Chapter 8 - Can I Do Anything?

Hank did his best to keep himself busy after Mark and Sarah left. But every attempt at occupying himself failed miserably. He just kept thinking about Sarah with then made him think about Mark. He was pretty sure Mark had nice qualities, and if he looked he would probably find them. But he just couldn't understand what Sarah saw in him. Then he wondered what, if anything, Sarah might see in himself. Hank knew he was rough around the edges, but he did truly care about Sarah and if ever given the chance he would do whatever it takes to show her that. He glanced at his phone, 1:30pm, it read. Eight more minutes and she should be back. Hopefully, Mark wouldn't walk her back, but that was probably only wishful thinking. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the front door open abruptly and an upset looking Sarah come in. She walked quickly back to the dark room and didn't even slow down when she said, "looks like I'll be coming with you to L.A this weekend." She stated as she walked back to the dark room.

Hank could obviously tell she was upset and thought it was best to just give her some space. He wasn't really sure what to do. Handling conflict wasn't once of his best traits. He had guessed she and Mark and gotten into a fight, had they broke up or was it just a fight? Hank waited a few minutes and made his way back to the dark room. He could hear her crying softly as he approached the doors. Taking a deep breath he stepped through the doors and carefully walked towards Sarah. When she noticed he was standing behind him she looked over her should and said, "What?" As she wiped tears from her eyes.

"Uh, nothing, I just uh, are you ok?" Hank got out as best he could, taking a small step closer to her.

"No, there's nothing you can do. What's done is done. I'm pretty sure that Mark and I are over." She quietly with her back to Hank.

"If there's anything I can do…" Hank was cut off by Sarah starting to cry again.

"I was just trying to do the right thing, and I messed everything up. Maybe I really am a lousy fiancée" Sarah's voice trailed off.

That last comment hit a nerve with Hank. "What? Did he actually say that?" He stepped closer to Sarah and put his arm and your shoulder and turned her around so they were facing each other now. Hank's hand were on her shoulders "Sarah, you're not a lousy anything. You are a great person." This caused Sarah to put her head in her hands and start crying again. Hank was slightly confused. He gave her a compliment and she was crying again, he never did understand women and he was certain he never would. "Sarah, I'm sorry if you coming this weekend caused a fight between you and Mark, you're a great person who is always thinking of others and if Mark can't see that quality than he doesn't deserve to be with you." With that, he pulled her in and gave her a hug. They stood like that for a few minutes when Hank said, "well you're mat cutting skills could be a bit better, but other than that…" Sarah laughed a bit and hit him on the chest, "just when I thought we could have a nice moment, you have to ruin it." "I have been known to do that", Hank stated with a small grin on his face. Hank tried his best to hide that disappointment he was feeling when Sarah started to back out of the hug. "Thanks Hank" Sarah said, just above a whisper and walked out of the darkroom.

They worked on finishing everything up for the trade show. Around 3pm, Hank said, "why don't you go home early? It's been a long day."

"Oh, ok sure. I guess I need to pack for this weekend. Anything in particular I should bring for the show?" Sarah asked.

It took all of Hank's control not to say something like, 'yeah bring your two piece swimsuit' or something in that regard, but he simply said, "Something like what you wore to the wedding is fine. Then casual clothes for when he tear the booth down. "So, should I pick you up at your parents tomorrow around 8am?" Hank asked.

"Yeah that's fine, see you in the morning. Don't forget to bring coffee" Sarah said with a wide grin on her face.

"I brought coffee today!" Hank exclaimed.

"I just broke up with my fiancée, that means you bring me coffee and make me feel better." Sarah said.

Hank cringed at the word 'fiancee' but he also heard the words 'broke up with' so he tried to shake it off.

"Ok, fair enough. See you in the morning." Hank said and waved good bye.

"Bye Hank"

Hank had mixed feeling about going to the trade show. He knew it was be a rough weekend. He really wanted to see his daughter and hopefully talk some sense into his wife and convince her not to move. And on top of all that, he would be spending the whole weekend with Sarah. Should he get two rooms or one? He could certainly afford the second room. But he didn't want Sarah to get the wrong impression though. He figured he could get it all worked out once they got into L.A. He finished everything up at the shop and headed home for the night.

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