Tsukune started to stir from his sleep. He had not quite opened his eyes yet and preferred to hold the girl in his arms a little while longer. Everything about this moment was perfect. It was a simple joy in his life that he never wanted to end. He was disturbed by quite knocking at the door. He rolled over in the bed and opened his eyes. The door opened slowly and a pair of green inquisitive eyes peered in.

"Moka!?" Tsukune said sitting up suddenly very surprised.

"Oh good! I wasn't sure if you were up yet." Moka said and opened the door all the way.

"If that's Moka then. . ." Tsukune thought fearfully.

In that moment the girl next to him decided to stretch and moan particularly loud. She sat up, her red hair immediately flashing recognition between Tsukune and Moka. They were both speechless and Tskune had never been so pale.

"Kokoa?" Moka said barely above a whisper.

Moka's eyes darted from the two of them in bed, the cloths on the ground and the dried blood on Tsukune's neck. Kokoa blinked and looked around. She suddenly remembered everything from last night, even if it was a little fuzzy. Kokoa locked eyes with Moka and she could see the hurt in her eyes.


Kurumu and Mizore woke up in each other's arm. They barely moved, afraid to break contact with each other. Finally Kurumu's deep purple eyes met Mizore's dazzling blue eyes. They looked deep into each other's eyes and they were so close they could feel each other's soft breaths. It only took three words to unsettle the peaceful world around them.

"I love you." Mizore whispered.

Those words struck straight through to Kurumu's heart. She sat up suddenly, facing away from Mizore. Mizore slowly sat up, not sure what happened.

"Are you ok?" Mizore asked.

"I'm sorry. I just. . .I never expected to here those words from anyone but Tsukune." Kurumu told her.

Mizore moved closer to Kurumu. She knew her better than anyone so she should have expected a reaction like that.

"Well you better get used to it, because I love Tsukune and, I. . .love. . .you." Mizore wrapping her arms around Kurumu.

Kurumu stiffened in her arms but quickly relaxed. It was not quite the same as being held by Tsukune, but it had its own level of trust and comfort.

"I used to want Tsukune all to myself, but I think I like it better this way. I can have more than one person that I love." Kurumu told her and leaned back against Mizore.

After a few moments Kurumu got dressed and left Mizore's room. She closed the door and turned around, only to have Rubi standing right in front of her.

"Sounds like you had fun last night." Rubi said knowingly, making Kurumu blush.

"You might want to fix your hair." Kurumu said smirking.

Rubi blushed and tried to flatten out her static filled hair. Suddenly Moka ran past them, her pink hair trailing behind her.

"Hey Moka, what's wrong?" Kurumu asked concerned.

"Tsukune's such an idiot!" Moka yelled and ran away crying.

"Moka wait! It was a mistake! Let me explain!" Tsukune said still trying to put his clothes on.

"A mistake?" Kokoa asked from the doorway covered in a blanket.

"Kokoa, I didn't mean. . ." Tsukune tried to say but Kokoa had already run into her room crying and slammed the door.

Tsukune was defeated, he did not know what to do. He was only one man and yet, so many people depended on him. It made it that much harder to make the right decisions. Rubi brushed past him and he looked to her for help but she only glared at him. Rubi went into Kokoa's room and closed the door. Tsukune looked at Kurumu hopefully as she stepped up to him.


Tsukune was left speechless to the pain in his cheek. Kurumu had smacked him hard and had her own tears in her eyes.

"Well go after her!" Kurumu yelled at him pointing in the direction that Moka ran off to.

Tsukune nodded and ran after Moka, leaving Kokoa to the others.

"Are you that upset that Kokoa likes Tsukune too?" Mizore asked coming up from behind.

"It would be wrong not to let Kokoa be happy too" Kurumu told her still holding back her emotions.

"I know it hurts because it hurts me too." Mizore told her.

"This just isn't how it's supposed to happen." Kurumu told her.

"You know he cares about all of us." Mizore told her putting in another lollipop.

"Ya, but he can be such an idiot sometimes." Kurumu said and Mizore nodded.

After a few moments Rubi stepped out of Kokoa's room and she joined Kurumu and Mizore.

"So did they. . .?" Kurumu asked Rubi.

"Yeah. . ." Rubi told them confirming what they already knew.

"I was so mad, but she just kept on crying. We should just leave her alone for a while." Rubi continued.

"It was something we suspected." Mizore said and the others nodded.

"I guess we really need a bigger bed now." Kurumu joked trying to ease the tension.

"Or we can huddle even closer." Mizore said embracing Kurumu with a mischievous smile.

"Wow, you two really connected." Rubi said smiling.

Kurumu suddenly felt as if it was getting hotter and colder at the same time with Mizore embracing her. Kurumu mumbled some unclear words while blushing. She stopped suddenly when Rubi gently grabbed her chin and kissed her. At that exact moment Kurumu's mind went blank and everything started to get unbearably hot. Kurumu was paralyzed, she could not understand what was happening.

"I wouldn't mind. . .connecting. I'd be a good girl you know." Rubi said seductively when she released Kurumu and images of whips and chains flashed through Kurumu's mind.

