Akasha, Akuha and Kahlua stood in front of Moka while everyone else stood behind her giving her support. Moka was holding Tsukune's hand and it was the only thing keeping her from shaking terribly.

"Are you ready Moka?" Akasha asked and Moka nodded shakily.

Akasha held her hand out and Akuha gave her Lilith's Mirror. Lilith flew out and sat on Akasha's shoulder, grinning happily. A few people glared at the little fairy. Some of them still remembered all of the trouble the fairy had caused.

"Ok here we go" Akasha said and held up the mirror to Moka.

Then, just like it had done so long ago, a bright flash filled the room and when everyone could see again, there stood both outer and inner Moka. Tsukune stood between the two of them now and they looked at each other. Then Akasha pulled out the two onyx rosaries. She handed one to each of them and they stared down at them.

Then at the same time they both put the onyx rosaries over top of their other rosaries. There was a small flash of light as the two connected. For a few moments nobody said anything. Both Moka's looked at each other expecting something to happen but nothing did.

"That's it? No explosions, screams of pain? I mean they didn't even pass out or anything" Kurumu said surprised like everyone else.

"The worst has yet to come" Akuha said and then everyone looked towards Akasha for answers.

"The rosaries keep you from rejoining. The stronger the pull gets the harder it will be on your bodies to stay separated" Akasha said calmly.

"That doesn't sound to bad. I mean, we've been in pain before" Ura said stretching her arms.

"It's more than that, your mind and soul have also been separated. This will be like nothing you have ever experience before" Akuha said seriously.

Omote squeezed Tsukune's hand for reassurance.

"For now, we are just going to keep an eye on you" Akasha said trying to keep them calm.

"It's going to be different being out all of them time" Ura said positively.

Suddenly Ura stopped and flexed her hand a few times. She began to look worried but it quickly passed.

"Something wrong Moka?" Tsukune asked having seen her worried look.

"No, nothing at all" Ura said turning towards him with a mischievous grin.

Before he could say anything Ura had swooped in and bit down on his neck.

"H-hey! Save some for me!" Omote yelled out suddenly jealous.

Most of the others rolled their eyes. Kokoa licked her lips wondering if she be able to taste his blood again. Omote was finally able to pull Ura off of Tsukune and take her place. Tsukune tried to struggle but his vision began to fade.

"Hey! You two are going to kill him!" Kurumu yelled and pulled Omote off of him.

Tsukune swayed but Mizore caught him. Akasha checked the rosaries.

"It seems that they are working. Just let me know immediately if you start to feel any pain or weakness" Akasha told them.

Akuha then did her own inspection but did not say anything about it. Ura lifted an eyebrow to her odd behavior. Kahlua on the other hand, had never been happier.

"It's so good to be with you both like this!" Kahlua said excitedly and pulled both of them into a backbreaking hug.

Omote laughed nervously wile Ura blushed embarrassingly as she tried to escape her sisters grip. Without anyone noticing, Akuha slipped outside.


Later that day, Ura was outside going through her fighting stances. She was unaware that Akuha was watching her. For Ura, she was feeling this odd sense of emptiness. Usually she could always feel the presence of Omote. Now that they were separated it was an uncomfortable feeling. So she thought going through some exercises would help her take her mind off of things. She also wondered if Omote was feeling the same way. She decided to talk to her about it later. If anything, Omote would be the one she should worry about. They were doing all of this for her. Akuha showed herself in the middle of one of her exercises.

"Your form is sloppy" Akuha sated plainly.

"I'm just distracted is all" Ura said continuing.

Akuha nodded simply and watched Ura closely. Ura tried to ignore her and concentrate. Suddenly Akuha stood in front of Ura looking her straight in the eyes.

"Hit me" Akuha said suddenly.

"What?" Ura asked confused.

"I want you, to hit me" Akuha said seriously.

"Fine" Ura said and shrugged her shoulders.

Just as graceful as ever, Ura swung her foot towards Akuha's head. Akuha blocked it easily and then seemed concerned.

"Harder" Akuha said and Ura did it again and she blocked it again.

"Is there a point to this?" Ura asked her sister.

"I want you to hit me as hard as you can"Akuha said simply.

"This is unnecessary" Ura argued but Akuha only stared at her seriously.

"Fine" Ura said finally.

Ura put everything she had into one single punch. She really hoped her sister wouldn't regret this. It wouldn't be Ura's fault if Akuha got hurt. She aimed straight for her head but Akuha did not move. Instead, she blocked it with a single hand. Ura was stunned, all of her strength did not even do anything. Even with the rosary on she should not be this weak. Ura quickly covered her shock.

"I should go check on Omote" Ura said and went back inside.


"Come on, just for a second" Kurumu pleaded with Mizore.

"No" Mizore said flatly.

"Why not?" Kurumu whined.

"Because I said so" Mizore told her and Kurumu pouted.

"Don't give me that look. It's not going to work" Mizore said determinedly.

"You'd do it for Tsukune" Kurumu said.

