashi for so long. Touhou and Mikogami talked highly of the boy and his adventures surprised Akasha, especially the part about Moka giving him her blood when he sacrificed himself to save her. She did owe Tsukune, for taking care of her daughter and saving her, plus she liked the boy, but her daughter came first.

"Well I guess it's time for my motherly duties. Hopefully I'm not overstepping my boundaries but I'm sure the other mothers would agree." Akasha thought out loud.

She walked back inside and headed straight for Moka's room. She walked up to the door, she could still hear her soft cries and she knocked on the door.

"Moka, its me. Can I come in?" Akasha took the silence as a yes and allowed herself in.

She sat down next to her on her bed. Moka had her hands tightly wrapped around a large pillow. Akasha sat there in silence, even though she helped raise four girls none of them had had 'boy' problems before. So this was something new for her and she didn't know where to start.

"Tsukune is a jerk!" Moka had started the conversation for her, but she still waited for her daughter to continue.

"I love Tsukune and I know he loves me! But he won't admit it and I get jealous when he is around the others and angry when he doesn't try and stop their affections." Moka was now fuly crying in her pillow again.

"I wish he would just chose me, and if the others don't want to be my friends afterwards, then fine!" Moka cried.

"Is that how you feel? That your friendship with them is meaningless. You don't care about them?" Akasha asked.

"No! I care about them, I do and so does inner Moka! I. . .I just don't see any other way." Moka said clutching the pillow harder.

Akasha studied her daughter, she was trembling so bad. Moka cried into her pillow and Akasha wrapped an arm around her.

"You think that is the only way? Or is that the only way you want to see?" her mother said.

Moka sat there silently listening to her glowing rosary. She quickly stood up and went over to her desk and pulled out the magical whip, Belmont, transforming instantly.

"What are you saying mother!? That I should be involved in polygamy!?" the very angry inner Moka yelled at her mother.

"I didn't say it, you did." Akasha said simply and Moka quivered in anger.

"Wow, she came to that conclusion rather quickly." Akasha thought to herself.

"What are you more afraid of losing? Your vampire pride, or your friends?" Akasha asked simply.

Moka couldn't take it anymore and she to started crying and and Akasha quickly got up to hold her. Akasha held her for a few minutes to give her time to stop crying.

"Everything is going to be alright. Tsukune will be back soon, we can all talk about it then." Akasha let go of her embrace.

"I'm going to talk to the others now, okay?" Moka nodded and her mother left her room.

Outside the door was a very stunned Rubi, who was ashamed that she got caught eavesdropping.

"Mrs. Bloodriver I. . ." Rubi was caught short when Akasha pulled her into a hug.

"Its okay. I know it must have been hard for you growing up without your parents and that your afraid. You have been like a sister to Moka and I would like to repay the favor. If you ever need anything or just want to talk, just ask and I will treat you like one of my own daughters. The same goes for the others too." Akasha told her sincerely.

Rubi couldn't hold back her emotions anymore and she cried in Akasha's arms. It felt so good to let out all of her emotions. After she stopped crying Rubi stepped back and wiped her tears.

"Thank you." Rubi said and retreated back towards the front of the building.


"Kurumu? It's me, Akasha. Can I come in?" Akasha listen at the door and she could hear Kurumu trying to control her crying.

"What do you want?" Kurumu said through her sobs.

"I just want to talk, thats all." Akasha said gently.

She waited at the door to Kurumu opened it and she was allowed in. Akasha took in a deep breath and let it out, hoping she wasn't doing the wrong thing.

"What do you want?" Kurumu asked again without sympathy.

"Why don't you tell them?" Akasha asked.

"Tell them what?" Kurumu said.

"About what you said back there. About your succubus nature." she said.

Kurumu turned her back to her and remained silent.

"They are your friends, they would understand. Tsukune. . ." Akasha began.

"I will not use guilt to win his heart!" Kurumu said angrily still facing away from her.

"You already have his heart. You all do." Akasha said simply.

Kurumu turned to face her on the verge of tears again.

"What are you talking about? He loves Moka." Kurumu accused.

"Then why hasn't he picked her then?" she said to Kurumu.

"Because he doesn't want to hurt us." Kurumu told her.

"It's because he loves you, he loves you all. He just always thought he had to choose and he can't and probably never will be able to." Akasha said.

Kurumu watched her for a long time, studying her.

"What are you saying?"Kurumu asked.

"Nothing, I'm just giving you my observation. I suspect you will all have to have a long talk when Tsukune gets back." Akasha walked over to Kurumu and hugged her and the surprised succubus hugged her back.

"Kurumu ever since I was saved from Alucard, I have been very interested with the friends Moka was so fond of. You are all more than best friends to my daughter and I have come to think of all of you like my own daughters." Akasha said and then she turned to leave.

"Akasha. . .thank you." Kurumu said softly.

