The day my clock started was chaos.

The jolt knocked me off the couch. I rolled over onto my back and groaned.

"Lacey, please five more minutes? I promise I won't miss the bus just-"

Out of the corner of my eye I caught this movement on my arm. It was green. The numbers were moving.


I stumbled to my feet and into the hallway.


"Brad! Shut up. It's 6 in the morning." my sister screamed from her room "Why the fuck are-"


"SHUT UP, MORON!" Lacey's evil jock boyfriend, Mark, yelled and wrenched the door open.

I burst in and flung my arms wide.



"Oh my god!," Lacey gasped and covered her mouth.

"What the fuck..." Mark muttered.

Five minutes later, we had calmed down and were sitting at the breakfast table. None of us said a word as we watch the year tick away on my arm.

"Why is this happening, Lacey." I whispered.

"I don't know, they can't do that. It's illegal, you're too young." Lacey whined.

"That's a year. A fucking year." Mark mumbled.

"What? Mark? Mark what are you thinking about?" Lacey searched Mark's face.

Mark stood up.

"Sit down Mark!"

"I have 2 days, Lace. You have less. This fucking waste of space has a year. I say we take it."

"What? You can't do that! I'm 15!" I stood up as well and started to back out.

"John! It's a glitch, we'll call the timekeepers, they will fix it." Lacey pleaded.




They both sat down and stared at me, eyes wide, mouth agape.

"This is MY year. It's mine. I won't -"

My right cheek burst into flames as Mark slammed it into the table.

"MARK! STOP!" Lacey screamed from the kitchen where she had run for her life.

I scrambled backwards, blinded by blood in my right eye. I felt Mark's foot connect with my stomach sending me into the wall. I felt his hand grab my arm and waited for the end.


Mark let go of my arm and slid to the floor. Lacey stood above him with a frying pan.

"Get out of here, Brad. Go to Leo's or something. Just go."

"Come with me."


"LACEY COME WITH ME!" I felt tears stream down my face.

"I can't, Brad. You know I love him."

We both looked at his limp form. I let out a curse.


I grabbed Lacey's arm and gave her a month.

"Don't let him have a second of that, ok? Don't you dare."

"Get out of here, Brad." Lacey slid to the floor and started to cry. She never liked me to see her cry.

"I love you, Lac-"


I stared at her, then turned and ran out of the door.