"T-that's completely besides the point!" Mizore said blushing.

"How am I supposed to get better if I can't practice?" Kurumu said holding up a coil of red rope.

"Why don't you ask Rubi?" Mizore said flustered.

"She is busy helping Akasha, plus you know, she can get a little too excited" Kurumu said blushing at the thought.

Mizore was about to give in, being a little curious. Though the were interrupted when Tsukune walked through the door and into the bedroom. At first glance they could tell that something was wrong with him. Tsukune was incredibly pale and staggered slightly.

"Tsukune! What happened to you!?" Kurumu said shocked.

"You don't look very well" Mizore said also concerned.

"I'm fine, really..." Tsukune said just as he fell face first into the ground.

"Tsukune!" Kurumu yelled and her and Mizore rushed to his side.

He was unconscious and extremely cold. They rolled him onto his back and were relieved that he was at least still breathing. When they saw the bite marks on the side of his neck everything began to make sense.

"Moka...I'm going to kill you!" Kurumu yelled angrily.

They helped him onto the bed the whole time Kurumu was muttering angrily. Mizore noticed that he was shivering due to the lack of blood. Just before Kurumu could storm out to track Moka down, Mizore grabbed her arm to stop her.

"Let me go! I'm going to...!" Kurumu started to say.

"Kurumu! You need to stay with him. I'll go find Moka and get help" Mizore said sternly.

"Why can't you..." Kurumu was saying before Mizore placed her ice cold hand on Kurumu's face.

"You need to keep him warm, because...I...I can't do that" Mizore said looking away.

"Mizore..." Kurumu said looking at her friend.

"Just keep him warm" Mizore said and rushed out of the room.

Kurumu payed down next to Tsukune. She could see him shaking slightly and he was extremely pale. It was only a few minutes later that Mizore returned with both Moka's, Akasha and Akuha.

"Tsukune!" Omote cried out.

Akasha quickly went to check on him while the others watched worriedly.

"He's going to be fine" Akasha told them and they all relaxed.

"It will take him a while to get his strength back so no more blood until then" Akasha told them sternly.

"I'm sorry! It all my fault, I just couldn't stop! He said he was okay" Omote said on the verge of tears.

"Have you been craving blood more than usual?" Akasha asked and Omote nodded.

"What about you?" Akasha asked Ura.

"I'm fine" she told Akasha.

"Alright, from now on I don't want either of you going anywhere by yourselves" Akasha warned them.

Ura nodded and left the room while the rest of them dotted over Tsukune. Ura did not want to say anything but Omote should have know better than to drink that much blood. Ura could feel the craving also, but it was manageable. Though, Ura expected that Omote would be more susceptible to the affects of being separated. She was the outer personality after all. The one that had only a few years left to live.

Ura wondered if Omote felt the same emptiness that she did. Before, there was always that place inside of her, where she knew that she could always find her other self. It was a warm and comfortable feeling that always mad her feel safe and warm. Now that they were separated, it was empty and Ura felt uneasy ever since they were separated.

Ura was heading towards the kitchen to get some blood packs since Omote had already drained all of Tsukune's blood. Suddenly all of the strength in her legs disappeared and she fell sideways into a table and some chairs.

"Dammit!" Ura cursed barely catching herself on the table.

"Moka! Are you alright?" Akuha asked having been following her.

"I'm fine!" Ura said pushing herself back up.

"Just sit here" Akuha said and got the blood packs for her.

Just as Ura expected, the blood from the packs was cold and lifeless. It barely even satisfied her craving and it did nothing to help her strength. After the third blood pack. Ura gave up on the lifeless blood. She sat at one of the tables while Akuha kept a concerned eye on her.

"Moka, you need to tell me if anything is wrong" Akuha said seriously.

"I said I'm fine. You should be worried about Omote" Ura replied curtly.

"Akasha is watching Omote" Akuha told her.

"Good! now stop worrying about me" Ura told her.

"Listen Moka, I need to know if anything is wrong. If I have to then I'll..." Akuha began to say.

"You'll what?" Ura asked staring at her coldly.

Akuha knew that if this were to go badly then she would at least make sure one of them survived. Though Akuha was completely speechless under Ura's cold glare. It was like Ura knew exactly what she was thinking. This certainly only made it harder for Akuha. Akuha smiled sadly, her little sister was even more stubborn than she was. Akuha could not say anything, but for now she would wait and keep a close eye on her.


Rubi was sitting on the roof of a nearby building looking over the surrounding area. Nothing seemed suspicious, but she knew that something was out there. Something that had hurt Tsukune and her friends. She would never forgive them for that. Akasha had ask here to keep a look out while she and Akhua kept an eye on both Ura and Omote. Of course she cared about her friends but keeping a look out was also important. She was also best suited for doing so, so she didn't mind. Her crows could warn her if there was anything suspicious and she knew enough to keep an eye on the barrier. Rubi could see Kokoa making her way up.

"Can I join you?" Kokoa asked when she got to the top of the ruined building.