Akasha smiled and left the room. If she had saved the hardest for last she had not meant to. She walked up to Mizore's door and knocked only to be slightly surprised when ice kunai embedded themselves in the door in front of her.

"Mizore, it's me Akasha. We need to talk." Akasha said.

"Go away!" Mizore yelled.

Akasha took a deep breath before continuing.

"You can't give up, not on love." she said though the door.

There was silence for a long time before the door opened. Before Akasha stood a very distraught and teary eyed Mizore. Without saying a word Mizore let her in and closed the door behind her.

"What do you want me to do?" Mizore asked.

"When I met Issa, I gave him my love even though I had to share his." Akasha explained.

"What would you have done if he didn't love you back?" Mizore asked.

"I guess I would have moved on." Akasha said.

"So what, you want me move on is that it? That decision is already being made for me! They are going to marry me off so I can save our race. It doesn't matter anyway, Tsukune doesn't love me!" Mizore said, her voice was quivering.

"Did he tell you that?"Akasha said and Mizore looked at her confused.

"No. . ." she said quietly.

"Then how do you know?" she asked the distraught girl.

"Its obvious he loves Moka!" she said furiously.

"It's obvious he loves you too. Why else does he blush when you stalk him. Or why he knows your favorite flavored lollipop. He has always protected you and been there for you hasn't he?" Akasha said giving her observation.

"Stop! Just stop! If he loves me then why doesn't he tell me!?" Mizore asked.

Akasha stepped closer to Mizore and looked her in the eyes.

"It's because he is scared. He thinks that if he tells you he loves you that the others would abandon him. He loves you all and he is afraid to tell you all that."she said.

Mizore didn't say anything for a long time and she was fighting back tears.

"Why are telling me all this?" Mizore asked her.

"Because, you are a great friend to my daughter and you care about each other and I care about you too. I think it is silly that none of you are honest with your feelings." Akasha explained.

"I have told Tsukune how I feel, many times." Mizore said.

"Yes but you don't tell your friends how you feel about them. None of you want to lose Tsukune and none of you want to lose your friends. That is why this has dragged on as long as it has." she told Mizore.

"Are you saying that we should. . ." Mizore said, being careful with her words.

"Tsukune is coming back, we should all have a talk with him." Akasha had interrupted and gave Mizore a quick hug before heading out, soon to be followed by Mizore.

"Wow, they just keep jumping to that conclusion. Maybe it could work out after all, or at least they want it to work." Akasha thought as she headed towards the dinning room.


Marin had watched the girls come into the front room one by one. All of them clearly showed signs of crying but otherwise looked deep in thought. They sat at the same table but kept their eyes avoided. Akasha joined Marin and Sun at the counter. Marin raised her eyebrows at Akasha, impressed.

"You sure do make at great mother. I didn't expect to see them out of their rooms so soon." Marin complemented and Akasha gave a weak smile of fatigue.

"You do too Marin!" Sun wrote on her pad and hugged her and Marin beamed with the compliment.

"So what did you tell them?" Marin asked her from across the counter.

"I just told them what they already knew, but I think Gin is the real hero today, he took care of the biggest problem." Akasha said.

"Maybe not." Sun had wrote down on her pad and motioned to the door that had just opened.

Akasha turned around to look at two very bruised and bloody individuals holding each other up.

"Tsukune!" Moka said covering her mouth in shock.

"What happened? Are you guys alright?" Kurumu asked also stunned by their looks.

"This? This is nothing we were just talking." Gin offered standing straight up but winced in pain.

"Talking!? With what, your fists!?" Kurumu yelled.

"Please Kurumu calm down. It's nothing to worry about." Tsukune said trying to calm the storm of the four angry girls in front of him.

"What do you mean it's nothing!? What if something would have happened!?" Kurumu yelled.

"This one is all you. . .actually let's switch." Gin said as he turned around to see a very angry Sun, tapping her foot.

"Agreed." Tsukune said, clearly thinking that handling one angry girl was better than four.

Before they could take a step they were all interrupted by Akasha.

"So boys, what did you talk about?" She looked at them with a friendly smile.

"Oh nothing just guy talk." Tsukune offered lamely.

"Oh really? Because we just had girl talk. How about we all share?" Akasha said with a smile.

Gin slapped Tsukune on the back and whispered good luck. Tsukune winced from the pain and wished he was in Gin's shoes, for Sun had angrily dragged him away, at least for now anyways. Tsukune looked solemnly at the girls but they kept their eyes averted.

"Everyone take a seat. I think Tsukune has something to say." Akasha said.

They all took a seat at the table, Akasha next to Tsukune and the girls in front of him.

"So Tsukune?" Akasha signaled for him to start.

"I. . ." Tsukune began to say but stopped short.

He had always dreaded this moment and the repercussions it could have.

"Just tell them." Akasha told him gently but her smile was more like a 'just-tell-them-or-I-will-kill-you' sort of smile.

Tsukune gulped, he had never seen such a scary mother. Tsukune's attention was draw to the center of the table, it was time.

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