Okay. A few changes to the timeline

Danny and Sam were dating since the first season.

Danny and Sam are both seventeen.

Yeah. By a few, I meant two. And that is truly the loneliest number. Or is that one? Anyway, ON WITH THE STORY!

"I can't believe how long it took to get control over my ice powers." sighs Danny as he slumps onto his bed as phantom.

"Well you should be proud. You saved the day, reminded people about the dangers of progress, and you got a pet Yeti." Said his girlfriend as she removed the coat she had worn to watch her boyfriend train with the yetis in the lands of the far frozen.

"Frostbite is not my pet yeti. He's a friend." Danny says indignantly.

She walks over to the boy, shaking her hips in a sensual way, catching the hormonal seventeen year old boys attention.

"I don't know. I swear I heard him whimper as we left." She makes it all the way over and puts her hand on his shoulder.

"Oh! Your so cold!" She exclaims.

"Hehe. Yeah, I guess I haven't gotten complete control yet." He said sheepishly, his hand wandering behind his neck.

"Well then. I suppose I'll just have to warm you up." She says as seductively as she could, which was rather quite seductive.

She puts her arms around his neck and sits in his lap and slowly grinds down on him. She looks into his eyes and smirks, seeing the pure bliss residing in them. She reaches her lips towards his and they collide in a deep kiss of raw passion. They stay like this, kissing and grinding, for almost two minutes until Sam has to finally come up for air. She pulls back and feels a bit of tension. She pulls harder and gets enough space to breath.

"Danny." She mumbles into his lips.

"Sam?" He mumbles back.

"I think I'm stuck."