"Sure!" Rubi said smiling.

"You seem cheerful" Kokoa said as she sat down.

"I was just thinking about Tsukune" Rubi said grinning.

"Well about that..." Kokoa said grimly.

"I know, Moka got a little carried away" Rubi said signing heavily.

"How do you know that? You've been out here all morning" Kokoa asked suspiciously.

"I'm always keeping an eye on Tsukune" Rubi said mischievously.

"That's kind of creepy" Kokoa said rolling her eyes.

"Ya well it's better then keeping a secret crush then sleeping with him before anybody else could" Rubi said enviously.

"Ouch...wait..." Kokoa said turning towards Rubi seriously.

"None of you have slept with Tsukune yet?" Kokoa asked completely stunned.

"Nope, Moka was supposed to be first" Rubi told her.

"Oh my god Moka really is going to kill me! She probably waiting until I drop my guard! Who knows what kind of horrible things she is planning!" Kokoa said as horrible images flashed through her head.

"Relax, I don't think she would do that" Rubi told Kokoa.

"So...are all of you still...virgins?" Kokoa asked hesitantly with a slight smirk.

"Though, I'm sure I could give Moka some tips. I know where the line is between pleasure...and pain" Rubi said very menacingly.

All of the color in Kokoa's face drained instantly and she backed away from her slightly. Suddenly one of Rubi's crows swooped down and landed on her shoulder. Rubi glared into its eyes and saw what it had seen. Kokoa watched as Rubi started to look worried or concerned about something.

"What's wrong?" Kokoa asked her.

"There is something out there" Rubi told her.

"Is it those two from before?" Kokoa asked urgently.

"I don't know, but I've got a bad feeling" Rubi said as the crow flew off.

"I'll go tell Akasha" Kokoa said and jumped down off of the roof.

Rubi kept her eyes open, hoping that Ura and Omote will recover quickly. There was definitely something very ominous out there, something more than just rouge ayashi.


"How are you feeling?" Akasha asked Omote.

"I feel fine, just a little fatigued" Omote told her.

"That's good" Akasha said smiling.

"What about Tsukune? Is he going to be okay?" Omote asked worriedly.

"Ya, he'll be fine, just no more sucking his blood for awhile" Akasha told her.

Then as if a sudden sense of doom cascaded over her, a very familiar yet distant feeling of pain washed over her. Omote doubled over clutching her chest in pain. She screamed out as Akasha rushed to her side.

"Moka!" Akasha screamed and took her in her arms.

"Ura...she's in pain" Omote said crying through the pain.

Akasha was not sure what was happening but when she heard her other daughter scream it terrified her. Just then Kurumu and Mizore entered the room Akasha and Omote were in.

"What's going on!?" Kurumu yelled clearly worried.

"Hurry! You have to help Ura!" Omote yelled out in pain.

"You two stay here!" Akasha said and ran towards Ura.

Akasha found Ura collapsed in front of the bar with Akuha and Kokoa next to her.

"Moka talk to me! What's going on!?" Akuha asked her little sister.

Ura did not know what was going on. One moment she was feeling fine and the emptiness she was feeling was fading away. Then all of a sudden it felt like she was being torn in half. Her body was in pain, her mind was racing through thousands of memories and emotions. Ura felt as if she was slipping away, disconnected with the world. Ura could not even tell where she was and she barely heard her name as if it was an echo from a place very far away.

Through all of the pain and emotions flooding through her, there was on thing that superseded that. It was a vampires primal instinct, an unquenchable thirst for blood.

"Blood" Ura barely whispered.

"Blood? I'll get it!" Kokoa said and ran to grab the blood packs.

"Here!" Kokoa said but when Ura bit into the cold lifeless blood she spit it out and threw away the blood packs.

"The blood packs are no good. She needs fresh blood" Akasha said very seriously.

"But Tsukune can't give anymore blood!" Kokoa said panicking.

"If my sister needs blood, she can have mine" Akuha said pushing back her sleeve.

Akuha placed her arm in front of Ura exposing the blood in her veins. Ura bit into Akuha's vein and the blood spilled into her mouth. It was not like Tsukune's blood, but it was warm and gave her strength. The pain started to lessen and the memories and emotions began to slow down. The more blood she drank the better she felt.

"Akuha! You are losing to much blood!" Kokoa said worryingly.

"Don't worry about me" Akuha said stubbornly.


Rubi was sitting on top of the nearby building. She had heard the screams coming from the inn. She was about to rush to their side but one of her crows caught her attention. There was something just outside of the barrier and it was getting closer. Rubi flew over in the directions of the intruders. Just as she reach the edge of the barrier it shimmered as something slammed into it. A moment later it happened again. Something massive was attacking the barrier and each hit created a deafening shockwave. A crack appeared in the barrier and it grew slightly with each blow. The crow on Rubi's shoulder flew off to warn Akasha and the others. She began to reinforce the barrier as best as she could, but it was not going to hold for much longer.

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