Even Mizore was blushing as Rubi walked away swaying her hips. Mizore silently handed Kurumu one of her lollipops to help her cool off.


Tsukune could not believe what was happening. He didn't want to hurt anybody. Even though he had been drinking and it had been dark, he could not stop blaming himself. All of the other girls must hate him right now. He was not sure how to make it up to them or how to apologize. Even though he messed up he was still haunted by those three words. Last night Kokoa had told him, "I love you". Tsukune could not figure out if she had meant it or if it was just from all of the alcohol. The other girls openly expressed their feelings but had Kokoa been hiding hers? Tsukune shook his head. He should not be thinking about that right now. His concern right now was for Moka. He needed to find her and at least talk to her. Not to mention it is dangerous for her to run off in her sealed state.


Kokoa had snuck out of the building through her window. She did not want to be anywhere near that place. She had done the worst thing she could have done to her sister. Then she had confessed her feelings to Tsukune. It was a little fuzzy but she remembered. Kokoa had blamed only herself and her pride crumbled. She had already decided to go straight back to Hong Kong right after begging her sister for forgiveness. Kokoa clenched her fists in frustration, she should never have come here. Hot tears still fell from her face and she kept on moving through the ruined city. Before she realized it she had even gone outside of the barrier. After a while she stopped and realized that she was lost. Kokoa looked all around but nothing was familiar to her. She was sure she would at least be able to find the ocean so she was not to worried.

Kokoa was so deep in thought that she did not notice the sudden change in the wind. Kokoa kept walking through the city unaware of her surroundings. Suddenly it felt as if she stepped through some sort of barrier. The air was suddenly thicker and a heavy aura made her skin crawl. Kokoa was quickly on high alert. Something was out there, watching her. Her pet bat transformed into a sword in her hands. Kokoa had never felt anything like this, it made her tremble.

From inside a dark ally a surge of wind and energy cut through the air leaving huge gashes in the ground. It sailed right past Kokoa and cut the car next to her completely in half. She gripped the sword in her hand even tighter and fixed her eyes on the alley. The ground started to tremble and the monster inside the dark alley was coming closer. Kokoa thought about making at run for it to inform the others, but at that moment she did not know which way the restaurant was. She also concluded that she could run into some sort of trap, especially if she was not able to sense this thing's presence until now. Her best bet would be to face whatever came out of the shadows.

Each step sent tremors through the ground and the wind kept radically changing directions. Then it stepped into the light. Kokoa could not believe how big it was. She definitely had no idea what it was either. It was a massive monster, completely covered in thick armor. Even his face was masked behind the armor and his left arm looked like a massive drill. There was also another person perched on the shoulder of that massive monster. He was equipped with some dangerous looking steal claws and a pair of mechanical wings.

"Hmm, you sure look out of place here. What are you doing out here all by yourself?" the man asked taking a good look at her.

"That's none of your business!" Kokoa said fiercely.

It was hard for Kokoa to judge the strength of these two. The feeling she was getting from the big one was especially troublesome. The man jumped off the giants shoulder and landed in front of Kokoa.

"I like you, you've got a certain fire in your eyes" he told her and Kokoa growled at him showing her fangs.

"A vampire? This really is interesting. I've always wanted to fight a vampire" the man said grinning in anticipation.

Kokoa changed her stance being weary of his steal claws. The man slowly extended his mechanical wings. The wind around him started to intensify. He lept at Kokoa flying through the air. Her sword clashed with his steel claws. Before Kokoa could counterattack he already twisted away from her using his wings.

"Who the hell are you guys?" Kokoa yelled becoming frustrated.

"To make it simple, I am Angel and this is Apocalypse, he doesn't talk much though" Angel told her while Apocalypse stood behind him ominously.

"I'd like to see how strong a vampire really is" Angel said baiting her.

Kokoa only became even more frustrated and charged him. Angel had no way to properly block Kokoa's sword but he was able to evade and keep just out of reach. At the same time he was quick enough to step inside of her defense, but Kokoa was able to adjust quickly and keep out of reach. It was a fight more about technique than strength. Though, the more they fought the more ferocious Angel became, as if he was enjoying the fight.

Kokoa was losing ground. His technique was unorthodox and hard to predict. No matter how much strength she had it was useless if she could not land a blow. Kokoa was glad that she was flexible enough to avoid being cut up by his claws. Though, no matter how skillful she was with a sword, it would only slice through open space. Seeing that her basic attacks were not working, Kokoa borrowed a move from her beloved sister and delivered a powerful kick to Angel's side. It caught him off guard and he was sent flying through the wall of a deserted convenient store.

Kokoa, with all of her sisters elegance lowered her leg and got into her stance again. During the entire fight she kept an eye on Apocalypse but he never moved. Coming out of the ruined building Angel wiped the blood from his mouth and had a feral grin.

"It seems like I can't hold back against you" he said almost happy.

