22nd October 2012

The Man in the Moon and the Rocket

The men inside the rocket heard a gigantic splat as the rocket hit the surface of the moon. There was custard like substance oozing out of where they had landed, the eye of the man in the moon. The men on board the rocket began to laugh at the man in the moon, until one of them tried the substance that was oozing out from under their rocket, "it tastes like cream" he exclaimed: "try it!" They all tasted the substance, they then - ate and ate.

The man in the moon began to laugh at the men and said, "thank you for flying into my eye" All the men asked why at the same time, "You are not eating cream, you are eating puss from my spot that had grown on my eye two weeks ago!" The men began to throw up all the puss they had eaten, before they got into their rocket and began their journey back home.

They landed in the Atlantic Ocean and then hitched a ride on a speedboat, back to where they came from: NASA. When they arrived back to the NASA base they told everybody everything that happened on their journey and all the women went green and all the men began to laugh.