Kokoa could feel the pressure in the air change again and she barely had time to dodge an attack that she had seen earlier. His wind attack cut deep gouges in the ground and destroyed the building behind her. He charged forward and he attacked like last time, but now each attack had his deadly wind behind it. Buildings, cars, street lamps, they were all being cut to pieces. Kokoa could not afford to be hit by one of those, it would be all over. She had changed her sword into a rapier to be able to move faster. Even though he fought more fiercely he had more openings and Kokoa was able to do minimal amount of damage here and there. One of his attacks did graze her shoulder and blood started to run down her arm.

"Kokoa!" an all to familiar voice call out.

Kokoa turned to see Moka standing behind her in shock.

Angel took the opportunity to created a huge arch of wind that ripped through the air.

"Dammit! If I move Moka will get hit" Kokoa thought thinking about her sister who was vulnerable in her sealed state.

Kokoa braced for the impact thinking it was all over.

Just before the impact something unimaginable happened. Tsukune jumped right in front of her and his blood splashed all across the ground. Tsukune was facing Kokoa and had a huge gash from his right shoulder to his left hip. He immediately collapsed to his knees and Kokoa and Moka rushed to his side.

"Moka, Kokoa. . .I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt either of you" Tsukune said and pulled the rosary off.

Even in a situation like this he felt the need to apologize to them. The area was flooded with her demonic aura and the silver haired Moka appeared.

"You idiot! Just because I'm mad at you doesn't mean you need to go and get yourself hurt! That's not fair!" Moka yelled at him full of emotion.

"More vampires? This is incredibly interesting" Angel said out loud.

Kokoa stood ready to attack with furry in her eyes. Moka wall holding Tsukune and injecting some of her blood into him.

"You're going to pay for that!" Kokoa yelled at him and gripped her sword tighter.

Angel turned his head as if he was listening to something. Kokoa lunged after him but Angel jumped out of reach and landed back on top of Apocalypse's shoulder.

"I can't tell you how much I was enjoying this fight, but it looks like we are going to be late. . .again. Until next time " he told Kokoa.

"Don't run away from me!" Kokoa yelled angrily.

"Kokoa! We need to get Tsukune back first, and you shouldn't go after them by yourself!" Moka said stopping Kokoa from running after them.

Kokoa gritted her teeth and reluctantly turned away. Kokoa then rushed over to help Tsukune. He had passed out from blood loss. Though, Moka's blood had helped stop the bleeding but that did not keep Kokoa from worrying. Even Moka looked concerned at his condition. Together they carried Tsukune back to the seaside restaurant and their temporary home.


Akasha woke up on the beach out in the hot sun. Marin was laying next to her with a bottle still in her hand with several others laying around them. Her clothes were covered in sand and her head throbbed painfully. Akasha could not remember anything from last night. She was just talking to Marin then they had a few drinks, then. . .nothing. Akasha sat up and her head started spinning immediately.

"Marin" Akasha said quietly, holding the side of her head.

"Just one more. . ." Marin mumbled in her sleep.

"Marin" Akasha said a little louder and shook her.

Marin finally started to wake up. She rolled over and sat up to face Akasha.

"My head. . ." Marin groaned holding her head in her hands.

Akasha only nodded in sympathy and the sun was only making it worse. Together they managed to stumble inside. Akasha was not sure what it was but it seems like their friendship had grown even more.


Sun spent most of the night taking care of Gin and making sure they did not destroy everything. Right now Gin was a dead log, poking him, shaking him or even lightly smacking his face did not wake him. If he was not breathing she would think he was dead. She gave up and left a glass of water and some painkillers on the night stand.

Out in the main room Sun was surprised to see Kurumu, Mizore, Rubi and Kahlua were already up. The first three were sitting at a table together while Kahlua was making a simple breakfast for everyone that specialized in hangovers. Sun decided she better help Kahlua since she could be a klutz sometimes. Akasha and Marin had come in a few minutes before and she gave everyone some water and painkillers, a blood pack for the vampires. When Akuha finally came out she just sat at the bar and laid her head against the counter, mumbling something about the pain. She eagerly took her painkillers and drank the blood.

"Good morning everyone!" Gin yelled entering the room, causing Akuha, Marin and Akasha to cover their ears from the pain.

"Could you keep it down. Some of us actually have hangovers." Akuha told him angrily.

"I can't help but be excited! I'm going to be a dad, and Sun is going to be a mom! Do you think it will be a boy or a girl, werewolf or a siren, maybe it will be a litter of pups and sirens!" Gin said excitedly making Sun blush from embarrassment.

"Oh my god, I'm going to be a dad! We need to call a doctor. . .there aren't any doctors! What are we supposed to do!? What if something goes wrong!? I don't know how to deliver a baby!" Gin said frantically but Marin walked up behind him and smacked him in the back of the head.

"Would you stop freaking out. . .you're scaring Sun." Marin told him and Gin calmed down.

"I'm sorry, I'm sure everything will be fine." Gin said and hugged Sun.

"Don't worry Sun. I actually know quite a lot about it." Akasha said reassuring her.

Just when everything was calming down Gin caught a scent of blood in the air.

"Where's Tsukune?" Gin asked very seriously.

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